The risk of resentment

If you are an average adult then often you have turned your back from your partner or moved into corner. This feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill well is called resentment. This resentment is breaking many relationships in today generation. The Psychiatrists are of the view that resentment can actually bring an end to happy relation. A person can be resentful of many reasons like break of trust by him/her or spending less time with the partner and more with others or not giving enough emotional support. If you feel let down it can make you bitter.

Resentment is a suppressed anger, which nobody wants to talk about. And this is the most dangerous part, by not vocalizing our resentment; most of us get submerged in a quagmire of ill feeling and grudge, which is detrimental for our relation. Unspoken malice is the key to a break up. According to experts, feelings of resentment are triggered early in relation; while most of the married couple believes that daily arguments make them resentful. The other reason for resentment is that the one of the partner fails to fulfill the expectation of others.

To avoid resentment in relation it is advised that a constant talk is required between the partners. To resolve the resentment experts have advices some was to be followed.
1) Express what is or has been bothering you and discuss how both of you can improve the situation.
2) If you have difficulty in verbalizing it, write it as a note to your partner.
3) Think about the cost of holding on your resentment. It is unhealthy to be consumed by resentment and not able to take emotional decisions.
4) Try to see the problem from your partner’s angle.
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