No improvement Life of an ordinary man in India

In the last few years, India has seen a give progress in all spheres of life. This progress has put India in the world’s growth map. With this progress, number of rich peoples and overall prosperity of Indians have increased significantly. However, the life of ordinary man has not seen any big changes. Life for any ordinary man is still same like which it used to in previous years. Ordinary man in India is still struggling for the basic things like food, water, electricity and cooking gas. Even after the many years of computerisation long lines have not become shorter. It is still hard to get a gas cylinder, pay electricity bill and buy a home for ordinary man. Food items are becoming expensive day by day. Even we can say that life of ordinary man is becoming more difficult. One the major reason behind this could be uneven distribution of wealth among the people. There are still millions of people in India who earning less than 20 rupees ($ .5) per day and while on the other hand there are few big industrialists who have billions of rupees. I do not want to put question on any person’s earning but I only want the answer for these questions that why still many people suffer in India and why life of ordinary man is not improving? These are harsh reality for India which we all need to consider and look for providing a solution because actual growth of India is only possible through the growth of its ordinary people.

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