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Do we ever know the truth of Ram Setu?

Picture taken by Nasa of Ram Setu

All of us must be aware about the latest controversy on the Ram Setu, a natural structure which connects India with the Sri Lanka. Last week on its first affidavit filed in Supreme Court government said that there is no proof of existence of lord Rama or Ram Setu. After the major Hue and Cry by opposition and people of Hindu community, government took u-turn on its stand and decided to file a new affidavit in the court and also suspended to two ASI officers. This whole controversy started when NASA released the photographs of some kind of structure under the sea connecting India and Sri Lanka.

The structure completely looks like a bridge inside the sea like one constructed by vaanar sena of Ram in Ramayana. At present, it is difficult to tell that this bridge is made by Lord Rama’s sena or it is a natural structure. However, the major concern in this whole matter is that government does not have done any study on Ram setu before submitting their affidavit. How ASI can claim that this is natural structure when they have not done any study in the last 60 years on Ram Setu?

The other question which can be raised is that why Indian government is adamant on destroying Ram setu when it is possible to construct a second route slightly away from present location without causing any damage to the Ram Setu. It is overall duty of the Indian government to bring truth to the surface and avoid any hasty decision of destroying something sacred or valuable. It is not right to give religious colour to this matter but it is also not right to destroy something which represents the faith of large number of people of this country.

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  1. The bridge like structure under the sea, increases our faith in the ramayana, it should be undertaken by indian heritage and should be made one of the heritage places, so that everybody can go and have a look. Its not a bridge its our belief in the histroy of our india

  2. Ramayana...the book which is very sacred to all Hindus...I've been reading the past history for quiet a while and the articals by leading thinking to Ram Setu is very hand being a Hindu lad its reallly true to what our beliefs say....Ram and Ram setu is there...exciting enough to view a bridge that was built by our heroes...way long back..proud to say Yes that was the bridge which caused the fall of a golder regime Ravnas' Kingdom....on the other hand the ASI they too are not so bad with thier surveys..they in past have revealed many truths which we itself now consider a fact...and utmost comming to the point..we the people are more reluctant to the history...what it shows and what it says....History...who has written that....I think Mankind a human by nature has written that and duly ammended in years and years..adding points incidents and charectors in it....time changes and thus some value addtion i done to that Historical remark....but for us that History remains a part of Mordern truth...possesed to be quantified and scruitenised with the facts and figures....we have kept many such historical facts alive with us....they are in our thoughts...we almost grow with them...they tend to become our life style and playa a major role to any mankind..this is not only with our relegion but i love to say ..its for all.....
    Setusamudram...its now open to all we can see and imagine how wonderfull would that be if we can walk on that bridge....and be proud that its a monument which is valued by all...not only with Hindus but with all relagions cast and creed....

  3. Time and again it has been proved that the Ramas Bridge is not a myth. Its not a natural formation but a man-made structure. Rama and Ramayana are not myth and it is very sacred to all hindus. The ancient signs Rama can be found in Indonesia, in Combodia, In Egypt and numerous countries.

    I have sailed a lot in the gulf of Mannar area and Pak straits and I have observed that the depth is very shallow in that area. The remains of the bridge can be observed at some times during the low tide. The remains of temple in the Mannar area in Sri Lanka proves that lord Rama had visited Sri lanka and he was worshipped there.

    How could stupid people like DMK politicians dare to challenge that Rama did not exist. Are they testing the patience of the hindus. Time has showed that anybody who dared to challenge Rama was destroyed.

  4. Ram Sethu (which is also called Adam's Bridge) is the rocky formation connecting India and Srilanka.

    Let me quote extensively from
    "Another interesting point to note is the reason why the ASI came to the conclusion that Ram Sethu was not a man-made structure. The ASI says that Ram Sethu is a natural formation made up of shoals/sand bars, which are possessed of their particular shape or form due to several millennia of sand action and sedimentation.

    Further, the ASI justified its stand of the bridge not being man-made by stating that no human remains have been discovered at the site of the formation known as the Adam's bridge.

    "The existence of human remains, whether in the form of bones or in the form of other artifacts, is primary to prove archeologically the existence and veracity of a historical fact."

    Conclusions on Ram Sethu:

    After having carried out reconnaissance surveys, bathymetric and sonar studies, sampling and drilling at several locations on the Adam's Bridge, the ASI came to the following conclusions:

    ** The Rameshwaram island evolved approximately 1,25,000 years Before Present.
    ** The Dhanushkodi sand pit appears to be a feature of coastal processes and shoreline emergence and its orientation appears to be along the dissipation of wave energy patters of Palk Bay and Gulf of Manor.
    ** The marine domain between Rameshwaram and Sri Lanka was exposed between 18,000 and 7,000 years BP during which time it would have been possible for human beings and animals to travel on foot between India and Lanka.
    ** Rock and Soil samples show that the same being from the Upper Miocene period.
    ** The coastal areas around Mandapam, Rameshwaram and Adams Bridge indicate their revolution by a combination of various coastal processes such as palaeo sea level positions which led to the formation of beach rocks, coral growth, a series of islands known as Adams Bridge and the subsidence of the erstwhile Dhanushkodi township.
    ** The field geographical observations and drilling data confirmed that there were no indications or evidences of man made structures on the present day seabed or on the subsurface level between Dhanushkodi tip and the Adam's bridge islands within the exclusive economic zone limits of India. "

    Now from people's democracy (edited)
    " a result of glaciations in each Ice age was the great fall in sea level as water was kept frozen in large ice sheets. It is believed that in the last Ice age, the sea level was between 100 and 150 metres below the present mean sea level. Such a retreat of the sea in the Ice ages meant that Sri Lanka was joined to South India by a broad belt of land around Adam’s Bridge. Given the current debate on global warming when the reverse is estimated to occur with the submerging of large tracts of land mass the above scientific evidence should not come as a surprise."
    Dr. Ramanujam, Post Graduate Department of Geology and Research Centre, as reported by Hindu:(edited)
    "Adam's Bridge is only a chain of shoals between the Palk Strait and the Gulf of Mannar, created by sedimentation owing to long shore currents. Palk Strait and the GoM were once part of the Cauvery basin, which was formed during the separation of India and Antarctica about 70 million years ago during the `Gondwana period.' They were combined till a ridge was formed in the region owing to thinning of earth's crust. The development of this ridge augmented the coral growth in the region. The coral cover acted as a `sand trapper' leading to the formation of Rameswaram Island. The long shore currents on the southern side of island created a discontinuous shoreline eastward from Dhanuskodi to Talaimannar, which's the Adam's Bridge.

    The above quote explains things from a scientific point of view.

    Present day Lanka's earlier name was Ceylone. But it is renamed as Srilanka relatively recently.

    The story of Ramayana happened near the River Sarayu according to the depictions in the Ramayana. River Sarayu (which is also called Haroyu whose present name is Harirud)
    in south Afghanistan . (For more details on this, please read "The Vedic People: Their History and Geography. Rajesh Kochhar. Orient Longman) (or at least Google on "The Vedic People: Their History and Geography" so that you can read a few reviews of this book).

    RSS philosopher Golwalker says Gandhari is from Gandhara the present day Afghanistan. So everyone agrees to the fact that if Rama lived he lived in the present day Afghanistan and not in the present day Indian subcontinent.

    In this context, there is no scientific logic in thinking "Ram Sethu or Adam's bridge is built by Rama.

    Now about Sethusamudram project:

    The Sethu Samudram project envisages dredging of a ship channel in the shallow portion of the sea to connect the Gulf of Mannar and the Bay of Bengal through the Palk Bay. This is to provide a continuous navigable sea route around the Indian Peninsula.

    Sethusamudram project is initiated by (sanctioned) the Vajpayee government and later on inaugurated by present day Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh on 2nd July 2005 at a function near Madurai.

    In the view of elections coming to various states (UP first and then Gujarath and mid-term elections to Loksabha) political parties started making this a vote bank issue and wanted to play communal cards. The ruling congress party (according to noted historians participating in TV discussions) is trying to repeat the soft-communalist card which that played during Shabanoo case and during Babri Masjid controversy.

    Initially there were arguments saying NASA images showed that the Ram Sethu (Adam's Bridge) is man made. However NASA itself clarified that it is a natural formation and NASA distanced itself from communaly motivated statements. According to experts, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that a manmade structure, the Adams bridge (or the Ram Setu) exists in the Palk Straits. What exists are natural formations.


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