Some light on the Singur Matter

Singur have become a matter of debate in many quarters in India. Singur incident has pressed us to think on the matter of acquisitions and on the credibility of removing people from their own land on which they are living for the years. Today this thing has happened to the people of the Singur and tomorrow it can happen with any one. It is not easy to give away a land on which our whole life depends and which severed us till date. Moreover the land acquisition derives by the governments lack lot of the basic things. Major portion of the people whom land is acquired are never able to get the right compensation for their land and here starts their exploitation. Industrial growth is fine and we all welcome the industry but doing this growth on the dead bodies of the innocent farmers is not a right thing. Though, we all are independent in India however still we are away from many of the basic rights. Human rights can be put on back burners for making some industrialists happy. In near future we all will more heat if any such kind of un-thoughtful action taken by any government.

Nandigram is burning again
Some basic questions
In the help of Singur people
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