Are we justifying our self in Kashmir?

Kashmir is a hot issue hanging between India and Pakistan from the time of the partition. Both the countries are putting their claim on this state. This state is known for its beautiful surroundings and innocent peoples. However these innocent people of the Kashmir are burning between the fires of hates of the both nations. Kashmir has today become a place of Innocent's grab yard. Many innocent people are getting killed either by the terrorists or the security forces.

Most of the people who are getting killed have no fault then being the citizens of the Kashmir. Recent arrest of the four J&K police special task force officer for killing innocent people in fake encounter shows a great concern and presents the state of the police system in the state. Police system of India has always remained under many doubts for such kind of activities. Human right violation is not is a new thing in India and can also be found in many other states of the India. However with the recent strictness by the courts in the India and by the pressure of the media many police official are getting exposed and finding themselves in jails.

However it becomes very difficult to monitor any activity of the police in terrorism influenced states because police in these states are provided with extra powers. In present world we can not justify the killing of innocent people on the name of the destroying terrorism. Kashmir is a sensitive issue for the India and therefore India requires a more fair and human oriented approach in this state, otherwise it will become very difficult to find the solution for the Kashmir issue and due to this many more innocent people will lose their lives.
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