How Foolish we humans are?

We humans are really foolish in many ways. We are just only a creature of blood, flesh and bones which can stop working any time due to a small problem in our system. Still we all hold so many egos and think that there is nothing which is going to happen to us. It takes only seconds to die for our body and removing our existence from the world. No human in this world have power to remain in this world for ever. Any person may be whatever strong has been removed from this world. Some people may have remained in our memories for long time or centuries but at some time every one disappears.

Therefore all this makes no fun to create only self centric world where we only think for our self and not for others. Why still we commit so many crimes to make our self happy? This world has only one principle that nothing can remain here forever; the history is the witness of many dead persons, countries, religions and species which are no more today. This is also going to be fate of all of us. No one can predict that what will be the fate of world after few centuries from now. Nature still holds a strong power than man and can destroy it any time. Those people, nations or religions who are satisfying their false egos by destroying others will also come to their last fate one day.

This world is made by the supreme power to help us in experiencing him through various means and to show us how weak we are and simultaneously how strong we are if we follow the path of right deeds. However very few individuals are able to accept this hard fact and they only remain busy in creating difficulties for the other creatures. One of the major reason behind people not accepting this simple principle is that they see themselves through the eyes of religions, castes, nations and egos. Present human is lucky enough to have so many resources available with him for understanding this simple concept. Today we can easily go beyond our limits and explore new things which can show new realities to us.
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