Why Ban on movie-The DA VINCI CODE?

The DA VINCI CODE movie is banned by most of the states in India for showing in the state. The argument against the ban is given that it is anti-Christian. However most of the critic who have seen this movie have not found any such kind of material in it and said that people should be allowed to decide themselves. The problem with the Indian governments is that they think their people as immature and not able to take decisions. The DA VINCI CODE is already a block buster movie in the west which is totally a Christian society if they have no objection with this movie then why this is banned in India.

Many people and religious organization starts making hue and cry before seeing the real picture. Today we are living in a free and independent India where every Indian has right to make his own opinions. One side this movie is banned and on the other side CD of this movie is easily available in the shops. Our government needs to learn take balanced steps in the religiously troubled issue and put a good example in front of the people of the India. The major hue and cry about this movie is due to exposer of some of the issue related to the religion which shows the dark sides of the religion in front of us.

The religions which we are seeing today have emerged from great human sacrifices where many innocent men, women and children are murdered for the shake of the religion. Even today murders on the name of the religion are common in many parts of the world. Those people who preach religion to the masses should also tell the dark sides associated with them. Today we can not allow many more death for the shake of the religion supremacies. It is beyond the power of the human to decide that which is great Allah, Jesus, Ram, Nanak or Buddha. The DA VINCI CODE realizes us with some of these facts.

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