Three ways to make a Woman feel Special –III

Success of my previous two articles has encouraged me to write the third part of it. Women are the integral part of family. They play a big role in every individual’s life. It is very difficult to live life without them. There will be hardly any person in this world, which has never come in contact with a woman. Our relationship with women starts even before our birth. She grows us in her body and share her everything with us. Even after our birth, she is the one who take care of us most. Not only in the role of mother, she is present in many roles in our life. She is our friend, wife, sister, granny and aunt. These are some of the relations which we have with women. In the today world there are many roles in which we come in contact with women. And if we are more matured in our relations with women then our chances of our successful relations with them are more.

This art can play a big role in ones success. There are many examples in which successful people have given all credit of their success to their wives. Today is highly competitive and we can not afford to loss our attention in home fights. More over a coordinated life at home make us more active at work and also some times help us to relieve our tensions.

1) Let’s start with the first rule. It is giving her a surprise party. Yes this can work and a good way to show your importance to her. This way provides the opportunity to show that you have time for her and she is important for you. Surprises are always liked by everyone; the only thing which is difficult is giving them. Put yourself in this position and then analyze the situation. You will also like if some give you surprise party on your birthday. This rule provides a huge opportunity unless we try to use it. You can make it more interesting by changing the events and places.
2) Second thing is very simple; give her true praise where she deserves. A woman do lot of house old activities for use. She cooks for us, wash our cloths and take care of our necessary things. She makes our life more livable. It is difficult without her to manage us our life. Her job involves lot of repetitive tasks. If she doesn’t get the required attention, she starts losing her interest in activities. This makes her angry and irritable. Therefore we are required to praise her for her work, like praising her for her food sometimes can do this job. This is a good activity and she really deserves it.
3) Third is some modern, help her realize her hidden dreams. In life a woman take lot of dreams, but her many dreams are not fulfilled. She has to sacrifice her lot of dreams for her family or husband. She has to give more attention to her husband, her children and family. In this she sacrifices her many dreams. Many dreams she sacrifices are achievable. We are requiring helping her in fulfilling her lost dreams. This will provide a new purpose to her life. She will be happier. This can be good gift for her and God knows a rare potential comes in world through this way.
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