Tandoor case-A right decision

Tandoor case is a famous case of 1995 which again gained spotlight when Today Delhi High court retained the death plenty to the victim Sushil Sharma given by the lower court. Sushil Sharma has filled petition in the Delhi High Court against the 2003 lower court death plenty. The main concern for the Sushil Sharma is that High Court also found him guilty of brutally murdering his wife Naina Sahani. Naina Sahani was first murdered by her husband Sushil Sharma and then he tried to burn her body in the tandoor of hotel owned by him.

This incidence really socked the whole nation when people around India discovered on 3rd july, 1995 that a husband can do this to his wife. This incidence provoked hate response against the Sushil Sharma and media gave full coverage to this issue. This issue also got some political color when people got to know that Sushil Sharma is a Youth congress’s prominent leader.

Naina Sahani was also an active congress worker at that time. Today decision has also proved that judiciary in India is doing the right job and as a combined Indian we are against any such kind of the incidence in near future. Moreover No one should be allowed to go free after such incidence may be he or she holds great place in our society. Keshav Kumar a co-accused and employee of Sushil Sharma was also given seven year of imprisonment for helping Sushil Sharma in destroying proofs.

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