India took surprise risk in the form Yusuf Pathan

Today in the 20-20 cricket match Indian captain M S Dhoni took strange risk in the form of Yusuf Pathan. Today Usuf Pathan comes to play in the first place with Gautam Gamber in the place of Virender Sehwag. Very less people and cricket experts must have expected this move by the Indian captain. Virender Sehwag is a quite experienced player as compared to Yusuf Pathan, therefore can have provided more help to the Indian team. However, M S Dhoni choose Yusuf Pathan in the place of Sehwag. Yusuf is also very attacking player, therefore we can hope to see some good fir from the bat of Yusuf Pathan.

24 year old Yusuf Pathan is a basically from Baroda and he is the brother of Pace bowler Irfan Pathan. He is a right hand batsman and today he is playing his first international match. He has remained a regular player in the Baroda team and shown a great performance in the Ranji Trophy matches.

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