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If you want to write a blog and want to earn money from it then writingup.com is a good site for you. This site provides you the opportunity to write blogs for free. You can make as many blogs as you can. The site helps you in marketing your blogs. The more people read your blog and more money you make. The option of making money is provided in more secure way. Money is not given to you by the writingup.com. You get it directly from the google.com. Google is a trusted man in ad business. Therefore the chances of not getting the money are very less.

To start, first you are required to register with the writingup.com. It is a simple registration form. You only require providing your e-mail address and Google adsense account. Again to get the Google adsense account is a simple process. This is an account provided by Google to webmasters for showing ads on their websites. Here again you require to fill a simple registration form, which includes your e-mail address and mailing address fro sending money. You are credited money into your account for every click on the ads.

Writingup.com puts ads on your blogs and markets them. People read your blog and click on ads. In this way you make the money. Writingup.com put ads on alternative basis. If first ad is your, then the second will be of writingup.com. This same process repeated again and again. In this way both gains. This is new kind of experiment done for first time and its initial results are also encouraging. The system showed that it works. Only thing you require for making money is highly successful blog. More the number of people read blog, more the chances of making money by you.

In the way of self support to each other and profit sharing this is good opportunity. As compared to the other blog sites available this looks to be promising option. As compared to other sites it is free of cost. It is a relative new site as compared to others, but if gone in the right direction this can be mega success. Second thing I want to clear that money making is not as easy as it look. First you require a regularly updated and good blog. For some it may take months to start gaining money. So it requires a patience’s from your side. For me it looks a good option as it only wants is your writing and no money. Best of luck.

By arvindkatoch1

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