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Advantage of Globalisation

Money plays a vital role in fulfilling our requirements in today world. We need money to purchase lot of things. Some things come in our budget and some are out of it. We all know these facts. However the desires for getting every possible thing remain inside us. There are certain things which are associated with the class. A product range which is made for some few lucky people. These are ordinary thing presented in a unique way, like a watch with gold body or a mobile with diamonds pasted to it. Now the question arises that whether we require increasing the level of others or making these things more affordable to others. These unique things remain associated to very small group of people. Most of the people in this world are not able to take the pleasure of having them. They die with the desire to have them. An example of telephone in India can give us some light in this direction. In India up to 1990 having a telephone connection is a distinct dream for many. People those who have

Alone side of Life

It may be the life of a rich, poor, successful or unsuccessful, there is always an alone side in every person's life. This is the part of the life of a man where he was alone and cannot share this fear with anybody, the fear of unknown. We may reach any success or earn a lot of money still we are not completely fulfilled. Inside a fear, an alone side is making us restless. With the time we are losing our grace, our body, our maturity, and our dear ones and finally, the fear of losing oneself forever follows us. In the alone side part of our life, we are totally alone, we can not share this fear with anybody or nor anybody can give us the answer to this question. People usually fill the alone side of their life at different times and for different time limits. It depends upon the maturity level of one and circumstance of one's life. Some people remain so busy in their life that they do not have much time to think about this. In happiness it is very difficult to think about thi

Internal Politics at Work Place

Many times we see lot of people leaving their jobs because they found the work place politics affecting their life. Internal politics involving the people at work place are some times bad and avoidable. These politics not only affect the normal working of job, but also may some time cause people to quite their jobs. This results in lose of human resource of a company. To get the good people for working in the organization is a difficult task. However by ignoring the internal politics at work place can cost the companies dearly. People usually want to be remaining in group; they do not like others to enter their group. This tendency sometimes made lot of subgroups in the office. For every group the agenda of their group is more important than what is required. They try to promote the people in their group more over the others. They sometimes also try to let down the people of other group. This creates inter group rivalries. One group try to hinder the work of other group, in this they e

Easy Money

Money always fascinates us and we are attracted to it. Everybody wants it. There are many struggles that are associated with earning money. We know with the experience of many that for earning handsome money, a combination of luck and hard work is required. By a consistent approach toward the same work can help us in achieving it. If we keep on doing the hard work in the same direction then, it brings with it some good fortune for us. This may be in the term of money or increase in our brand image. There onwards it depends on us, how we increase or decrease this achievement. Consistent hard work and good luck makes us more wealthy and successful. Therefore success or money is nothing except a combination of hard work and good luck. However irrespective of knowing these facts we go on chasing the easy money. We want to achieve the thing in a few minutes which is achieved by others in years. We believe in luck, but we totally forget the hard work. We make ourselves totally dependable o

Women are still inferior sex

Women are here from the time of evolution of mankind. God has created both man and women at the same time for the betterment of the world. Both man and women depend upon each other for further development of life. The circle of life will stop if one of them disappears from the earth. However, the state of women is not more than inferior sex in the present world. Most of the present world is in the control of man. This is true to the whole world, even for the developed countries like America and UK women are treated badly or miss behaved. If this is the state of women in developed countries then, what we can expect from countries like India, Pakistan? Though women across the world have seen overall improved in their standard of living, still many things are required to be done. In education, women have achieved good success, and their numbers in schools and colleges are either equal to men or more than them. This is an encouraging sign for all women. However, the major concern is th A new way to earn money by blogging

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Getting Advice

Getting help from others is not a bad world. However many people in life try to avoid help from other. They can do the job wrong, but never ask someone for help. For them help is a bad world and against their values. They do not realize that by just asking or help, how much they can save the problem from becoming worst. The advices taken are may be of many types. Some are directly given to use or some are indirectly shown to us. Advice is a kind of thing which we can even get from a small child. There is nothing bad in taking advice. Advices can save us from going on the wrong direction and wasting our time. Therefore we should always remain open to them. In life it is not possible to face all the problems and then get the solutions. Going without preparation to face a problem can cost us dearly because we do not get second chance to face lot of problems. Therefore it is advisable to take advice from other and become prepared to face them. Advices can be taken from anybody a friend, an

My Cat goes to see her man

Ten years back I had cat. It was a brown and white cat. I got her by accident. One day I was cleaning my store. There a found some small brown thing. This was my first in hand experience with a cat. I have seen many cat early, but never touched or have my own. However cats always fascinate me. So I put her on my hand. She was weak and looked hungry. I took her and feed her milk with my finger. It was a difficult task; however I was able to it well. With in two days the situation of cat improved and now she was able to walk on her feet. Slowly-2 she became the member of our family and favorite of our mother. She became so important that she had equal part in all the eatable items. We enjoy playing with her. She remained inside the home for most of time. In this one and half year passes. She was now a grown up cat. After few days we realized that lusy did not returned to home. For three days remained outside the home. One day she came, but she was not alone a big fat cat was also with he


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My First Love My Teacher

I remember those days when I was in six standards. This is very tender age in all angles and a child is not much grown emotionally at this stage. Same was true for me at that age. I was not very clear about love and sex. I had never experienced love for any girl. All the girls in my class were same for me as boys. There was no restriction on sitting with them. We play with them and some time even touches them also. However never any feeling of love or sex came in my mind. Every thing was going smoothly, one day a beautiful English teacher came to our class. She was our new English teacher. This was her first assignment. She had recently passed her masters in English. She was approximately 22-23 years old. Her body is average type. She was a clear example of how a beautiful and adult woman should be. Her every body part is in mature state. This was my first experience of seeing a so beautiful woman. I could clearly see a huge difference between her and the girls of my class. She started

Islamic terrorism

Recent years we have seen the religion of peace Islam becoming a terrorist growing ground. Many terrorist associations have come who are Islamic in nature. The main concern is they are using the Islam as weapon. They are using the Islam for fighting their battle. Every one who is non Islamic is their enemy. They have cleared their attention by destroying the world trade towers and killing of innocents. They are responsible for thousand of bomb blast around the world. Recent bomb blast at a hotel in Jordon and three serial bomb blasts at New Delhi are few of them. The concern behind this terrorism is that this is highly religious in nature. Terrorist have penetrated deep into religion. Mosques are being used as message spreading grounds. Moreover education is not able to do any role in solving this problem. Few days back Delhi police arrested Mr. Tariq Dar a Johnson & Johnson sales representative from Srinagar(J&K). Tariq is a highly educated person. He is doing a good job. He h

Comparison is a greatest disease

Comparison is one of the greatest diseases in this world and we are taught to do it from our birth. From our birth, our parents start comparing us with other children. Simultaneously, our teachers, coaches, and other known ones compare us with other children. From the beginning, we are being told to compare ourselves with others. This is the greatest disease because everybody is born unique and comparison is not possible. I am just myself and you are yourself, there is no comparison possible. There is nobody in the universe with whom you can be compared. Each man is unique like the uniqueness of each DNA and atom.  Everybody is born here for the first time and there never existed any individual like you before. Therefore no comparison is possible and comparison only brings trouble. If someone falls victim to this disease of comparison then he will become either very egoistic or very bitter. It all depends upon whom you compare yourself with. If you compare yourself with people who ar

You are unique

How much time do you waste in comparing yourself with others? Answer to this question is most of time. This is the story of many like you, because you are taught to do this. From the childhood conditioning starts. Parent would like the child to just like them, their carbon copies. They want their child to follow their philosophy, their religion, their ideology; their race and everything belong to them. They want to make the child their vehicle in fulfilling this purpose. They try to enforce their ambitions on the child and therefore they does not allow child to be him. It is like that a lily flower is told to become like a rose. But they do not know that a rose can not become a lily. From the out side he may pretend to be rose, however inside he is lily. Due to this he will neither be able to become lily nor rose. This creates a real problem for him. The person for the whole remains searching for his true self. In his state if he tries to fulfill the ambitions of family or society and

How to become a successful writer

If you want to become a successful writer then you require following certain techniques and skills. You may ask me question that you are just writing for fun. The question is not that for which purpose you are writing. The purposes may be many. Some want to write for fun, some for expressing them self and some for money. The purpose of our writing may be any. However the main thing is whether we are able to express our self well or not. This is very important for a writer that he is able to express his views to the readers. Therefore for becoming well expressed writer, we are requiring to sharpen our skills regularly. Here in this article I am sharing exercises which are highly helpful to new writers. First before writing we should have clear in our mind that editor has no interest who we are (unless we become a successful writer). His only concern is with the standard of work he is reading. For achieving this standard you are require to work on writing with the same seriousness and co

The mistakes I did in my life

I want to share with you the mistakes I have done in my life. Life provides opportunities to everybody and it is up to him or her how they use them. Some opportunities are very rare and they come only once in our life. If we fail to cash these opportunities at this stage, then we are losing a big deal. These opportunities can play vital role in the success of individuals. Like two student got the opportunity to appear for an entrance exam. One of them takes the advantage of it and prepare hardly for it. Where as the other student does not realize and does not prepare for it. The student who has prepared got success and become successful person. Where as the second friend remain unsuccessful. Now he cannot blame anybody for it. He has also got the opportunity like his friend. The only difference is the effort done by both. Like this many same situations come in our life. If we use them properly we can change our fate and become successful. The difficulty in this is that we don’t know th

Management Thoughts- Leadership

Leadership is one of basic qualities required for management. It is clear from the list of successful people in various fields that they are all strong in leadership skills. Not only in Management; however, leaders are sought in every walk of life. Leaders are the dynamic people, who are the first to take risks and show others the right path to follow. Mahatma Ghandi and Jawahar Lal Nehru are clear examples of true leaders. Even today People remain mad to follow their teachings. The real success of a leader is that his actions are never questioned by anybody. During any difficulty, people run to him for help. Leader not only shows the path, but also gives example by doing it themselves. Therefore, lot of emphasis is given on leadership, while training a manager. It is one of the major qualities, which is desired from all job seekers. Now here the question arises that is it easy to get real idea of candidate’s leadership qualities? To get a clear idea of person’s leadership quali

Frustrations- A social malice

Seven out of ten people are affected by it and three out of these seven are severely affected. Frustration is increasing like a disease in today society. Even a small school going child is frustrated these days and as the life passes people become more and more frustrated. Frustration is a bad word because it affects our life in big way. It decreases the quality of our life. It can stop the thinking process of a person and increasing the chances of taking wrong decisions by him. In today world where we are living is highly competitive and a person is supposed to achieve many things in life. If he is not able to achieve some of these goals then it causes frustration in him. Moreover the self comparison and comparison by the others increases the frustration. Some people are average in every aspect, but they are highly ambitious or the expectations from them are very high. They try their hard to achieve these goals, but fail. Actually it is not fair to expect from them to out perform, be

The risk of resentment

If you are an average adult then often you have turned your back from your partner or moved into corner. This feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill well is called resentment. This resentment is breaking many relationships in today generation. The Psychiatrists are of the view that resentment can actually bring an end to happy relation. A person can be resentful of many reasons like break of trust by him/her or spending less time with the partner and more with others or not giving enough emotional support. If you feel let down it can make you bitter. Resentment is a suppressed anger, which nobody wants to talk about. And this is the most dangerous part, by not vocalizing our resentment; most of us get submerged in a quagmire of ill feeling and grudge, which is detrimental for our relation. Unspoken malice is the key to a break up. According to experts, feelings of resentment are triggered early in relation; while most of the married couple believes that daily arguments make them rese

Three ways to make a Woman feel Special –III

Success of my previous two articles has encouraged me to write the third part of it. Women are the integral part of family. They play a big role in every individual’s life. It is very difficult to live life without them. There will be hardly any person in this world, which has never come in contact with a woman. Our relationship with women starts even before our birth. She grows us in her body and share her everything with us. Even after our birth, she is the one who take care of us most. Not only in the role of mother, she is present in many roles in our life. She is our friend, wife, sister, granny and aunt. These are some of the relations which we have with women. In the today world there are many roles in which we come in contact with women. And if we are more matured in our relations with women then our chances of our successful relations with them are more. This art can play a big role in ones success. There are many examples in which successful people have given all credit of t

Great Expectations- An extraordinary Movie

This Tuesday I was fortunate enough to watch movie “Great Expectations”. It was one of best Hollywood movies which I have ever seen. This movie shows the great art of work. Every character in it has worked to its peak. Every actor has absorbed himself so beautifully with the characters of movie that everything looks so real that it is happening to them. Everything is wonderful its acting, direction, screen play and story. Emotions are also displayed with great skills. These all features make this movie a great work. Very few movies are able to achieve this. This movie is not a work of single person, but it is well coordinated work of many. Every person associated with the movie has done justice to his job. Every character in this movie looks competing with the each other. Even the child artists are extremely extraordinary. Their work gives a solid fight to adult actors. The fountain kiss seen done in the movie is a master piece. Everybody would like to do it in its life. Second the sto

Do We have commitment level?

Every body has some commitment level. Many times in life we are judged by this only. Toady world is highly competitive. In work our successes are inter linked. On some one else commitment, we give commitment further and on the behalf of our commitment, some one else gives commitment. In this way chain of commitment is formed. Every part of the chain are inter depended. If one part of the chain doesn’t fulfill its commitment then whole chain fails. Therefore it is necessary that everybody should fulfill its commitment. Like the parts of chain, we are doing some work for our company. On the behalf of our commitment, our boss gives further commitment and his boss further. This way the sequence continues. In the whole organization’s commitment towards the desired goal, we all have ours commitments in it. An organization can not progress until the commitment level of every individual is not high. Therefore if we commit some thing, then we should try our best to fulfill it. Your commitment i

Meeting Expectations of Others

There are certain things in life which create lots of burden on us. These are expectations of others from us. Everybody has some kind of expectation from us. Our family has certain expectations from us and our boss has some other expectations. Our neighbours have some, while our society has some other. Expectation is not a bad word. We all have some expectation from others in this world. This world is moving forward in this way. These expectations are only good up to the time when they are under certain limits. How ever, due to busy schedules of life, it is becoming difficult for us to meet other’s expectation. Expectations are so large from us, that it is not possible for us to fulfil them; we can meet some of them but rest expectations we have to leave as such. Therefore, people whom expectations we fulfil remain happy with us and other people whom expectations we fail in meeting remain angry with us. Situations go on becoming worse with time as expectations of others from us increas

Why I do not understand some people

Why I do not understand some people Life is a mysterious journey. We start from an innocent small child. We come to world as completely innocent beings. We learn every thing here. Our life journey is like an institution. From where which we learn every things. This institution includes our whole life. It includes our life in schools, in colleges and in our professions. Many times it looks that we have learned lot of things. However when the time to apply this knowledge comes, we feel like fool to others. What we have learned is not enough to deal with others. The people we are dealing are stronger than us. They are very smart in handling the situations and making others fool. That’s why we see everyday lot people becoming pray to other. Most of the people who become pray are those, who thought them as the smartest people on earth. The people who make them fool are looked like ordinary beings. By seeing them nobody can say them that they can make anybody fool. Every body’s life is full