Great Expectations- An extraordinary Movie

This Tuesday I was fortunate enough to watch movie “Great Expectations”. It was one of best Hollywood movies which I have ever seen. This movie shows the great art of work. Every character in it has worked to its peak. Every actor has absorbed himself so beautifully with the characters of movie that everything looks so real that it is happening to them. Everything is wonderful its acting, direction, screen play and story. Emotions are also displayed with great skills. These all features make this movie a great work. Very few movies are able to achieve this.

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This movie is not a work of single person, but it is well coordinated work of many. Every person associated with the movie has done justice to his job. Every character in this movie looks competing with the each other. Even the child artists are extremely extraordinary. Their work gives a solid fight to adult actors. The fountain kiss seen done in the movie is a master piece. Everybody would like to do it in its life. Second the story is presented in so beautiful way through acting that one can understand the whole story even without listening to any word.

Third film story and acting are able to display people’s expectations very well. We can see how expectation plays an important role in our life. How we expect something and reverse of it happens. How we expect the other persons to behave and how they behave. How we expect our life to go in some way and how it changes the way. How new surprises come to us, which we have never expected. This movie is a great play of expectations. If someone wants to understand expectation then he must watch this movie. He or she wills definitely benefits from it. I have no personal interest in promoting this movie. However I feel that it is a master piece, which everyone should watch. Second this movie provides a great learning for everybody.

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