Review-Railway Budget-2007 (a good and forward looking budget)

Lalu Prasad Yadav has again proved this that he is the best railway minister so far. Indian Railway has seen many first things in his tenure. Today Railway minister Lalu Prasad Yadav presented the Railway Budget for 2007 in Lok Sabha. According to the Rail Budget, Indian Railway registered a profit of Rs 20000 crores against the last year profit of around Rs 15000 crores.

This is really a good performance by the Indian Railway in any means. With this budget Lalu Yadav again proved his excellent administrative capacities. With this we all can hope that Indian railway is going in right direction. This is really a big achievement by the Indian railway because Indian railway is still running many non profit routes and fares are still less as compared to other means of transport.

The other advantage which Indian Railway is seeing in the leadership of Lalu Yadav is that Indian Railway is going for a major modernization. Garib Raths are already a reality for the Indian Railway and we can see more 8 Garib Raths in next year, except Garib Raths 32 other new trains will be also started. E-ticketing is already a reality in India and this budget has again helped it by reducing the e-ticketing charges.

Soon we can get Railway ticket at the ATM machines or petrol pumps. More over Railway ministry is also planning to open around 6000 automatic ticketing mechanizes from where people can easily get tickets without standing in rows. The other unique point of this budget is that Railway has announced 139 as unique railway enquiry telephone number though out India.

Railway has also plan for updating present railway stations and increasing the security measures by putting CCTV cameras. Now from next year passenger traveling through the ordinary class will have cushion seats instead of wooden ones. The other advantage of this budget is that Railway has also reduced the fares across all the classes.

The reduction in fare ranges from 2 to 8%. 20% reduction is also given on the super fast surcharge, now it will be Rs 8 from Rs 10. Not only the passengers are given benefits but some benefits are also offered to the freight class. Overall this is a forward looking and matured Rail budget which has something for everyone. All this will be a great thing if we see a similar budget next years also.

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