Rakhi Sawant looking for image change

Many people know Rakhi Sawant as item girl in India. Rakhi Sawant has also always remained in the controversies in India. Some time she was abused for her less clothes and some time for vulgar scenes and actions. Every one of us must we aware about the controversy of Rakhi with the Punjabi pop singer Mikha, in Mikha lip kissed her in front of the TV cameras.

This news got lot of controversy as Rakhi Sawant filled complaint against the Mikha. However, unfortunately all these controversies only helped Rakhi in increasing her popularity. The major jump in her popularity is seen after the Big Boss in which Rakhi Sawant gained lot of the acceptance from the people. Today there is hardly any Indian who does not recognize her.

Moreover Rakhi Sawant has gone beyond in recognition by the people then many popular ministers and heroines. In simple words we can say that she has became a brand in her self. Now Rakhi Sawant wants to remove the old bad things associated with her name and she wants that now people recognize her as a good girl. To strengthen this motive, yesterday Rakhi Sawant visited a jail in Mumbai to give computer and other medical instrument to the prisoners.

However she was not allowed to enter inside the jail by the jail authorities. As Indian media needs a new story and Rakhi more popularity therefore we all start seeing Rahki Sawant on all the news channels. This is not a case in isolation we all could hope to see more this kind of things in near future.

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