Baba Ramdev entering homes in India

Baba Ramdev medicines have already seen a great acceptance among Indians. Even people living abroad are also getting attract towards the therapies suggested by the Baba. Baba Ramdev has faced in recent past lot of controversies regarding the claims made by him about his medicines and Yoga. However the one interesting point which we all forget about this controversy is that all of the medicines provided by the Baba’s pharmacy are nothing new but the same ayurvedic medicines written in our old Indian Vedas.

Yoga techniques are nothing new and are same ones developed by our saints in the past. Baba Ramdev has only helped in reintroducing this science passionately and providing these medicines in scientific way to us. The problem with the Indian society is that we all have almost forgotten about the abundance knowledge available with us. Ayurveda and Yoga have remained mostly neglected in free India and hardly any constructive work is done for more progress in this field.

Allopathic treatment is not a bad thing and here doesn’t arise any comparison among both ways of treatment. Both ways are superior in their respective fields. However, total dependency on allopathy is not right because allopathy is effective in treating disorders when they have took place whereas ayurveda can help in the prevention of diseases. Simple techniques of yoga and meditation can work wonder in treating many of today’s stress related problems. Baba Ramdev has done commendable job in India by bringing ayurveda and yoga to mainstream and again uniting Indians with these lost treasures.

No body should feel threaten with the rising popularity of the Baba. Health is a matter which cannot be commercialized; today healthcare sector has become big business in India. Many big hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and businessmen are dependent on illness of people. In simple words growth of this industry depends on more of us becoming ill. This is a great tragedy in the world that this health sector which should be there for the betterment of people has actually become an exploiter of all of us. For example Pharmaceutical market in India and world are filled with many unethical and profit oriented strategies where 60 to 70% medicines are 100 to 10000 times priced from their manufacturing costs.

The problem is that this industry has become very large and many people and professionals are associated with it. Now if some cheaper alternatives are introduced to the people then many of these organizations, governments and businessmen will suffer losses of billions of dollars. Allopathy is a good way to treat people however influence of lots of bad practices is decreasing its real help to the billion of people. On the other hand so far Ayurveda is away from these kinds of wrong practice due to non commercialization. However we cannot say that this will remain true for the Ayurveda in future.

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