What will Yuvraj Singh do today?

Today, there is a great match between Indian and Pakistan and hopefully large number of people across the world will watch this match. Number of Indian fans will definitely want another super knock from their favourite star Yuvraj Singh. Yuvraj Singh has really emerged as a very effective player for India in the twenty20 matches. Yuvraj Singh has made two great knock against England and Australia in the 20-20 world cup which created ground for the win of Indian team. The major reason behind the success of Yuvraj Singh is his ability to knock fast runs in the short twentytwenty matches which provides a winning edge to India. Today we all will again like to see same batting performance from the Yuvraj on this special match. Pakistan has a good fast bowlers in its side, therefore Indian team is required to make a good total to defend it.

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Yuvraj Singh now rocks in Test too
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