Baba Ramdev and Controversies

Today we all respect Swami Ramdev for his great work in Ayurveda. All over India Swami Ramdev hold a great respect among the Indians for his work in the field of Ayurveda. It is difficult to imagine for many individual that he has a mere eighth class education. However on the other hand he holds a great knowledge and wisdom in the Yoga and Ayurveda. Many people in India respect him for again popularizing lost tradition of Yoga and Ayurveda with the ordinary people.

In the recent time he has remained in lot of controversies for many claims made by him or for his medicines. However, all these controversies have only helped in more popularizing him. There are many critics around us who still believe that Ramdev is given much hype by the media and people then he needed. The main reason behind the popularity of the Baba Ramdev is that many chronic illnesses are believed to be cured by the Baba Ramdev medicines and Yoya.

Even some patients have reported cure from the deadly diseases like cancer and AIDS. However Baba Ramdev has himself admitted in front of the media that his medicines only help in these illness and they do not guarantee any sure shot result. The main problem with the people, media and government is that no body knows actually what is right or wrong?

We all need to know the power of Yoga and Ayurveda, therefore a documented study on these techniques of cures must be presented in front of the people for further clarification. If such powers really exist in Yoga and Ayurveda then they must be more encouraged as an alternate therapy. Therefore it has no fun in pulling some one down or blindly trusting some one, we all need to get to know the real facts.

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