Islamic terrorism

Recent years we have seen the religion of peace Islam becoming a terrorist growing ground. Many terrorist associations have come who are Islamic in nature. The main concern is they are using the Islam as weapon. They are using the Islam for fighting their battle. Every one who is non Islamic is their enemy. They have cleared their attention by destroying the world trade towers and killing of innocents. They are responsible for thousand of bomb blast around the world. Recent bomb blast at a hotel in Jordon and three serial bomb blasts at New Delhi are few of them.

The concern behind this terrorism is that this is highly religious in nature. Terrorist have penetrated deep into religion. Mosques are being used as message spreading grounds. Moreover education is not able to do any role in solving this problem. Few days back Delhi police arrested Mr. Tariq Dar a Johnson & Johnson sales representative from Srinagar(J&K). Tariq is a highly educated person. He is doing a good job. He has won lot of medals and certificates in his life. Despite that he was involve in the killing plot which has killed more than 60 innocent people.

He was the main person who plotted the whole blasts with the help of four more. Just few days before the blast Rs 4.86 lakhs deposited in his bank account from a Middle-East country. In this terrorism not only the educated people are involved, but they also have network spread in my nations. Not only the man but the women are also involved in it. The confession of a failed suicide woman bomber of Jordon blast uncovers the one more face of terror. In this war of terror everybody is involved an educated person, a woman, and even a child.

Therefore this terror has taken a very serious face. Neither education nor information is able to solve this problem. These terrorists are so cruel that they are not afraid killing a kid, a woman or an old. No religion in this world told to do this and same is true for Islam. If this madness is not solved early then God knows how many more life’s will taken by this cold blooded terrorists The problem of Islamic terror has become very complex and it will become further complex if not taken care early.
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