Politicizing Ram for political gains

We all are aware about the recent controversy over Ram Setu or Adams Bridge. Suddenly, there are two groups of the people, one for saving the Ram Setu and others for destroying it. However, the motive of both the groups is to get the benefit of this issue. DMK has its own compulsions of supporting the Sethu Samundaram project and nullifying the existence of Lord Rama because of its old anti-Rama stand which has helped DMK gaining victory in the previous elections. As per the Tamilnadu CM Karunanidhi, Ram is a mythical person and has never existed. By saying all this DMK’s supreme Karunanidhi is trying to polarise the voters in Tamilnadu and making a ground for his win in next elections. On the other side, BJP is finding this whole issue as a good opportunity to get back its lost Hindu vote bank. However, the problem is that nobody is thinking about the million of lord Rama devotees or about the truth of Ram Setu. Like the earlier anti-ram stands of DMK, DMK is again trying to construct a pressure for the destruction of this bridge by giving bandh and hunger strike calls. As per DMK, Lord Ram is a god of Aryans or upper caste people and therefore, they have forced God Ram on the people of Tamilnaidu. In this way, DMK chief is trying to influence the lower caste voters in his party’s favour.

The good solution for this problem could be independent enquiry by the experts of the Ram Setu to get the truth of this setu. Political parties are also required to behave in more matured way and they should not try to seed north-south or religious divide in mind of Indian people. It is a matter of great shame for all Indians that even after 60 years of the independent, we people are more north Indian or south Indian then simply Indian.

Below is very informative IBN7 video on Ram Setu controversy-

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