Cricket is again a religion in India

We all are aware about the lacklustre performance by the Indian team in the ODI cricket world cup, which caused the early exist of India team from the World cup. This whole event created lot of hue and cry among the public and Indian public tried everything to punish their cricket star, from attacking the houses of the cricket player, burning their posters and dummies and organising cricket hate rallies. This thing also caused many people to move away from the game of cricket and big question mark comes on the popularity of cricket support in India. However, within few months things have changed again. In India cricket has again got its place back and it is again a religion in India. Thanks to the great win by Indian team in 20-20 world cup. Indian people who are known for their short memories have again forgotten the old past and once again cricket is a religion for them and cricket players like God. Today Dhoni and its young brigade is hot favourite for people and some people are so aggressive in their conclusions that they have advised retirement for senior players from the game. Everybody is trying to get credit out of this victory whether these are politicians or BCCI; however when this team entered the twenty20 world cup then nobody has any hopes from this team. In these big hypes, nobody knows what will be the fate of new players like Yusuf Pathan, Joginder Singh, Rohit Sharma etc after the world cup? Will they get chance to play cricket any more or not? Or how right it will be to forget the useful contributions of senior players? Nobody knows the exact answers to these questions and at present we have only one alternative available and this is to enjoy this success.

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