Real facts of Industrial growth verses Agriculture growth

Recently we most have read or heard that industrial growth is playing a major role in the development of the nation and on the other hand agriculture growth in pulling us back. At present industry in India is showing a growth rate of about 10% and where as the agriculture growth is struggling at 2-3%. By seeing these figures many people are advocating that we should focus more on the industry and less on the agriculture.

However there are some concerns which are linked with this issue which can never be undermined by anyone. Today Agriculture sector is going through a very bad phase in India. The land under cultivation is reducing at regular level year by year because large part of cultivation land is used every year for creating houses, building, roads, industries and other construction works. Second agriculture sector is a big unorganized sector which is managed by millions of small farmers.

Even after nearly 60 years of the independence Indian agriculture sector lacks the basics advancements in this field. Still there are many small farmers in India which are using the age old conventional methods of faming. Lands in major parts of India are becoming infertile due to large use of fertilizers or for being in use for long time. In simple words farm sector is an industry in no way and it is not right to compare it with the industry which is getting every kind of input.

The capital which is pumped in the industry is many times higher than the amount which is put in the agriculture. Industry is India is able to get the latest technology of the world where as agriculture sector is still isolated from it. Even in all these odds if agriculture shows some growth then it is great work of our farmers which are showing growth even against all the odds. The factor which support a strong agriculture sector is that we can not afford sacristy of the food grains even for a day where as a shortage in industrial product may be waited for few day, months or years. Therefore it makes no fun in comparing and undermining agriculture sector.
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