Now lodge online complain against Government departments and Ministries in India

There is useful link for all the people who are suffering from the various problems due to state or central government or from any of the ministry or government department in India then they can easily lodge their online complain at this site. This website is run by the Dept. of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances ( under Ministry of Personal, PG & Pensions.

People can easily lodge complain on this site by filling a simple form. People can give their grievance in maximum 4000 words. Moreover while submitting the complain people get the password through which they can easily track the status of complain. People also have the option of giving reminder if complain does not get any solution. People can also know the status of any action taken on complain or they can directly contact the Public Grievances Officers with the help of address provided on the site.

Overall this is a useful link for the ordinary people in India, who have pending issue related with the state machinery. There are few examples of the people who have benefited from this site and therefore it becomes our duty to put forward any issues related to the negligence, non-corporation, mishandling or wrong use of power by the government officers or ministers to the justice.
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