Analyses Punjab Assembly Election 2007

Assembly elections are now complete in Punjab and new government of Akali-BJP combine is keen to take control of state. However these polls results have pointed towards few issues. In this election congress got 44 seats, Akali Dal 48 seats, BJP-19 seats and independent 5 seats. Congress debacle in the election clearly shows that people of Punjab are not convinced with the Vikas (progress) of Punjab claims by Congress.

Second both Akali Dal and congress has nearly same seats which show that both parties presently hold the same base in Punjab. Therefore this success is not a real victory for the Akali Dal. People of Punjab are not really convinced with the Akali Dal also. The other factors which effected this election are first the voting percentage is very high and second margin of wining votes is very low among the candidates.

All these things show only one sign that people are neither against one party nor in favor of the other. One thing is clear from election that BJP is finding again backing among the middle class of Punjab. Both the parties Akali and congress got almost same support in the rural belt, only difference is made by the urban voters which primarily supported Akali-BJP combine. Victory of five independent and strong fights by others shows that selection of candidates by both parties was wrong some way.

CPM, BSP and other small factions are complete failure, showing the deceasing presence of these parties in Punjab. Main hero in these elections is really BJP which has emerged as a powerful partner for the combine. At present it is difficult to say that it is anti-incumbency factor or the popularity of combine or soaring prices or no choice for the people or just a chance which helped in the success of Akali-BJP combine. This year elections are learning for all the parties that people want real progress and not just the false promises.

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Final Result Punjab Election-2007

Finally Punjab voted as predicted by me in my two articles Who will win Punjab Election 2007?-2 dated 01/02/2007 and Who will win Punjab Election dated 30/10/2006. As per my estimate 63-68 seats were possible for Akali Dal-BJP combine. Now the results for the Punjab Election are out and Akali Dal and BJP combine is winner of this election with 67 seats and still election for one seat are pending. With this now all is set for a new Akali-BJP government in Punjab. The final tally of 116 seat results stands as Akali Dal- 48, BJP- 19, Congress- 44, Independent- 5 and other parties including CPM, BSP- 0.

The Major highlight of this election is that this is a win for the Akali-BJP combine and not for the Akali Dal alone unlike the previous term of Akali-BJP combine when Akali Dal alone had comfortable majority. Major performer in this election is really BJP which has shown a great performance in this election which improved its tally from 3 seats in last election to 19 in this. Overall Akali Dal situation has seen only marginal improvement as it has got 48 seats against 41 in last assembly elections.

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Review-Railway Budget-2007 (a good and forward looking budget)

Lalu Prasad Yadav has again proved this that he is the best railway minister so far. Indian Railway has seen many first things in his tenure. Today Railway minister Lalu Prasad Yadav presented the Railway Budget for 2007 in Lok Sabha. According to the Rail Budget, Indian Railway registered a profit of Rs 20000 crores against the last year profit of around Rs 15000 crores.

This is really a good performance by the Indian Railway in any means. With this budget Lalu Yadav again proved his excellent administrative capacities. With this we all can hope that Indian railway is going in right direction. This is really a big achievement by the Indian railway because Indian railway is still running many non profit routes and fares are still less as compared to other means of transport.

The other advantage which Indian Railway is seeing in the leadership of Lalu Yadav is that Indian Railway is going for a major modernization. Garib Raths are already a reality for the Indian Railway and we can see more 8 Garib Raths in next year, except Garib Raths 32 other new trains will be also started. E-ticketing is already a reality in India and this budget has again helped it by reducing the e-ticketing charges.

Soon we can get Railway ticket at the ATM machines or petrol pumps. More over Railway ministry is also planning to open around 6000 automatic ticketing mechanizes from where people can easily get tickets without standing in rows. The other unique point of this budget is that Railway has announced 139 as unique railway enquiry telephone number though out India.

Railway has also plan for updating present railway stations and increasing the security measures by putting CCTV cameras. Now from next year passenger traveling through the ordinary class will have cushion seats instead of wooden ones. The other advantage of this budget is that Railway has also reduced the fares across all the classes.

The reduction in fare ranges from 2 to 8%. 20% reduction is also given on the super fast surcharge, now it will be Rs 8 from Rs 10. Not only the passengers are given benefits but some benefits are also offered to the freight class. Overall this is a forward looking and matured Rail budget which has something for everyone. All this will be a great thing if we see a similar budget next years also.

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Review- Sony’s VAIO L Panal PC (VGC-LA38G)

Today when most of the people around the world are shifting from the desktop PC to laptop or portable PCs, Sony’s this new introduction can bring new life to the desktop market again. This is first of its kind of desktop which can be easily carried from one room to other room or from one place to easily other place.

This desktop computer by Sony is just slightly bigger than the laptop computer. This desktop computer weighs only 4.5 kg. This is a good new innovative product from the Sony which could change the thinking of people about the desktop computer. This computer provides an advantage of laptop computer and power of desktop.

The other advantage with this model is that it can be easily adjusted on the small table as it comes with a built in folding stand. People also have the option of selecting the wall paper which matches with the wall color. This computer comes with inbuilt keypads like the laptops. The other advantage with this desktop computer is that it comes with built in 3 watt speakers and therefore provides a unique music listening experience.

This computer is powered with 1.83 GHz Intel core2Duo processors, window vista home premium edition, 1GB RAM, built in camera, battery and 120 GB hard disk. Only problem with this computer is that its battery works only for two hours. Overall this is a good choice for many people who are confused between the desktop computer and Laptop. At present this is priced Indian Rs 89990, which could be a high price for many of the Indians. Still this computer has lot of potential in higher segment audience.

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World of Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai first got acceptance among the people when she got Miss World title in 1994. The Miss World title won by the Aishwarya Rai brought lot of cheer among Indian at that time. India gave red carpet welcome to the Miss world Aishwarya Rai on returning to India. This event was a world wide launch for the Aishwarya Rai and therefore many people around the world got chance to see her beauty and recognize her.

However present Aishwarya Rai is known more as Film actress then former Miss World. At present Aishwarya is the most demanding heroine in the Indian cinema. Born on November 1, 1973 (33 years), Aishwarya still hold lot of promise in film industry. When most of the heroine at the age of 33 starts getting downfall in their film career, on the other hand Aishwarya Rai is seeing a rising graph.

Aishwarya has given many hit films to the industry and last year was also very successful for her with stunning performance in the Dhoom-2 and Guru. At present Aishwarya Rai holds a distinctive personality in Indian and world cinema which is very difficult for any one to forget. Presently she is the most influential heroine in Indian cinema. She has many blockbusters and successful Hindi, Tamil, Bengali and English films in her name.

Many awards are also presented to her for great acting in films like Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdas, Bride and Prejudice, Dhoom 2 and Guru. Aishwarya Rai's influence can be felt from this fact that her wax figure is on display in London's Madame Tussaud's wax museum. She has some distinctions in her name like she was a part of Cannas jury in 2003 and featured in times magazine and Oprah Winfrey Show.

Her name was also been associated with the Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi in past but at present she is engaged with Abhishak Bachan. Now many people have this question in made that will Aishwarya Rai leave film industry after her marriage? She may decide whatever but one thing is clear that she has created never dieing place for her in many people hearts.

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Rakhi Sawant looking for image change

Many people know Rakhi Sawant as item girl in India. Rakhi Sawant has also always remained in the controversies in India. Some time she was abused for her less clothes and some time for vulgar scenes and actions. Every one of us must we aware about the controversy of Rakhi with the Punjabi pop singer Mikha, in Mikha lip kissed her in front of the TV cameras.

This news got lot of controversy as Rakhi Sawant filled complaint against the Mikha. However, unfortunately all these controversies only helped Rakhi in increasing her popularity. The major jump in her popularity is seen after the Big Boss in which Rakhi Sawant gained lot of the acceptance from the people. Today there is hardly any Indian who does not recognize her.

Moreover Rakhi Sawant has gone beyond in recognition by the people then many popular ministers and heroines. In simple words we can say that she has became a brand in her self. Now Rakhi Sawant wants to remove the old bad things associated with her name and she wants that now people recognize her as a good girl. To strengthen this motive, yesterday Rakhi Sawant visited a jail in Mumbai to give computer and other medical instrument to the prisoners.

However she was not allowed to enter inside the jail by the jail authorities. As Indian media needs a new story and Rakhi more popularity therefore we all start seeing Rahki Sawant on all the news channels. This is not a case in isolation we all could hope to see more this kind of things in near future.

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Find divine power inside

There will be hardly any person on this earth who does not believe on divine power. According to every religion in this world, this world is run by a strong divine power. This divine power is present everywhere and it is even present inside us. However unfortunately, most of us are never able to realize this divine power present inside us. Mostly, people get blinded by external world fantasies and thus fail in seeing this divine power present inside them.

They run from one spiritual guru to other but fail in seeing extraordinary force present inside them. Though, we are not required to have extraordinary eyes for seeing this divine force and any person can see this divine force with some efforts. It is easy for honest and good people to see this divine force easily and get help from it, while dishonest and greedy people may never succeed in seeing this divine force present inside them.

We all come into this world as an extension of divine love and therefore, divine force remains present inside every individual. However, biggest apathy of this world is that we never search for this divine force inside our body. Each human being holds a great potential and we can easily realise this potential by getting help of divine energy present inside us.

We can also use some ways to find this divine force present inside us and one way of connecting with this divine power is available through spiritualism. Spiritualism is a technique of meditation developed by saints around the world to search this divine power inside us. Spiritualism provides a way to align our self with this divine power. Therefore, people can also get the help of spiritualism for discovering this great divine force present inside them.

Second method of discovering this divine power is very simple and any person can use it. This method is called prayer. With the help of strong prayers, we can easily made connection with our divine power. Our divine power can listen to our prayers and provide solutions to our powers. We are not required to be expert for using method of prayers and any person can use this method. By following these two efforts, we can easily connect with our divine power and understand purpose of our life.

Now lodge online complain against Government departments and Ministries in India

There is useful link for all the people who are suffering from the various problems due to state or central government or from any of the ministry or government department in India then they can easily lodge their online complain at this site. This website is run by the Dept. of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances ( under Ministry of Personal, PG & Pensions.

People can easily lodge complain on this site by filling a simple form. People can give their grievance in maximum 4000 words. Moreover while submitting the complain people get the password through which they can easily track the status of complain. People also have the option of giving reminder if complain does not get any solution. People can also know the status of any action taken on complain or they can directly contact the Public Grievances Officers with the help of address provided on the site.

Overall this is a useful link for the ordinary people in India, who have pending issue related with the state machinery. There are few examples of the people who have benefited from this site and therefore it becomes our duty to put forward any issues related to the negligence, non-corporation, mishandling or wrong use of power by the government officers or ministers to the justice.

Being Challenged

Being challenged is a situation when people in this world are challenged by the world to show their power. There are many examples of the extraordinary people who have achieved great heights in their lives when they are being challenged by the others. Many times in life we have trust on our self about achieving some thing but people around us do not believe on us and make fun of our dreams.

This time evoke a great challenging spirit in many people who boldly accept the challenge of the world. The important factor about all this is that we our self can only understand the value of our dreams and it is not possible for the others to understand them. The only way through which we can make the people of this world silent is by completing our dream. We need to remain claim and plan for our dreams with our best efforts.

Most of the time people challenge us either to feel us down or to put deviation in our goals. It depends on us how we fight with them. It is well said by the some one that dream belongs to those who believe them. It is very important for us to believe on our dreams if we want to see them becoming reality. Every one us at some point of the time face the situation of being challenged where it become important for him to accept this challenge and show the world that he can accept the challenge and easily come victories out of it.

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Review movie- Black Friday

Black Friday is a movie made on the deadliest 1993 Mumbai blasts in which more than 5000 people died. This incidence is remembered in India as the black Friday because on this day humanity totally died in Mumbai City. Many innocent men, women and children just died for none of their fault. At least 400-500 bodies were totally converted in to small pieces making it difficult to identify them.

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This incidence shocked the whole nation and put a question on the security in India. No one is the Mumbai had ever thought about this kind of brutal incidence. The amazing point about these blasts was that this was a well planned work of the terrorists with help from the ISI of Pakistan. This movie “Black Friday” put in front of us many of these facts. This is overall good movie and it successfully touches may factors associated with blasts.

This movie is a great try to see the inside the factors associated with blast and also try to give some answers like why and how this whole incidence happened. It is really a hard topic to make film and therefore in all these odds this is a great work by the director. This film has tried to touch many of the sensitive issues and also raised voice about the human rights violations by the Mumbai Police. Around 200 people are charge sheeted by the police in this whole incidence.

This is a good watch movie for understanding the motives behinds the Mumbai Blasts and how hatred between the two communities is causing so many troubles. Muslims needed to treat well in India. It is not right to blame all the Muslims for terrorist acts happening in India. We need to provide a good living atmosphere to all the people in India and it must include all the minorities. It is better to learn from the episodes of the Mumbai blasts and avoid any such kind of incidences in the future.

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Tandoor case-A right decision

Tandoor case is a famous case of 1995 which again gained spotlight when Today Delhi High court retained the death plenty to the victim Sushil Sharma given by the lower court. Sushil Sharma has filled petition in the Delhi High Court against the 2003 lower court death plenty. The main concern for the Sushil Sharma is that High Court also found him guilty of brutally murdering his wife Naina Sahani. Naina Sahani was first murdered by her husband Sushil Sharma and then he tried to burn her body in the tandoor of hotel owned by him.

This incidence really socked the whole nation when people around India discovered on 3rd july, 1995 that a husband can do this to his wife. This incidence provoked hate response against the Sushil Sharma and media gave full coverage to this issue. This issue also got some political color when people got to know that Sushil Sharma is a Youth congress’s prominent leader.

Naina Sahani was also an active congress worker at that time. Today decision has also proved that judiciary in India is doing the right job and as a combined Indian we are against any such kind of the incidence in near future. Moreover No one should be allowed to go free after such incidence may be he or she holds great place in our society. Keshav Kumar a co-accused and employee of Sushil Sharma was also given seven year of imprisonment for helping Sushil Sharma in destroying proofs.

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Remembering Jallianwala Bagh in present time

Jallianwala Bagh in Amitsar has great significance in Indian origin because it forced many Indian to take steps for Indian Freedom. The massacre done by the British Government in Jallianwala Bagh on April 13, 1919 provoked many Indians to took revenge from the British government. In this incidence Army opened bullet fires on innocent peaceful freedom fighters. This was one of the brutal and criminal acts of the British government and its army.

People can still find the bullet marks preserved in the Jallianwala Bagh. As par the official estimate around 1600 rounds of bullets are fired and this massacre lasted for 10 minutes. The bad thing about this incidence is that the public also includes women and children. Many of the people women, man and children jumped in to well in the compound of the bagh to save themselves from bullets. Around 120 dead bodies recovered from this well.

Today in free India, it is not possible for most of the Indian to image this painful incidence. Most of us can never imaginate the difficulties associated with the Indians in British colony era. We are lucky that we are born with lot of freedom, though still there are many problems associated with the corruption and underdevelopment however we all should understand that we ourselves can make any difference like our respected freedom fighter.

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Now easy flying to India

Today India has emerged as a great tourism destination for many people around the world. The main reason this is that India is full of number of beautiful destinations which attracts everyone. Moreover the other advantage with the India is that traveling to India is much cheaper as other destinations. Indian historic monuments and specially Taj Mahal have attracted many visitors from the abroad. Moreover people can easily get the tickets for flight to India from services provided by site This site offers a great convenience in booking air tickets to India at the affordable rates. There are many attractive discounted fight rates are available on this site. People can easily get ticket for flight to Brazil and other world location from this site at the cheap rates also.

A great serial to watch-Aek Chabhi Hai Padoss mein

Today hardly there will be any one in India who is not aware about the cable TV. Around India there are hundred of cable channels available to watch. There are more than dozen of news, children, movie and entertain channels are available on the Indian television. The biggest attraction of the TV channel is TV serials. There are many TV serials which are very popular among the TV viewers.

However the problem with most of the serials is that they are only based on the crime and unrelated issues and do not provide any good viewer ship to us. Most of the serials on the Indian TV are creating wrong examples for the viewers and they can show anything to gain popularity. Now in this entire if we get a chance to watch some thing based of values and which provides us a real entertainment then we will definitely like to watch it.

Aek Chabhi Hai Padoss mein is a one such serial from Star plus which has lot to offer to us. This serial comes on every Saturday at the 10:00pm for one hour. The main attraction of this serial is that this serial takes social issues and guide us on how to solve them. Today there are many social problems which are present in our society and we only can fight them if we all show some unity in our society.

This serial presents a great Indians social system and how people in India help each other. This serial shows a great Indian society and problems related with every one. This serial is a great watch for every Indian because it presents a great value based India in front of us where everyone love each other and always ready to help the others.

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Dhoom-2 is one of the biggest hit of the 2006. Many people have predicted the success of this movie even before the launch of this movie. Popularity of the dhoom-2 can be judged from the fact that the prints sold for the dhoom-2 are highest so far in the film industry. Dhoom-2 is the sequel of Dhoom which was a super hit movie last year. Major attraction of the movie dhoom-2 is great acting display by the Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai. They both are main attraction of the movie and really both of them have shown great acting in this movie.

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Due to this movie Aishwarya Rai again got the crown of sexist women in India. Hrithik Roshan also displayed great dance and action performance in this movie. This movie mainly involves around these two characters. Abhishek Bachan, Uday chopra and Bipasha Basu are also good in their roles. Bipasha Basu’s double role could also attract people in this movie. This movie mainly involves around a thief and this is not an ordinary thief but it is an international thief which is expert of stealing around the world. This is great action and dance movie which every action lover will definitely like.

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Review Movie-Apocalypto

Want to see a great fight of survival in the early days of mankind then this movie of Mel Gibson’s present all this in front of us. Mankind has survived through many bloody fights and only those people are able to survive who have power and intelligence. This movie “Apocalyto” shows a great fight of survival of the person living in jungle. This film also shows in front of us the greed of mankind and how we could even kill other for our just selfish motives.

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This movie also gives us inside in to the difficulties of tribes and how difficult is life for them. This movie shows a great picture of the lives of the tribes and how tribes live. Today when tribes around the world are facing extinction then this movie present a way to understand their way of living. World of tribes have remained full of bloody wars and mostly one tribe do not like the other tribe. This movie shows all those fights in front of us.

This movie also shows us how tribes respect their forest and have great love for the jungle. This movie gives a message that we can easily survive with the natural resources available from the jungle and it is not right to destroy it for our greed. The other beauty of this movie is a great fight with the old weapons. This movie is full of great action and good scenic beauty.

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Baba Ramdev and Controversies

Today we all respect Swami Ramdev for his great work in Ayurveda. All over India Swami Ramdev hold a great respect among the Indians for his work in the field of Ayurveda. It is difficult to imagine for many individual that he has a mere eighth class education. However on the other hand he holds a great knowledge and wisdom in the Yoga and Ayurveda. Many people in India respect him for again popularizing lost tradition of Yoga and Ayurveda with the ordinary people.

In the recent time he has remained in lot of controversies for many claims made by him or for his medicines. However, all these controversies have only helped in more popularizing him. There are many critics around us who still believe that Ramdev is given much hype by the media and people then he needed. The main reason behind the popularity of the Baba Ramdev is that many chronic illnesses are believed to be cured by the Baba Ramdev medicines and Yoya.

Even some patients have reported cure from the deadly diseases like cancer and AIDS. However Baba Ramdev has himself admitted in front of the media that his medicines only help in these illness and they do not guarantee any sure shot result. The main problem with the people, media and government is that no body knows actually what is right or wrong?

We all need to know the power of Yoga and Ayurveda, therefore a documented study on these techniques of cures must be presented in front of the people for further clarification. If such powers really exist in Yoga and Ayurveda then they must be more encouraged as an alternate therapy. Therefore it has no fun in pulling some one down or blindly trusting some one, we all need to get to know the real facts.

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Will marriage ends a carrier for Aishwarya Rai?

Aishwarya Rai has attained an undisputed number one position in Indian cinema. Presently it is not possible for any actress in Indian cinema to compete Aishwaya. Born in November 1st, 1973, aishwarya rai is still doing marvelous work in Indian movies. While at 33 years of age Aishwarya Rai still present promising career ahead.

Aishwarya Rai has also remained in the news recently for here engagement with the Abhishek Bachan. Many people are apprehensive about the next move in the life of the aishwaya ria. Most of fans of Aishwarya Rai do not want to see her moving away from the film industry because they still hope that Aishwarya Rai has lot of more to offer.

However on the other hand aishwarya rai also need to settle in her life. We all know that abhishek bachan is a rising star in Indian cinema and he has already shown his potential in movies like Dhoom and Guru. We all have liked this pair in Dhoom-2 and Guru. Moreover their performance as husband wife in Guru shows that how beautiful they will look like as couple.

The other thing which is associated with this engagement is Abhishek’s father Amitab Bachan. Amitab Bachan is biggest star of our cinema and therefore anything happens in his family will must attract to attention of the world. Amitab Bachan has given his permission to this marriage and he is also saying that he has no objection with Aishwarya Rai doing films after marriage. So far there is no firm news on the marriage dates of Aishwarya and Abhishek marriage; however we all can hope to see one in near future.

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Now easily Remove the Navbar for latest version of blogger

Many blogger who are using new version of the bloggers or beta bloggers can now easily remove the NAVBAR.
One of the useful information is available at the link :: How to remove Blogger Beta Navbar. The code required to remove blogger navbar is pesent on this site.

Only bloggers are needed to past this code before /* Primary layout */ line and everything is done for them.
It is really an easy option to get ride of the blogger Navbar of latest version.

For older version use the link-

Where is God?

This could be a very difficult question to answer because no person in this world have seen him, we all only give our views based on our religious knowledge but in actual it is very difficult or nearly impossible to define him. Human may research to any extent but in the end it looks difficult to understand him. More we discover more new limits comes in front of us. This whole universe presents a great mystery in front of us which is very difficult to solve for us. At present we are no where in finding God scientifically however what happens in the future it is just to be seen. So far only meditation provides us with a way to get some understanding of the unknown world.

Real facts of Industrial growth verses Agriculture growth

Recently we most have read or heard that industrial growth is playing a major role in the development of the nation and on the other hand agriculture growth in pulling us back. At present industry in India is showing a growth rate of about 10% and where as the agriculture growth is struggling at 2-3%. By seeing these figures many people are advocating that we should focus more on the industry and less on the agriculture.

However there are some concerns which are linked with this issue which can never be undermined by anyone. Today Agriculture sector is going through a very bad phase in India. The land under cultivation is reducing at regular level year by year because large part of cultivation land is used every year for creating houses, building, roads, industries and other construction works. Second agriculture sector is a big unorganized sector which is managed by millions of small farmers.

Even after nearly 60 years of the independence Indian agriculture sector lacks the basics advancements in this field. Still there are many small farmers in India which are using the age old conventional methods of faming. Lands in major parts of India are becoming infertile due to large use of fertilizers or for being in use for long time. In simple words farm sector is an industry in no way and it is not right to compare it with the industry which is getting every kind of input.

The capital which is pumped in the industry is many times higher than the amount which is put in the agriculture. Industry is India is able to get the latest technology of the world where as agriculture sector is still isolated from it. Even in all these odds if agriculture shows some growth then it is great work of our farmers which are showing growth even against all the odds. The factor which support a strong agriculture sector is that we can not afford sacristy of the food grains even for a day where as a shortage in industrial product may be waited for few day, months or years. Therefore it makes no fun in comparing and undermining agriculture sector.
Happy Valentine Day to all

Rain and snow in North India

The skies have become cloudy finally thanks to the rain God that north India seen one first big rain fall in this winter. This rain fall is also associated with heavy snow fall in the hills of the J&K, Himachal and Uttranchal. The major beneficiaries of this rain fall will be the farmers. With this winters have extended for few more days in the north. Initially it was looking that this winter will be going with show fall and rains. However the rain god has listened with the pray of people of India and blessed them with the rain.

Why Ban on movie-The DA VINCI CODE?

The DA VINCI CODE movie is banned by most of the states in India for showing in the state. The argument against the ban is given that it is anti-Christian. However most of the critic who have seen this movie have not found any such kind of material in it and said that people should be allowed to decide themselves. The problem with the Indian governments is that they think their people as immature and not able to take decisions. The DA VINCI CODE is already a block buster movie in the west which is totally a Christian society if they have no objection with this movie then why this is banned in India.

Many people and religious organization starts making hue and cry before seeing the real picture. Today we are living in a free and independent India where every Indian has right to make his own opinions. One side this movie is banned and on the other side CD of this movie is easily available in the shops. Our government needs to learn take balanced steps in the religiously troubled issue and put a good example in front of the people of the India. The major hue and cry about this movie is due to exposer of some of the issue related to the religion which shows the dark sides of the religion in front of us.

The religions which we are seeing today have emerged from great human sacrifices where many innocent men, women and children are murdered for the shake of the religion. Even today murders on the name of the religion are common in many parts of the world. Those people who preach religion to the masses should also tell the dark sides associated with them. Today we can not allow many more death for the shake of the religion supremacies. It is beyond the power of the human to decide that which is great Allah, Jesus, Ram, Nanak or Buddha. The DA VINCI CODE realizes us with some of these facts.


Looking attractive with the help of Plastic Surgery

Looking attractive is a dream of every individual on this universe, however every one of us in not so lucky enough to have good attractive face. Many people have different marks on their faces from birth and others who get them due to various accidents or there may be other problems related to the other pats of the body. These incidents could spoil some ones life and make it difficult for him to live a healthy and good life. People with mostly these problems find it very difficult to face the world and have very less confidence. This situation becomes even worst for the girls. Many girls are rejected in various times due to this issue. Few years back we have no resource available for us for getting out of these problems however thanks to the advancement in the plastic surgery techniques today it is possible to remove lot of these kinds of the marks and provide a good and confident life to the person.

Today plastic surgery is reaching to new people and it is becoming very affordable too. More many latest techniques have been developed in the plastic surgery which is making it possible to perform many operations which are not possible initially. One of such good plastic surgery can be found at Los Angeles Plastic Surgery center which has all the latest plastic surgery techniques available here. This is only plastic surgery center on world-famous Rodeo Drive. People can come here for Facelift, Breast Augment, Browlift, Eyelift, Rhinoplasty, Liposuction and other latest techniques. People can easily get the solution for their problem through plastic surgery options.

How Foolish we humans are?

We humans are really foolish in many ways. We are just only a creature of blood, flesh and bones which can stop working any time due to a small problem in our system. Still we all hold so many egos and think that there is nothing which is going to happen to us. It takes only seconds to die for our body and removing our existence from the world. No human in this world have power to remain in this world for ever. Any person may be whatever strong has been removed from this world. Some people may have remained in our memories for long time or centuries but at some time every one disappears.

Therefore all this makes no fun to create only self centric world where we only think for our self and not for others. Why still we commit so many crimes to make our self happy? This world has only one principle that nothing can remain here forever; the history is the witness of many dead persons, countries, religions and species which are no more today. This is also going to be fate of all of us. No one can predict that what will be the fate of world after few centuries from now. Nature still holds a strong power than man and can destroy it any time. Those people, nations or religions who are satisfying their false egos by destroying others will also come to their last fate one day.

This world is made by the supreme power to help us in experiencing him through various means and to show us how weak we are and simultaneously how strong we are if we follow the path of right deeds. However very few individuals are able to accept this hard fact and they only remain busy in creating difficulties for the other creatures. One of the major reason behind people not accepting this simple principle is that they see themselves through the eyes of religions, castes, nations and egos. Present human is lucky enough to have so many resources available with him for understanding this simple concept. Today we can easily go beyond our limits and explore new things which can show new realities to us.


Recently this movie remains in lot of controversy for showing some religious facts. If we see this movie simply then this is a mystery movie. However the mystery in “The DA VINCI CODE” involves highly religious and contradicted facts. Many Christian organizations around the world have criticized this movie for showing restricted topics related the Christian religion. Therefore people who see The DA VINCI CODE through the eyes of religion can never enjoy this movie.

Rent Movies online in your City

Today human thinking has reached its ultimate level and therefore it has started questioning many historical myths. This movie also shows some question related to the religion. The movie is based on the controversial and successful novel “The DA VINCI CODE”. In general the acting of all the actors is excellent and is able to attract till the end of the movie. This movie puts some light on the phases of the religions in the world and about the journey of the Christian religion. Every religion in this world is associated with the blood of innocent people and Christian religion is also not away from it.

This movie also put a debate on the fact that Jesus is an ordinary man or a God and finally able to answer that a simple man can rise to the level of the God. The DA VINCI CODE movies around the stories related with the Jesus and its family tree. This movie say many things in silence and this may be reason that movie gathered so much controversy around it. However, if we see it without any thought and as suspense movie then this is great show? One other point highlighted by this movie is that how hollow are our religions and how they are build on so many orthodox believes. People first make a person God for giving his life for the humanity and then start taking lives for justifying him.

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Understanding debt problems

Around the world we can find many families and individuals who are not able to control their budgets properly and finally land in huge debts. The interesting fact which comes in front of us is that debt problems increase with the increase in prosperity of the country. For example developed nations have large number of people suffering with debt related problems than the people in developing nations and than underdeveloped nation. All this is a strange but real fact available in front of us. Alone in US millions of families suffer from debt related problems. The major reason behind the increasing debt problem is unplanned budget making. People take loans easily but unfortunately they do not have real plains to repay them.

Today in present world there are many attractive things available in the market which attract every individual, now loans provides us with a opportunity to complete these dreams with out having the money at that time and paying it later. Moreover with the competition in the market getting loans are becoming even easier. However the fact remains the same that getting loan is very easy bit repaying it is not so easy therefore we all require a lot of guidance on this matter. Today there is lot of useful information available on the net free of cost. This links provide useful information on controlling the debt problems and how leading a debt free life. People easily download the whole information in PDF format also.

Baba Ramdev entering homes in India

Baba Ramdev medicines have already seen a great acceptance among Indians. Even people living abroad are also getting attract towards the therapies suggested by the Baba. Baba Ramdev has faced in recent past lot of controversies regarding the claims made by him about his medicines and Yoga. However the one interesting point which we all forget about this controversy is that all of the medicines provided by the Baba’s pharmacy are nothing new but the same ayurvedic medicines written in our old Indian Vedas.

Yoga techniques are nothing new and are same ones developed by our saints in the past. Baba Ramdev has only helped in reintroducing this science passionately and providing these medicines in scientific way to us. The problem with the Indian society is that we all have almost forgotten about the abundance knowledge available with us. Ayurveda and Yoga have remained mostly neglected in free India and hardly any constructive work is done for more progress in this field.

Allopathic treatment is not a bad thing and here doesn’t arise any comparison among both ways of treatment. Both ways are superior in their respective fields. However, total dependency on allopathy is not right because allopathy is effective in treating disorders when they have took place whereas ayurveda can help in the prevention of diseases. Simple techniques of yoga and meditation can work wonder in treating many of today’s stress related problems. Baba Ramdev has done commendable job in India by bringing ayurveda and yoga to mainstream and again uniting Indians with these lost treasures.

No body should feel threaten with the rising popularity of the Baba. Health is a matter which cannot be commercialized; today healthcare sector has become big business in India. Many big hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and businessmen are dependent on illness of people. In simple words growth of this industry depends on more of us becoming ill. This is a great tragedy in the world that this health sector which should be there for the betterment of people has actually become an exploiter of all of us. For example Pharmaceutical market in India and world are filled with many unethical and profit oriented strategies where 60 to 70% medicines are 100 to 10000 times priced from their manufacturing costs.

The problem is that this industry has become very large and many people and professionals are associated with it. Now if some cheaper alternatives are introduced to the people then many of these organizations, governments and businessmen will suffer losses of billions of dollars. Allopathy is a good way to treat people however influence of lots of bad practices is decreasing its real help to the billion of people. On the other hand so far Ayurveda is away from these kinds of wrong practice due to non commercialization. However we cannot say that this will remain true for the Ayurveda in future.

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Easy Team building Tool

In my previous article I have discussed few points about the Toobeez tools and their advantage for all of us. Today we all are living in a world where we constantly need new things for creating more value for world. Leadership and team building skills are becoming important part for the growth of an organization and it is not possible for any organization to grow without the help of these tools. Leadership is required because employees are required to take independent decisions and with out leadership it is not possible to hope all these things from the employee. Team building has become a important part of present organization because we all live in a complex atmosphere and where lot of people from different culture interact with each other. Now to create a harmony between these different people is very important.

Here team building can help in this direction and allow an organization to have a stable atmosphere. Therefore it becomes very important for every team or training manager to implement these skills in the employees of the company. However we all know that this is not an easy task to manage all this and every training manager require a tool which can help him in getting all this from the training. Thanks to the tool Toobeez Teams, all these can be easily done in playful way. This is a great innovative way of allowing workers or employees to learn these basic skills. People can visit the for help it. Moreover people can also ask for the free try of the product. Now good values can be learned in easy and innovative way.

Toobeez Therapy help for Autistic children

Welcome to the great world of Toobeez Therapy, a new and interactive therapy which is creating more excitement and encouragement in people. This is really an innovative technique to allow people use their basic intellectual skills in coming out of new things. There is common belief that mind become sharper if we do more mind exercise. Mind exercises are some what different than the conventional exercises. Mind is required to be stretched to its limits in playful ways to get maximum of our mind. This new innovative thing allows us to create lot of innovations through it. This Toobeez Therapy is a good input for the mentally weak children. Through this therapy children can easily learn to get more out of their brain.

The other advantage with it is that all this can be done in the peace of the home. Today there are lots of Autistic children present around us and therefore a great help like this can definitely help them. We all admit that engaging children is a very difficult task because children need something highly innovative which attracts them. Through Toobeez children can allow to use their brain and imaginative power and become busy. Sky is the limit of the things which can be made through this combination. More over this thing is very useful in various training where people learn to interact with other. Many leadership techniques can be learned through this Toobeez innovation. A total guideline is available on the site on how to use this Toobeez Therapy and Toobeez tools in various ways.

Review is gaming portal launched by Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Reliance Group for tapping the growing online gaming market in India. Today, lots Indians are aware of thanks to the massive ad campaigns done by Reliance on various channels and Medias. We all know that gaming industry is seeing growth around the world and India is also no way away from all this. Today the numbers of the online game lovers is on constant increase in India and this market can reach $200 million by next year.

Already, gaming industry has found strong foothold in world, some people may find this information difficult to digest that few young individuals are professional gamers and they are even earning more money than the well qualified doctors and engineers. Big gaming companies are paying handsome money to these young people for spreading the game trend in children. is also a try in the same direction. Online gaming is also becoming a reality with the presence of the broad band internet connections and computers in every home.

In future we all could hope to see only progress in this trend and entry of many new players. The advantage of online gaming is that people can easily play games with multiple players spread geographically. At present has good collection of games and lot of prizes are also associated with it for attracting visitors. also offers a free email account because email holds a major volume in overall net usage in India, though so far it has failed in attraction people.

This site has some of the problems like some pages open with difficulty and this site is not recommended for people which have slow speed internet connections. At present, many users believe that needs more improvement in uploading, site design and collection of games. also faces a big competition from hundred of free gaming websites available online which are better than in many ways.

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Some light on the Singur Matter

Singur have become a matter of debate in many quarters in India. Singur incident has pressed us to think on the matter of acquisitions and on the credibility of removing people from their own land on which they are living for the years. Today this thing has happened to the people of the Singur and tomorrow it can happen with any one. It is not easy to give away a land on which our whole life depends and which severed us till date. Moreover the land acquisition derives by the governments lack lot of the basic things. Major portion of the people whom land is acquired are never able to get the right compensation for their land and here starts their exploitation. Industrial growth is fine and we all welcome the industry but doing this growth on the dead bodies of the innocent farmers is not a right thing. Though, we all are independent in India however still we are away from many of the basic rights. Human rights can be put on back burners for making some industrialists happy. In near future we all will more heat if any such kind of un-thoughtful action taken by any government.

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Jalianwala Bagh’s significance in present world

In present world it is becoming very difficult to have the same value for our old monuments and historical places as they supposed to have way back. Presently it has passed more than 59 years for India becoming Independent and today for many people it is not important to pay respect to the freedom fighters and people have given their life for shaping our country. One of the main reason behind all this is that today most of the present generation is born after the Independence and therefore it is not possible for them to value the importance of the Impendent India. Today by visiting memorial places like Jalianwala Bagh which signifies the life given by the innocent people for the nation has become a picnic spot only. Most of the people can be found wondering or taking photographs with very less or no respect for the people who have done great sacrifice for our freedom.

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ABHISHAK BACHAN and AISHWARYA RIA engagement and Mangal Dosha

Recently Media around the India is busy in showing the photographs of ABHISHAK BACHAN and AISHWARYA RAI visiting lot of the temples. The main eason behind all this is Mangal Dosa on the ABHISHAK BACHAN. AISHWARYA RAI is a Mangalic from the birth chart and therefore need to married to boy who is also Mangalic. However if Abhishak Bachan Requires to Marry AISHWAYA RAI then this Mangal dohsa is required to be treated before going for any marriage. Due to this we all also heard the news of Aishwarya Rai being married to a Pipal tree supposed to reduced the effect of the Mangal Dosha. All this effect only shows that we all still have lot of faith on our ancient believes and we may become whatever modern but we still follow the same traditions. Overall this thing may effect negatively to the people of the India and again reinforce the old orthodox trends.

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Valentine, India and Gifts

Valentine Day is reaching near and with it also increasing the positive and negative points associated with it. In India there are lots of controversies associated the Valentine day as many religious outfits do not like the concept of Valentine Day and they want to put ban on it. However their protests in the last few years are not able to put any effect on this festival. In the reverse this day has even become more popular among the youth of India and more and more people have started celebrating it. More with this the market associated with Valentine Day is also increasing in India. Many kinds of the decorative, gifts, and cards are available on the occasion of the Valentine day.

To some extent we all can say that Valentine Day has got acceptance in India. Though in India the number of the people enjoying Valentine day is stills less as compared to the western nations. However with the advancement in media and awareness we could find more people going towards it. Today the markets are full with the gifts related to the Valentine day. Not only are the shops webstores also full with many gifts because today many people opt for the online buying. has specially launched Valentine chocolate covered strawberries. They are available in the 1 dozen, 2 dozen and 4 dozen pack. All fruits used in making these chocolates are fresh and hand picked. On this Valentine this could be a different and unique gift for the lover.

Increasing Link Popularity

We all know that links plays a vital role in the success of a site. More the authentic links pointing towards a site more are the chances of the site getting good rank in search engines and finally getting good number of the visitors in the return. Due to this reason many people work on the link popularity and try their best to increase the link popularity of their site. The best way to increase link popularity is connecting like minded people and sharing links with them. However for a single individual it is not an easy task because it very time consuming and difficult task. Second way available with us is through purchasing links by paying some amount. Today there are many sites that are ready to rent links for the payment. Blogs are also emerging as a great source of links and many people getting benefit from them.

Shilpa Shetty became a Brand

Thanks to the show Big Brother and controversies associated with it, today Shilpa Shetty became a part of daily conversation. People around the world are trying to know more avoid her. Recent few visitors came to my site search Shilpa is a man or woman. Shilpa and Shilpa Shetty have emerged two popular search engine key words. People want to know more about Shilpa, about her life, her boyfriend and about her carrier in Indian Cinema. Major twist to this whole story is given by the controversy related to Jade Goody and Shilpa controversy. The major reason behind the Shilpa’s win in Big Brother is her ability to not react to the harsh comments and retain a calm poster through out the show. This thing allowed her to gain the sympathy of the not only Indians living in England but also from the British audience. Overall we can say that this is a great performance by the Shilpa Shetty in the show. At present Shilpa’s carrier in Indian film Industry is on the down track and therefore she immediately needed some push. Big Brother has down all this for her. She has not created demand for her in India but she also has attracted the British producer also. Soon we all could hope to see Shilpa in many new shows and films. We all could also hope to see many new things launch with the band name Shilpa, already Shipla Sunglasses are becoming hit.

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Soon to launch a revolution in Computer support

Computer has become a important part of our life and our many works today depend on it. This small plays very vital role in our life and the way through which we do the business. Lot of the urgent woks related the business are performed on this machine therefore is necessary that this small device always remain in proper mode. Many people around the world like business man, artists, executive and actors use the service of the devices related to the computer. The main reason behind the popularity of the computer is its ability of making our lives easier.

However there are many moments in life when we find it very difficult to function because of the problem in our computer. At this moment we require computer support to again make our device alive for the next function. So far we are getting the support in the conventional ways; however now from 1st April the things will be never same again. As on 1st of April we are going to witness the PC-VIP Launch . This is a is a new and only one service which will alters the way computer support is delivered to small and medium business. It will also help traveling executives, artists, models and actors etc. So far all we have to do is to wait till 1st April. People who get enrolled in the mailing list can get discount of 20% of purchasing this service.

For the Font lovers

Today we all are aware with the power of the computer and its influence in our life. It has become very difficult to ignore the significance in every sphere of the life. Computer has emerged has a major source of communication and present, in simple words it has become a virtual world in itself. We send mails, write blogs, create contents for the website, therefore we all write in lot of fonts and dingbats. However the problem is that we have access to very less fonts and dingbats. Due to this fact it is very difficult to create impact with the present things available with us. Mostly we are using the fonts provided with the writing software which we use.

Today we are living in a world which requires new things; therefore it becomes necessary to create new impacts. For creating with ordinary writing is only possible through the help of new fonts and dingbats. However the problem is that from where we can get these fonts and dingbats. Now thanks to, we can Download Free Fonts and dingbats. There are about 8000 free fonts and dingbats available on this site for the various users. With the help of this free stuff, people can easily give new and impressive look to their writing. Moreover people can read their blog for more knowledge about the fonts and what is latest happening in the world of fonts. This site is full of great fonts to offer for the people who want to present some thing new.

Need of Time management

We all want to manage time in our life however the major problem which we all get is that we all find time in our hand very less. Today we have become so busy that even 24 hours of the day are less for us. Due to this many people are finding it very difficult to manage between their professional and personal activities. Due to this some people are finding them self in mental tensions and others are finding their relations at stake. We all can improve our life by introducing time management in our life. Many people who have become successful in their personal and professional life, they all give time management the whole credit. We can not increase the time available to us so the only right option available with us is the time management. People can kind some of the good time management techniques and skills by clicking on the above link. Lot of useful information about the time management is available on this site which can help us.

Jalianwala Bagh and Indian Freedom Struggle

Jalianwala Bagh in Amritsar has great significance in Indian history and this may be the reason behind converting this place in to a historical place. Everyday day thousands of people visit this place to pay tribute to freedom fighters who had given their lives at this place. Today, Jalianwala Bagh has been converted in to a memorial to salute our freedom fighters.

On April 13, 1919 no one had thought that British army will commit such kind of the brutality on the Indians. British Army opened fire on thousands of innocent freedom fighters, those had collected here for peaceful demonstration. The people who have gathered here have no place to run because only available gate was sealed by the army.

All this activity was done under the command of the Brigadier-General Reginald Dyer Known in India as General Dyer. In this incident more than thousand people were died and more than two thousand were injured. Though official figures only presented 379 dead. This incident provoked a great hate response against the British government and specially General Dyer.

This incidence is present in Indian history as a great sorrowful incidence which portrays the killing of the innocent peoples from the hand of people who were against the right for freedom. The life of these innocent people have not gone waste as India got freedom from Britain in 1947 and today we are no less in any way from Britain.

India may be struggling with few problems at this moment however in coming times we all could hope to see a major change in life trends in India. It will be a big shame for the Indians and a question mark on the sacrifices of many freedom fighters if we do not work in this direction.

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Fun Games

Today computer games are big reality in front of us. The market of the computer games has crossed many million dollars and we all could hope many such kind of success in the near future. At present there are many games available for us which we all can easily enjoy. One way is to purchase the games in the form of the CD’s and then install them on our computer. This way of playing games is already very popular and many people enjoy it. There will be hardly any computer in the world which does not have any game installed in it. However with the increasing presence of the internet in all parts of the world, today the concept of the online gaming is changing totally.

Today it is possible for us play computer games online with other players situated at the geographical distances. All our friends are not required now to come to our homes to play games. Today we all can easily enjoy games with our friends while they may be seating at their homes. Many such online games can be found at the This is a new launch site which provides a great option to the game lovers. Many exciting games are present on this site which we can easily play with our friends or with the other players of the world. The other interesting thing is that this is available free of cost to players. We all can enjoy a great social gaming experience at this site. People can get here lot of games, avatars and friends.

Where Punjab is going?

Punjab election 2007 is going to poll on the 13th Feb and therefore both the main parties Akali Dal-BJP combine and Congress are putting their best in the campaigns to win this election. At present both the parties are busy in making claims about what they will do if they win election. In this Punjab Election both the parties are promising 24 hrs of electric supply in the state. However in previous terms both the parties has remained failure in adding any significant power generation facilities in Punjab.

The last five years of congress rule have totally ignored this important fact of electricity and therefore this claim of providing 24 hours of electricity does not hold any significance. Electricity is becoming a crucial need for any growth in the state and so far electricity has remained in a total neglected state. Claim may be whatever but one thing is clear that no relief can reach the people of Punjab before two to three years because it is minimum time required to start functioning of new generation projects in Punjab.

In future Punjab needs to make its own power generating facilities then to purchase it from the other states because in future it may cost very heavily to the state resources or Punjab can start joint projects with the other states with power sharing agreement. Punjab may still hold the crown of richest state of India on papers but in actuality it becoming a state of many poor and few rich people. Today the main farmer community of the Punjab is in very bad shape and it is struggling due to bad crops and decreasing fertility of the land.

Whichever government may come into power in Punjab, however the major need is to search other better alternatives for the growth of the Punjab because today the dependency on the farmers and NRI's is not going to help Punjab much in future. Punjab has many resources which it can exploit for growth but if these opportunities are ignored today then it will be hard to revive them again. We all can hope that in the next Punjab Election the party which comes to us for votes must have done something for us in actuality.

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Are we justifying our self in Kashmir?

Kashmir is a hot issue hanging between India and Pakistan from the time of the partition. Both the countries are putting their claim on this state. This state is known for its beautiful surroundings and innocent peoples. However these innocent people of the Kashmir are burning between the fires of hates of the both nations. Kashmir has today become a place of Innocent's grab yard. Many innocent people are getting killed either by the terrorists or the security forces.

Most of the people who are getting killed have no fault then being the citizens of the Kashmir. Recent arrest of the four J&K police special task force officer for killing innocent people in fake encounter shows a great concern and presents the state of the police system in the state. Police system of India has always remained under many doubts for such kind of activities. Human right violation is not is a new thing in India and can also be found in many other states of the India. However with the recent strictness by the courts in the India and by the pressure of the media many police official are getting exposed and finding themselves in jails.

However it becomes very difficult to monitor any activity of the police in terrorism influenced states because police in these states are provided with extra powers. In present world we can not justify the killing of innocent people on the name of the destroying terrorism. Kashmir is a sensitive issue for the India and therefore India requires a more fair and human oriented approach in this state, otherwise it will become very difficult to find the solution for the Kashmir issue and due to this many more innocent people will lose their lives.

A good option for giving shape to a business

Today Businesses are becoming more and more complex to run day by day. The major reason behind it is that businesses are becoming multicultural and required to do business in many currencies. All these things make it very difficult to run a run a big business. In simple words things have gone beyond the manual control, today’s business require more advance skills for managing them. Today’s business requires lot of analysis and consulting. The good news is that today we are having many good Business Performance Management firm like Longview Solutions available with us. Longview is a leading provider of performance management software for the industry. One of the interesting news is that Longview is selected as one of the Top Business Performance Management (BPM) vendors for 2007 by BPM Partners. It has also got 4.4 out of 5 ranking in early results from the annual BPM Pulse Survey.

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