Review Movie-Apocalypto

Want to see a great fight of survival in the early days of mankind then this movie of Mel Gibson’s present all this in front of us. Mankind has survived through many bloody fights and only those people are able to survive who have power and intelligence. This movie “Apocalyto” shows a great fight of survival of the person living in jungle. This film also shows in front of us the greed of mankind and how we could even kill other for our just selfish motives.

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This movie also gives us inside in to the difficulties of tribes and how difficult is life for them. This movie shows a great picture of the lives of the tribes and how tribes live. Today when tribes around the world are facing extinction then this movie present a way to understand their way of living. World of tribes have remained full of bloody wars and mostly one tribe do not like the other tribe. This movie shows all those fights in front of us.

This movie also shows us how tribes respect their forest and have great love for the jungle. This movie gives a message that we can easily survive with the natural resources available from the jungle and it is not right to destroy it for our greed. The other beauty of this movie is a great fight with the old weapons. This movie is full of great action and good scenic beauty.

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