Final Result Punjab Election-2007

Finally Punjab voted as predicted by me in my two articles Who will win Punjab Election 2007?-2 dated 01/02/2007 and Who will win Punjab Election dated 30/10/2006. As per my estimate 63-68 seats were possible for Akali Dal-BJP combine. Now the results for the Punjab Election are out and Akali Dal and BJP combine is winner of this election with 67 seats and still election for one seat are pending. With this now all is set for a new Akali-BJP government in Punjab. The final tally of 116 seat results stands as Akali Dal- 48, BJP- 19, Congress- 44, Independent- 5 and other parties including CPM, BSP- 0.

The Major highlight of this election is that this is a win for the Akali-BJP combine and not for the Akali Dal alone unlike the previous term of Akali-BJP combine when Akali Dal alone had comfortable majority. Major performer in this election is really BJP which has shown a great performance in this election which improved its tally from 3 seats in last election to 19 in this. Overall Akali Dal situation has seen only marginal improvement as it has got 48 seats against 41 in last assembly elections.

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