Recently this movie remains in lot of controversy for showing some religious facts. If we see this movie simply then this is a mystery movie. However the mystery in “The DA VINCI CODE” involves highly religious and contradicted facts. Many Christian organizations around the world have criticized this movie for showing restricted topics related the Christian religion. Therefore people who see The DA VINCI CODE through the eyes of religion can never enjoy this movie.

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Today human thinking has reached its ultimate level and therefore it has started questioning many historical myths. This movie also shows some question related to the religion. The movie is based on the controversial and successful novel “The DA VINCI CODE”. In general the acting of all the actors is excellent and is able to attract till the end of the movie. This movie puts some light on the phases of the religions in the world and about the journey of the Christian religion. Every religion in this world is associated with the blood of innocent people and Christian religion is also not away from it.

This movie also put a debate on the fact that Jesus is an ordinary man or a God and finally able to answer that a simple man can rise to the level of the God. The DA VINCI CODE movies around the stories related with the Jesus and its family tree. This movie say many things in silence and this may be reason that movie gathered so much controversy around it. However, if we see it without any thought and as suspense movie then this is great show? One other point highlighted by this movie is that how hollow are our religions and how they are build on so many orthodox believes. People first make a person God for giving his life for the humanity and then start taking lives for justifying him.

Why Ban on movie-The DA VINCI CODE?

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