Who will win in India-Pakistan twenty20 world cup final?

All the cricket fans want to know the result of 20-20 final match between India and Pakistan; however they are required to wait till tomorrow night for knowing the exact answer. It is oblivious that Indian fan will want that India should win this game and Pakistan fan will like to see win Pakistan winning this game. However tomorrow the winner team which will be which will play its best game. As per the statics and data available with us, India has slightly upper edge over Pakistan. India has not lost any game to Pakistan in the world cup for long time. Moreover India has also beaten Pakistan in the earlier group 20-20 matches. Therefore Indian team will definitely have more psychological advantage over the Pakistan. India has also beaten two strong teams of this world South Africa and Australia which will definitely provide more confidence to the India side. Most of the Indian players have now become sixer specialists and bowlers are also bowling very good spells which could be a sign of worry for the Pakistan team. On the other hand Pakistan has advantage of experienced players and fastest bowlers of the world which can create trouble for India. Overall this match is going to be full of great excitement with fans eagerly waiting for the results of the game.

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