Shilpa Shetty became a Brand

Thanks to the show Big Brother and controversies associated with it, today Shilpa Shetty became a part of daily conversation. People around the world are trying to know more avoid her. Recent few visitors came to my site search Shilpa is a man or woman. Shilpa and Shilpa Shetty have emerged two popular search engine key words. People want to know more about Shilpa, about her life, her boyfriend and about her carrier in Indian Cinema. Major twist to this whole story is given by the controversy related to Jade Goody and Shilpa controversy. The major reason behind the Shilpa’s win in Big Brother is her ability to not react to the harsh comments and retain a calm poster through out the show. This thing allowed her to gain the sympathy of the not only Indians living in England but also from the British audience. Overall we can say that this is a great performance by the Shilpa Shetty in the show. At present Shilpa’s carrier in Indian film Industry is on the down track and therefore she immediately needed some push. Big Brother has down all this for her. She has not created demand for her in India but she also has attracted the British producer also. Soon we all could hope to see Shilpa in many new shows and films. We all could also hope to see many new things launch with the band name Shilpa, already Shipla Sunglasses are becoming hit.

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