Review movie- Black Friday

Black Friday is a movie made on the deadliest 1993 Mumbai blasts in which more than 5000 people died. This incidence is remembered in India as the black Friday because on this day humanity totally died in Mumbai City. Many innocent men, women and children just died for none of their fault. At least 400-500 bodies were totally converted in to small pieces making it difficult to identify them.

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This incidence shocked the whole nation and put a question on the security in India. No one is the Mumbai had ever thought about this kind of brutal incidence. The amazing point about these blasts was that this was a well planned work of the terrorists with help from the ISI of Pakistan. This movie “Black Friday” put in front of us many of these facts. This is overall good movie and it successfully touches may factors associated with blasts.

This movie is a great try to see the inside the factors associated with blast and also try to give some answers like why and how this whole incidence happened. It is really a hard topic to make film and therefore in all these odds this is a great work by the director. This film has tried to touch many of the sensitive issues and also raised voice about the human rights violations by the Mumbai Police. Around 200 people are charge sheeted by the police in this whole incidence.

This is a good watch movie for understanding the motives behinds the Mumbai Blasts and how hatred between the two communities is causing so many troubles. Muslims needed to treat well in India. It is not right to blame all the Muslims for terrorist acts happening in India. We need to provide a good living atmosphere to all the people in India and it must include all the minorities. It is better to learn from the episodes of the Mumbai blasts and avoid any such kind of incidences in the future.

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