Where Punjab is going?

Punjab election 2007 is going to poll on the 13th Feb and therefore both the main parties Akali Dal-BJP combine and Congress are putting their best in the campaigns to win this election. At present both the parties are busy in making claims about what they will do if they win election. In this Punjab Election both the parties are promising 24 hrs of electric supply in the state. However in previous terms both the parties has remained failure in adding any significant power generation facilities in Punjab.

The last five years of congress rule have totally ignored this important fact of electricity and therefore this claim of providing 24 hours of electricity does not hold any significance. Electricity is becoming a crucial need for any growth in the state and so far electricity has remained in a total neglected state. Claim may be whatever but one thing is clear that no relief can reach the people of Punjab before two to three years because it is minimum time required to start functioning of new generation projects in Punjab.

In future Punjab needs to make its own power generating facilities then to purchase it from the other states because in future it may cost very heavily to the state resources or Punjab can start joint projects with the other states with power sharing agreement. Punjab may still hold the crown of richest state of India on papers but in actuality it becoming a state of many poor and few rich people. Today the main farmer community of the Punjab is in very bad shape and it is struggling due to bad crops and decreasing fertility of the land.

Whichever government may come into power in Punjab, however the major need is to search other better alternatives for the growth of the Punjab because today the dependency on the farmers and NRI's is not going to help Punjab much in future. Punjab has many resources which it can exploit for growth but if these opportunities are ignored today then it will be hard to revive them again. We all can hope that in the next Punjab Election the party which comes to us for votes must have done something for us in actuality.

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