Find divine power inside

There will be hardly any person on this earth who does not believe on divine power. According to every religion in this world, this world is run by a strong divine power. This divine power is present everywhere and it is even present inside us. However unfortunately, most of us are never able to realize this divine power present inside us. Mostly, people get blinded by external world fantasies and thus fail in seeing this divine power present inside them.

They run from one spiritual guru to other but fail in seeing extraordinary force present inside them. Though, we are not required to have extraordinary eyes for seeing this divine force and any person can see this divine force with some efforts. It is easy for honest and good people to see this divine force easily and get help from it, while dishonest and greedy people may never succeed in seeing this divine force present inside them.

We all come into this world as an extension of divine love and therefore, divine force remains present inside every individual. However, biggest apathy of this world is that we never search for this divine force inside our body. Each human being holds a great potential and we can easily realise this potential by getting help of divine energy present inside us.

We can also use some ways to find this divine force present inside us and one way of connecting with this divine power is available through spiritualism. Spiritualism is a technique of meditation developed by saints around the world to search this divine power inside us. Spiritualism provides a way to align our self with this divine power. Therefore, people can also get the help of spiritualism for discovering this great divine force present inside them.

Second method of discovering this divine power is very simple and any person can use it. This method is called prayer. With the help of strong prayers, we can easily made connection with our divine power. Our divine power can listen to our prayers and provide solutions to our powers. We are not required to be expert for using method of prayers and any person can use this method. By following these two efforts, we can easily connect with our divine power and understand purpose of our life.
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