Advantage of Globalisation

Money plays a vital role in fulfilling our requirements in today world. We need money to purchase lot of things. Some things come in our budget and some are out of it. We all know these facts. However the desires for getting every possible thing remain inside us. There are certain things which are associated with the class. A product range which is made for some few lucky people. These are ordinary thing presented in a unique way, like a watch with gold body or a mobile with diamonds pasted to it. Now the question arises that whether we require increasing the level of others or making these things more affordable to others.

These unique things remain associated to very small group of people. Most of the people in this world are not able to take the pleasure of having them. They die with the desire to have them. An example of telephone in India can give us some light in this direction. In India up to 1990 having a telephone connection is a distinct dream for many. People those who have telephone are treated in different way. In that time telephone was associated with status symbol. To get a telephone connection is hard job. You may have to wait up to three to five years for getting the telephone connection. In Late 90’s comes the mobile phone. Now mobile has replaced the position of status symbol form telephone.

In the last five years status symbol of mobile has also been challenged. Decreasing prices of mobiles and calls have made it the thing of everybody use. With the competition there are now present lots of plans which are even affordable to a common man. In India mobile has penetrated deeply inside it. This change is possible only because of increasing competition and Indian governments opening up of its markets for world. In this way a commodity of the use of few has become the requirement of many. Moreover all this is possible without any change in income level of people. Only the service has become more affordable to many. Hopefully more things will go in this direction and become available to masses.

Alone side of Life

It may be the life of a rich, a poor, a successful or an unsuccessful, there is always an alone side in every bodies life. This is the part of life of a man where he was alone and cannot share this fear with anybody, the fear of unknown. We may reach at any success or earn lot of money still we are not completely fulfilled. Inside a fear, an alone side is making us restless. With the time we are losing our grace, our body, our maturity, and our dear ones and finally the fear of losing us for ever follows us. In the alone side part of our life we are totally alone, we can not share this fear with anybody or nor any body can give us the answer of this question.

People usually fill the alone side of their life at different times and for different time limit. It depends upon the maturity level of one and circumstance of ones life. Some people remain so busy in their life that they do not have much time to thing about this. In happiness it is very difficult to think about this fact, however sorrows are more helpful in analyzing this fact. Moreover the people who are only concentrated about themselves are less likely to think about it. The people who also consider the difficulties of other consider this fact more seriously.

Alone side is a part of life which is totally mysterious. It is present in every body’s life still very less known this fact. Everybody feel it at certain time in his life still very few realize it. In this side for some time we are so helpless like a small child. We don’t know the directions in which we want to go. We want some one to help us in searching the way for coming out of it. More the people thing about it more suspicious they become about it. This alone side is the main reason in many people life’s for leaving their home, jobs, families or society. Many people leave every thing and become wanderers. Some say them saints and for some they are mad.

These people have thought about this alone side for very long and deeply. After the some time when they did not have any answer about this, they felt better to leave the world and search for answer. There fore alone side of ones life is still mysterious issue. Many mystics have come in this world; they all tried to give solutions to this problem. However the issue is still debatable. We will see the alone side haunting us for as long as no concrete solution is suggested for it.

Internal Politics at Work Place

Many times we see lot of people leaving their jobs because they found the work place politics affecting their life. Internal politics involving the people at work place are some times bad and avoidable. These politics not only affect the normal working of job, but also may some time cause people to quite their jobs. This results in lose of human resource of a company. To get the good people for working in the organization is a difficult task. However by ignoring the internal politics at work place can cost the companies dearly.

People usually want to be remaining in group; they do not like others to enter their group. This tendency sometimes made lot of subgroups in the office. For every group the agenda of their group is more important than what is required. They try to promote the people in their group more over the others. They sometimes also try to let down the people of other group. This creates inter group rivalries. One group try to hinder the work of other group, in this they even forget the goals of organization. Group rivalries are most common and can be seen in big offices where lot of people work. These group politics are one of reason for collapse of work due to the non corporation and are great cause of low performance.

Second politics is seen in individual basis. Many people try to be smart and play with the emotions of other. They are not associated to any other, still they are in all group. They pretend to be the friends of many, but actually they are with nobody. There main purpose is to achieve own results. They create misunderstanding between the people. They remove their enemy by creating a bad image for them in others eye. They never fight their enemies directly, but provoke others to take revenge for them. They try to make their enemy alone by creating misunderstanding with his friends. They make the person alone and then become friend of it. Now they know the secret about him and upon feasible time use them against him. In this way they are able to remove their enemy without fighting him directly. These kinds of politics are most dangerous and to know that some one is doing it against us is a difficult task. This kind of politics is main reason behind the many, who leave their jobs?

So we should be alert of politics on the work place and try to avoid indulging in them. Indulging in them may unnecessary cause use lot of difficulties and simultaneously should aware about the others politics about us.

Easy Money

Money always fascinates us and we are attracted towards it. Everybody wants it. There is lot struggles which are associated with earning money. We know with the experience of many that for earning handsome money, a good combination of luck and hard work is required. By a consistent approach toward some work can help us in achieving it. If we do hard work in some direction and get a good attention in it. Then, this attention also brings with it some good fortune for us. This may be in the term of money or brand image of us. There onwards it depends on us, how we increase or decrease this achievement.

A consistent hard work and good luck makes us more wealthy and successful. Therefore a success or money is nothing except a combination of hard work and good luck. However irrespective of knowing these facts we go on chasing the easy money. We want to achieve the thing in few minutes which are achieved by others in years. We believe in luck, but we totally forget the hard work. We make our self totally dependable on luck. Due to this attitude we some times land in lot of traps. We land up in lot of schemes which promise us to make enough money, without doing the enough work.

We forget here that the both hard work and luck are equally responsible for ones success, by the ignoring the one of them we can not think about becoming successful. We do not require being masters of every thing to become successful, however only a super mastery in one thing make us a great achiever. Therefore instead of moving here and there we are requiring to concentrate of one thing and achieve high degree of proficiency in it. If we go on doing work in this way, some day our achievements will make us different from rest of others.

Whenever anybody thing about that art, your name will be associated with that art. You will become the master, the guru of that art. This is the real success in all term and nobody can easily take this from you. Everything name, fame and money will come to you. In this stage you do not have to think about the money, you will grow above of these things. This is the real success, which can never we bring by any easy money. More easily we earn the easy money, more fast we lose it also. Secondly the most of easy money earning planes are short term gains and can leave us helpless after some. So we are require to extra conscious in choosing the kind of money, we want to earn.

Women are still inferior sex

Women are here from the time of evolution of mankind. God has created both man and women at the same time for betterment of world. Both man and women depend upon each other for further development of life. The circle of life will stop, if one of them disappears from earth. However the state of women is not more than an inferior sex in present world. Most of the present world is in the control of man. This is true to the whole world, even for the developed countries like America and UK. Even in these nations women are treated badly or miss behaved. If this is the state of women in developed countries then, what we can expect from the countries like India, Pakistan?

Though, women across world have seen overall improved in their standard of living, but still many things are required to be done. In education women have achieved good success; and their numbers in schools and colleges are either equal to men or more than them. This is an encouraging sign for all women. However the major concern is number of women occupying various top positions in jobs. The numbers of women at the top position are very less. There are only 17 women executive directors in 100 largest FTSE companies. Less than one seventh of members of EU parliament are women. Researchers believe that the women representation in corporate leader has remained stagnant for years together.

The main reason for women not continuing with the job or taking the higher positions may be that with the increase in the status of women they become less desirable. A man can love his secretary, but the chances of loving to his boss are very less. Therefore many women opt to sacrifice their carrier for their family or love life. This reason has made Norway’s parliament to pass rule that 40% of the directors on corporate boards should be women. In India it is even more difficult to find a qualified man to a highly qualified girl. There is a tendency in the mind of men that their wife should be less superior to them. The chance of a man marrying a woman more qualified to him is very less.

The other major problem faced by the women is their inferior sex image. They are treated as a creature; which need someone to save her, and give her shelter. Women may climb mountains but leadership qualities will always be attributed to men. This image sometimes plays major role in decreasing self confidence of women. Women may be most wonderful creature on earth, everybody may want to marry them and have sex with them, but nobody wants them as daughter especially in India. This becomes clear from recent data made available by the government of India which shows that in the age group of 0 to one year for every 1000 male children there are only 830 girls Childs in India. In some states it is even less than 800. Therefore we require a major change in thinking process of society regarding women.

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Getting Advice

Getting help from others is not a bad world. However many people in life try to avoid help from other. They can do the job wrong, but never ask someone for help. For them help is a bad world and against their values. They do not realize that by just asking or help, how much they can save the problem from becoming worst. The advices taken are may be of many types. Some are directly given to use or some are indirectly shown to us. Advice is a kind of thing which we can even get from a small child.

There is nothing bad in taking advice. Advices can save us from going on the wrong direction and wasting our time. Therefore we should always remain open to them. In life it is not possible to face all the problems and then get the solutions. Going without preparation to face a problem can cost us dearly because we do not get second chance to face lot of problems. Therefore it is advisable to take advice from other and become prepared to face them.

Advices can be taken from anybody a friend, an elder or consular. It does not matter from whom we are getting the advice, but depends is it any help to us. Sometime in life even small child can tell us a valuable advice. We should not fell shame in getting help from others and should be open for all the sources which are useful. Others have passed their whole life in doing the same mistakes. Their mistakes can work as guide for us. More over it is not important that we are getting the solution or not. However only by sharing the problem can sometimes tiger the right response and provide us time to think with different angle.

This is also the experience of my life. Due to help of many of my friends I am able to solve lot of my problems and take the right decisions. We should not treat the others life as wastage, but try to use it as a book of experiences. This can really help us and can improve the quality of our life. Most of the times, others will also fell happy to tell their experiences to us.

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My Cat goes to see her man

Ten years back I had cat. It was a brown and white cat. I got her by accident. One day I was cleaning my store. There a found some small brown thing. This was my first in hand experience with a cat. I have seen many cat early, but never touched or have my own. However cats always fascinate me. So I put her on my hand. She was weak and looked hungry. I took her and feed her milk with my finger. It was a difficult task; however I was able to it well. With in two days the situation of cat improved and now she was able to walk on her feet. Slowly-2 she became the member of our family and favorite of our mother. She became so important that she had equal part in all the eatable items.

We enjoy playing with her. She remained inside the home for most of time. In this one and half year passes. She was now a grown up cat. After few days we realized that lusy did not returned to home. For three days remained outside the home. One day she came, but she was not alone a big fat cat was also with her. Cat was behaving as he was the owner of lusy. He starts showing anger when ever try to touch or carry lusy. They both eaten the food and again disappeared. Again for few days there was no sign of lusy. But after few days lusy came back, this time she was alone. The big fat cat was not with her this time. Now she again started remaining inside the home most of time.

After few days we realized that lusy stomach had started expanding. She was pregnant. With in few days she gave birth to three small cats. Two of them were brown and one was black. One was female and other was males. Out of them the condition of one male was not well. His stomach was some extra large. With in two days his condition starts worsening and he dies. The remaining two are in healthy state. The male cat that was black, we started calling him kalu and the brown female we started calling her lezerd. Kalu was a very active and fast cat; therefore he became favorite cat of my father. Now the small single cat expanded to three cats. They all started living with us.

However kalu remain out of home for most of time. Kalu remain for eight months with us and then after disappeared for ever. The lezerd lived for three years and also give birth to two small cats. However her end was very bad, her stomach was torn apart by the dogs. In the mean time lusy remain with us, but she now became a wondering cat and starts disappearing for days. Few years after we changed our home and shifted to new home. Lusy remained in the old home. For one year we got information about her, but after that she also got disappeared. This is small part of story of one of only and remember able cat.


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My First Love My Teacher

I remember those days when I was in six standards. This is very tender age in all angles and a child is not much grown emotionally at this stage. Same was true for me at that age. I was not very clear about love and sex. I had never experienced love for any girl. All the girls in my class were same for me as boys. There was no restriction on sitting with them. We play with them and some time even touches them also. However never any feeling of love or sex came in my mind.

Every thing was going smoothly, one day a beautiful English teacher came to our class. She was our new English teacher. This was her first assignment. She had recently passed her masters in English. She was approximately 22-23 years old. Her body is average type. She was a clear example of how a beautiful and adult woman should be. Her every body part is in mature state. This was my first experience of seeing a so beautiful woman. I could clearly see a huge difference between her and the girls of my class.

She started taking our class. I first time in my life had seen some kind of attraction for a girl. A strange feeling started taking over me. Whenever I seen her then I likes to see her even more. Dreams of her started coming in to my mind. I started attending her class and doing work given by her more seriously. I wanted to come in her favorite’s lists. I felt bad when some one talks to her. Day by day my madness for her started growing. I wanted to be remaining more and more with her.

I started dreaming marrying of her. These were my true feeling first time for some one and some kind sexual attraction was also present in it. I had first time realized the difference between a man and woman. I wanted to touch her and sleep with her. I wanted that she should take over all of my responsibilities. She made food for me, wash my cloths and remain with me for ever. These are unknown feelings which had gripped me. I had never encountered them before.

One day came when she gave us a test and told us that she would give surprise gift to the topper. I don’t want to lose this opportunity. I worked very hard for the test and stood first in it. Will announcing the numbers see came near to me and kissed on my face. For some minutes I was in sky. For me this was like winning a big battle. With this my feeling for her becomes stronger. Feeling of her lips on my face was making me mad. I started wanting to kiss her also.

One month before our exams news came that my favorite teacher is going to married this week and see would now never come again to school. I felt like that some one had taken ground away from my feet. My dreams were looked shattered to me. I felt very bad about the guy who was going to marry my teacher. First time a desire to grow early and propose her arises in me. However with the passage of days everything starts coming into normal. Again I became a normal child. But defiantly she was able to teach me the difference between a woman and girl.

Islamic terrorism

Recent years we have seen the religion of peace Islam becoming a terrorist growing ground. Many terrorist associations have come who are Islamic in nature. The main concern is they are using the Islam as weapon. They are using the Islam for fighting their battle. Every one who is non Islamic is their enemy. They have cleared their attention by destroying the world trade towers and killing of innocents. They are responsible for thousand of bomb blast around the world. Recent bomb blast at a hotel in Jordon and three serial bomb blasts at New Delhi are few of them.

The concern behind this terrorism is that this is highly religious in nature. Terrorist have penetrated deep into religion. Mosques are being used as message spreading grounds. Moreover education is not able to do any role in solving this problem. Few days back Delhi police arrested Mr. Tariq Dar a Johnson & Johnson sales representative from Srinagar(J&K). Tariq is a highly educated person. He is doing a good job. He has won lot of medals and certificates in his life. Despite that he was involve in the killing plot which has killed more than 60 innocent people.

He was the main person who plotted the whole blasts with the help of four more. Just few days before the blast Rs 4.86 lakhs deposited in his bank account from a Middle-East country. In this terrorism not only the educated people are involved, but they also have network spread in my nations. Not only the man but the women are also involved in it. The confession of a failed suicide woman bomber of Jordon blast uncovers the one more face of terror. In this war of terror everybody is involved an educated person, a woman, and even a child.

Therefore this terror has taken a very serious face. Neither education nor information is able to solve this problem. These terrorists are so cruel that they are not afraid killing a kid, a woman or an old. No religion in this world told to do this and same is true for Islam. If this madness is not solved early then God knows how many more life’s will taken by this cold blooded terrorists The problem of Islamic terror has become very complex and it will become further complex if not taken care early.

Comparison is a greatest disease

Comparison is one of greatest diseases in this world and we are taught to do it from our birth. From our birth our parents start comparing us with other children. Simultaneously, our teachers, coaches and other known one’s compare us with other children. From the beginning we are being told to compare our self with others. This is a greatest disease, because everybody is born unique and comparison is not possible. I am just myself and you are yourself, there is no comparison possible. There is nobody in the universe with whom you can be compared. Each man is unique like uniqueness of each DNA and atom. Everybody is born here for the first time and there never existed any individual like you before. Therefore no comparison is possible and comparison only brings trouble.

If someone fall victim to this disease of comparison then he will become either very egoistic or very bitter. It all depends upon on whom you compare yourself with. If you compare yourself with people who are successful than you, highly placed than you, greater in wealth than you, you will become bitter. You will become a complaint against the existence and an anger will enter in to your mind that why you are not more success or wealthy than others? You will start asking questions like why I am not like others? Why I am not physically strong? Why I am not beautiful? Why I am not intelligent? Why I am not this or that? and thousands of other questions. If we go on doing this then we will become very bitter. Our life will become poisoned by comparison. We will always remain in state of depression and behave as life has betrayed us.

On the other hand if we compare our self with people who are in some way lesser than us, then we will become very egoistic. That is the reason why rich people collect lot of poor people around them. This gives them opportunity to feel big and rich. Ordinary people look at the success of rich, their houses, their achievements and therefore feel bitter about the existence. They start looking to God as, it has betrayed them and how they can be thankful to him? Therefore without thankfulness there is no prayer and without prayer there is no religion.

But a person who understands the uniqueness of everybody feels immense gratitude in whatsoever universe has given to him. If we do not compare then we are neither bigger nor smaller, neither ugly nor beautiful, neither intelligent nor stupid. And if we do not compare then we are simply what god has created us? In this state, people can experience great gratitude towards existence.

You are unique

How much time do you waste in comparing yourself with others? Answer to this question is most of time. This is the story of many like you, because you are taught to do this. From the childhood conditioning starts. Parent would like the child to just like them, their carbon copies. They want their child to follow their philosophy, their religion, their ideology; their race and everything belong to them. They want to make the child their vehicle in fulfilling this purpose.

They try to enforce their ambitions on the child and therefore they does not allow child to be him. It is like that a lily flower is told to become like a rose. But they do not know that a rose can not become a lily. From the out side he may pretend to be rose, however inside he is lily. Due to this he will neither be able to become lily nor rose. This creates a real problem for him. The person for the whole remains searching for his true self.

In his state if he tries to fulfill the ambitions of family or society and if he falls short of it then he feels guilty of it. This makes him tense, anxiety ridden and full of anguish. The same energy which he might have used in some creative work is wasted in this anger and anguish. Meditation can help her because meditation simply means undoing what society has done to you. With the help of meditation we can restart our new life.

The mean problem with person is that he does not know himself and tries to be like some thing else. Dropping all goals, dropping all desires, dropping all ambitions can do this. We are requiring being natural. But we are living in bondage, because everybody who brought you up wanted to have mastery over you. And as children we are most helpless and exploited beings. When the child is so helpless he has to accept whatsoever conditions some one puts on him. Just to survive. Putting off all these conditioning can work as second birth to us.

How to become a successful writer

If you want to become a successful writer then you require following certain techniques and skills. You may ask me question that you are just writing for fun. The question is not that for which purpose you are writing. The purposes may be many. Some want to write for fun, some for expressing them self and some for money. The purpose of our writing may be any. However the main thing is whether we are able to express our self well or not. This is very important for a writer that he is able to express his views to the readers. Therefore for becoming well expressed writer, we are requiring to sharpen our skills regularly.

Here in this article I am sharing exercises which are highly helpful to new writers. First before writing we should have clear in our mind that editor has no interest who we are (unless we become a successful writer). His only concern is with the standard of work he is reading. For achieving this standard you are require to work on writing with the same seriousness and commitment that you are putting in other job. The first in developing your writing technique is cultivating a board outlook about the world. This can be done by reading widely, by observing the world and by analyzing the attitudes and opinions of the people we meet in daily life.

The next step is to realize the importance of an expert. It is difficult to reach the true potential without the help of an expert. For some it may be hard to get the experts help. For them I suggest submitting their writing to the article sites. They will let you know lot of your mistakes. These sites are easy to search and easily available, however I highly recommend The next thing is choosing the subject for writing. Initially it is not advisable to write in one field alone. Until we try our hand in variety of different type writings, we can never learn our true potential. Therefore you should not restrict our self.

The other very important thing is enjoyment. You should enjoy your writing. It should be a fun to you. You should look up on your writing as a new field to conquer. I am writing some guidelines which would definitely help you.
1) Try sharpen your skill of observation
2) Look at the experiences and events in your life and think how you can express them.
3) Try to put your thoughts in to small writings.
4) Expand your reading. When you see a passage which you think is not well expressed, think how you can improve it.
5) Have a professional attitude to your writing.
6) The only way to learn to write is by writing.

The mistakes I did in my life

I want to share with you the mistakes I have done in my life. Life provides opportunities to everybody and it is up to him or her how they use them. Some opportunities are very rare and they come only once in our life. If we fail to cash these opportunities at this stage, then we are losing a big deal. These opportunities can play vital role in the success of individuals. Like two student got the opportunity to appear for an entrance exam. One of them takes the advantage of it and prepare hardly for it. Where as the other student does not realize and does not prepare for it. The student who has prepared got success and become successful person. Where as the second friend remain unsuccessful. Now he cannot blame anybody for it. He has also got the opportunity like his friend. The only difference is the effort done by both.

Like this many same situations come in our life. If we use them properly we can change our fate and become successful. The difficulty in this is that we don’t know the right option or we are not in mental state to take these decisions. One option is that we take one decision and wait to see it is right or wrong. This is a risky thing and some loses are like which we can not afford. Therefore it is better to learn from the mistakes of others and rather doing them self. I am here sharing some of mistakes which I have done and they have cost me dearly. First the mistake which I have done repeatedly was that I was not constant with one thing. I start more then one jobs at a time and I want to achieve multiple jobs at a single shot. This caused me losing lot of energy in wastage. Due to over burden I am not able to do a single job efficiently.

And it reflects in the results. Most of the chase I have to face the unsuccessful. Where as, if I have concentrated on a single job. Then I must be successful in it. Some time in life we over estimate our self and wants to achieve my jobs in single go. This is not a good strategy and some times we may have to lose the whole game. Therefore it is highly advisable to work with concentration and after judging our potentials. Second mistake which I have done is not working or doing the job consistently. Doing our jobs consistently can play a major role in our success. It is better to do small-2 jobs daily rather doing the whole job on last day. Doing the job daily relieves lot of pressure from us and chances of error are less in it. Where as doing the job on last day increases the pressure on us and increases the chances of error. These two things may look simple, but can play huge difference in our success if implemented properly.

Management Thoughts- Leadership

Leadership is one of basic qualities required for management. It is clear from the list of successful people in various fields that they are all strong in leadership skills. Not only in Management; however, leaders are sought in every walk of life. Leaders are the dynamic people, who are the first to take risks and show others the right path to follow. Mahatma Ghandi and Jawahar Lal Nehru are clear examples of true leaders. Even today People remain mad to follow their teachings. The real success of a leader is that his actions are never questioned by anybody. During any difficulty, people run to him for help. Leader not only shows the path, but also gives example by doing it themselves.

Therefore, lot of emphasis is given on leadership, while training a manager. It is one of the major qualities, which is desired from all job seekers. Now here the question arises that is it easy to get real idea of candidate’s leadership qualities? To get a clear idea of person’s leadership qualities, we can conduct group discussion, case study exercise and interview.

Some qualities of a Leader-

1) Leadership is a kind of quality which emerges strongly with difficulties.
2) A leader is person who is more control of himself in difficulties, unlike the common man.
3) We will find no sign of worry on his face in difficulties.
4) His mind has the power to take the right decision in complex situations.

The other main problem is that how we can understand Leadership. This quality is highly misunderstood or we can say highly exploited. We find many wordy leaders these days who spoke much while do very less. When we listen to them then they can give us hundred of examples about leadership; however in practical life, they have no solution even for small problems. They usually avoid any direct contact with difficult situations and assign their juniors to solve problems. Many people got promoted for their individual performance; however, when it comes to getting work done from others then they fail because these managers lack in basic leadership qualities. Here they either take the shelter of threat or give false examples.

Toady industry is going from a very hard face. Things have become very competitive. Here we require strong leaders to deliver the result. This job cannot be done by an ordinary person. This is clear from the example of successful companies recently. There success can be attributed to the leaders working behinds them. Most of the time these leaders have made it a one man show. They are single handedly able to create huge differences in the industry. They are so dynamic in their leadership that people like to follow them. They are even remembered after their retirement. Leaders have not only achieved their own dreams, but they have helped millions of others in fulfilling their dreams.

Leaders are remembered not only for their achievements alone, but by their positive contributions to other’s lives. Leadership is never been a way to fulfill one’s dreams. A real leader is never bothered about his fate and achievement. His life is dedicated to the cause of others. Therefore by becoming a real leader we can not only achieve heights in life, but also can help others. 

Frustrations- A social malice

Seven out of ten people are affected by it and three out of these seven are severely affected. Frustration is increasing like a disease in today society. Even a small school going child is frustrated these days and as the life passes people become more and more frustrated. Frustration is a bad word because it affects our life in big way. It decreases the quality of our life. It can stop the thinking process of a person and increasing the chances of taking wrong decisions by him. In today world where we are living is highly competitive and a person is supposed to achieve many things in life. If he is not able to achieve some of these goals then it causes frustration in him.

Moreover the self comparison and comparison by the others increases the frustration. Some people are average in every aspect, but they are highly ambitious or the expectations from them are very high. They try their hard to achieve these goals, but fail. Actually it is not fair to expect from them to out perform, because they are average. Their power to grasp the things is average and they require extra help to achieve these goals. However no concern is shown to these issues. When the result comes and they fail and then they are treated to misbehavior. This increases their frustrations level, because they can not revolt at this stage.

Second this world is not an equal playing field. Some people are born with silver spoon in their mouth and other’s has to fight for basic things in life. Therefore a person without quality can become a CEO of the company and a person with quality has to satisfy with the small job. Moreover in some countries exists a huge infrastructure difference in infrastructure and education. In big cities there is every facility and where as in remote even basic things are missing. Third the corruption plays a big role in increasing the frustration. Many people are promoted to big posts or given admission to big colleges due influence or after taking money.

These all things lead to our frustration some way. These are big social problems which are required to treat before we can do anything to frustration. If we don’t try to do anything to remove all these social injustices then we will see lot of revolts by people against the society. These things are very common in today world like killing of students by a teenager and a police officer becoming women and marrying to god. Problem is not the life of some people affected by it, but how others also get affected due to coming in influence of these frustrated people. Frustration can also cause some basic mental problems. It can make peoples human bombs which could explode any time.

The risk of resentment

If you are an average adult then often you have turned your back from your partner or moved into corner. This feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill well is called resentment. This resentment is breaking many relationships in today generation. The Psychiatrists are of the view that resentment can actually bring an end to happy relation. A person can be resentful of many reasons like break of trust by him/her or spending less time with the partner and more with others or not giving enough emotional support. If you feel let down it can make you bitter.

Resentment is a suppressed anger, which nobody wants to talk about. And this is the most dangerous part, by not vocalizing our resentment; most of us get submerged in a quagmire of ill feeling and grudge, which is detrimental for our relation. Unspoken malice is the key to a break up. According to experts, feelings of resentment are triggered early in relation; while most of the married couple believes that daily arguments make them resentful. The other reason for resentment is that the one of the partner fails to fulfill the expectation of others.

To avoid resentment in relation it is advised that a constant talk is required between the partners. To resolve the resentment experts have advices some was to be followed.
1) Express what is or has been bothering you and discuss how both of you can improve the situation.
2) If you have difficulty in verbalizing it, write it as a note to your partner.
3) Think about the cost of holding on your resentment. It is unhealthy to be consumed by resentment and not able to take emotional decisions.
4) Try to see the problem from your partner’s angle.

Three ways to make a Woman feel Special –III

Success of my previous two articles has encouraged me to write the third part of it. Women are the integral part of family. They play a big role in every individual’s life. It is very difficult to live life without them. There will be hardly any person in this world, which has never come in contact with a woman. Our relationship with women starts even before our birth. She grows us in her body and share her everything with us. Even after our birth, she is the one who take care of us most. Not only in the role of mother, she is present in many roles in our life. She is our friend, wife, sister, granny and aunt. These are some of the relations which we have with women. In the today world there are many roles in which we come in contact with women. And if we are more matured in our relations with women then our chances of our successful relations with them are more.

This art can play a big role in ones success. There are many examples in which successful people have given all credit of their success to their wives. Today is highly competitive and we can not afford to loss our attention in home fights. More over a coordinated life at home make us more active at work and also some times help us to relieve our tensions.

1) Let’s start with the first rule. It is giving her a surprise party. Yes this can work and a good way to show your importance to her. This way provides the opportunity to show that you have time for her and she is important for you. Surprises are always liked by everyone; the only thing which is difficult is giving them. Put yourself in this position and then analyze the situation. You will also like if some give you surprise party on your birthday. This rule provides a huge opportunity unless we try to use it. You can make it more interesting by changing the events and places.
2) Second thing is very simple; give her true praise where she deserves. A woman do lot of house old activities for use. She cooks for us, wash our cloths and take care of our necessary things. She makes our life more livable. It is difficult without her to manage us our life. Her job involves lot of repetitive tasks. If she doesn’t get the required attention, she starts losing her interest in activities. This makes her angry and irritable. Therefore we are required to praise her for her work, like praising her for her food sometimes can do this job. This is a good activity and she really deserves it.
3) Third is some modern, help her realize her hidden dreams. In life a woman take lot of dreams, but her many dreams are not fulfilled. She has to sacrifice her lot of dreams for her family or husband. She has to give more attention to her husband, her children and family. In this she sacrifices her many dreams. Many dreams she sacrifices are achievable. We are requiring helping her in fulfilling her lost dreams. This will provide a new purpose to her life. She will be happier. This can be good gift for her and God knows a rare potential comes in world through this way.

Great Expectations- An extraordinary Movie

This Tuesday I was fortunate enough to watch movie “Great Expectations”. It was one of best Hollywood movies which I have ever seen. This movie shows the great art of work. Every character in it has worked to its peak. Every actor has absorbed himself so beautifully with the characters of movie that everything looks so real that it is happening to them. Everything is wonderful its acting, direction, screen play and story. Emotions are also displayed with great skills. These all features make this movie a great work. Very few movies are able to achieve this.

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This movie is not a work of single person, but it is well coordinated work of many. Every person associated with the movie has done justice to his job. Every character in this movie looks competing with the each other. Even the child artists are extremely extraordinary. Their work gives a solid fight to adult actors. The fountain kiss seen done in the movie is a master piece. Everybody would like to do it in its life. Second the story is presented in so beautiful way through acting that one can understand the whole story even without listening to any word.

Third film story and acting are able to display people’s expectations very well. We can see how expectation plays an important role in our life. How we expect something and reverse of it happens. How we expect the other persons to behave and how they behave. How we expect our life to go in some way and how it changes the way. How new surprises come to us, which we have never expected. This movie is a great play of expectations. If someone wants to understand expectation then he must watch this movie. He or she wills definitely benefits from it. I have no personal interest in promoting this movie. However I feel that it is a master piece, which everyone should watch. Second this movie provides a great learning for everybody.

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Do We have commitment level?

Every body has some commitment level. Many times in life we are judged by this only. Toady world is highly competitive. In work our successes are inter linked. On some one else commitment, we give commitment further and on the behalf of our commitment, some one else gives commitment. In this way chain of commitment is formed. Every part of the chain are inter depended. If one part of the chain doesn’t fulfill its commitment then whole chain fails. Therefore it is necessary that everybody should fulfill its commitment. Like the parts of chain, we are doing some work for our company. On the behalf of our commitment, our boss gives further commitment and his boss further. This way the sequence continues. In the whole organization’s commitment towards the desired goal, we all have ours commitments in it. An organization can not progress until the commitment level of every individual is not high. Therefore if we commit some thing, then we should try our best to fulfill it. Your commitment is going to affect the other’s commitment also. The companies which have number of people with high commitment level are highly successful. This is not only true for company, but it is also true for us also. If we have high commitment level, then everybody will respect our worlds. This is a kind of talent, which is not often taken seriously by many. This is unique talent in many ways, as it can cover up over lot of shortcomings. We may not be able to speak well and may not be smart. However if we have high commitment level, then people will forget our weakness.This is very really seen that a person with high commitment level fails. Most of the people who succeed in exams, jobs and in life are those who have high commitment level towards these things respectively. It is good to see dreams. However more important is their achievement. This can be possible, if we have strong commitment towards it. Commitment level is not only measured by our commitments to others, but also by our commitment to our self. We can never have high commitment level towards others, unless we dosnot have high commitment level for our self.If we fulfill our commitments towards self then amazingly our commitment level towards other well increases. Some of us may complain that in this competitive world it is difficult to fulfill all commitment. They are right, in single go it is not possible to raise ones commitment level. We are requiring going step by step. Start with few easy ones and then building on them. But the most important is our commitment towards us. If we can only take care of this, then the rest will be automatically taken care of.

Meeting Expectations of Others

There are certain things in life which create lots of burden on us. These are expectations of others from us. Everybody has some kind of expectation from us. Our family has certain expectations from us and our boss has some other expectations. Our neighbours have some, while our society has some other. Expectation is not a bad word. We all have some expectation from others in this world. This world is moving forward in this way. These expectations are only good up to the time when they are under certain limits.

How ever, due to busy schedules of life, it is becoming difficult for us to meet other’s expectation. Expectations are so large from us, that it is not possible for us to fulfil them; we can meet some of them but rest expectations we have to leave as such. Therefore, people whom expectations we fulfil remain happy with us and other people whom expectations we fail in meeting remain angry with us. Situations go on becoming worse with time as expectations of others from us increase day by day.

Now, we are living in a society where expectations from others are very large. Everybody wants from others to fulfil their dreams. They do not want to do them self anything to fulfil these things. Many such people also expect in this world who them self cannot do anything for others or earlier have done anything for others. Many times some situations come in our life where we are over burdened by these expectations of others. We usually have so many expectations to fulfil that we have to choose some and leave others.

Like, we have to choose between the expectation of our family from us to come back home early and spend time with them or the expectation of our boss to work till late hours. If we choose first option then we will make our boss angry and if we choose the second one then we will make our family angry. In both these options we are losing something. This is an example of only two options, there are many cases where multiple options are present and we have to choose one among them.

Only problem with these expectations is that they unnecessary make us tense. Multiple chooses often create lot of difficult situations in front of us. We increase our fears by imagining outcomes like not meeting these expectations. Other problem with these expectations is that they take our life from us. We are so much over burdened by expectations of others that we forget living our own life. In childhood we are burdened by the expectation of teachers, parents and friends. In adulthood we are burdened by the expectation of professors, competition, girlfriend and parents again. At thirties-forties, we are burdened by the expectations of our children, wife and boss. Above fifties we are burdened the expectations of society, grandsons and friends.

We live our most of life in fulfilling expectations of others and even we some time got depressed when we think about not fulfilling some of these expectations. Expectation is not a bad world, but it is required to be in some limit. We should look at our life before fulfilling others expectations. We also require to give some time to our self and not only meeting others expectations.

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Why I do not understand some people

Why I do not understand some people
Life is a mysterious journey. We start from an innocent small child. We come to world as completely innocent beings. We learn every thing here. Our life journey is like an institution. From where which we learn every things. This institution includes our whole life. It includes our life in schools, in colleges and in our professions. Many times it looks that we have learned lot of things. However when the time to apply this knowledge comes, we feel like fool to others. What we have learned is not enough to deal with others. The people we are dealing are stronger than us. They are very smart in handling the situations and making others fool.

That’s why we see everyday lot people becoming pray to other. Most of the people who become pray are those, who thought them as the smartest people on earth. The people who make them fool are looked like ordinary beings. By seeing them nobody can say them that they can make anybody fool. Every body’s life is full of these types of examples. Many times we are made fool by people, whom we thought as not capable of doing this. We see huge change in their behavior. They are totally different from the people whom we met first and trusted. They are some one different, whom we are not able to see initially.

Here the question comes in our mind is what has gone wrong. Why we are not able to understand these people? To give the answer to this question is not easy. This depends on the experiences in life and what we have learned. Our life depends on this gained knowledge. What this knowledge told us to believe, we believe that only. Every thing that is different to it doesn’t look right to us. We make our guidelines for life depending on this knowledge. What we are not able to see is that knowledge is endless. No body in this world can possess the whole knowledge of world. Our whole life is journey of knowledge.

Here irrespective of our ages, we learn lot of new things. Some people stop learning this knowledge after some age. Which make them easy pray to more smart people? Second reason is everybody grows in different atmosphere. Therefore some people got very challenging and tough situation initially. Which make them more stronger emotional then others. This type of people some times use their knowledge to make fool of others. In this situation a twenty year old boy may be stronger and intelligent emotionally than a sixty year old man.

Third is the difference of generation and technology advancement. The technology advancement has made many things accessible to lot of people. We can learn and get lot of experiences by using this technology. We can learn experience even we may not have experienced them selves. Like watching a good roman ting movie may make us stronger in love affairs. Also the experience of friends and relative guides us to behave in some particular manner. We behave in way which is acceptable to other, however inside our attentions are different. We behave in this way up to time we feel forced to do so and we change our behavior when the conditions change.
These are some of the reason why we are not able to understand the behaviors of others.
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