Why I do not understand some people

Why I do not understand some people
Life is a mysterious journey. We start from an innocent small child. We come to world as completely innocent beings. We learn every thing here. Our life journey is like an institution. From where which we learn every things. This institution includes our whole life. It includes our life in schools, in colleges and in our professions. Many times it looks that we have learned lot of things. However when the time to apply this knowledge comes, we feel like fool to others. What we have learned is not enough to deal with others. The people we are dealing are stronger than us. They are very smart in handling the situations and making others fool.

That’s why we see everyday lot people becoming pray to other. Most of the people who become pray are those, who thought them as the smartest people on earth. The people who make them fool are looked like ordinary beings. By seeing them nobody can say them that they can make anybody fool. Every body’s life is full of these types of examples. Many times we are made fool by people, whom we thought as not capable of doing this. We see huge change in their behavior. They are totally different from the people whom we met first and trusted. They are some one different, whom we are not able to see initially.

Here the question comes in our mind is what has gone wrong. Why we are not able to understand these people? To give the answer to this question is not easy. This depends on the experiences in life and what we have learned. Our life depends on this gained knowledge. What this knowledge told us to believe, we believe that only. Every thing that is different to it doesn’t look right to us. We make our guidelines for life depending on this knowledge. What we are not able to see is that knowledge is endless. No body in this world can possess the whole knowledge of world. Our whole life is journey of knowledge.

Here irrespective of our ages, we learn lot of new things. Some people stop learning this knowledge after some age. Which make them easy pray to more smart people? Second reason is everybody grows in different atmosphere. Therefore some people got very challenging and tough situation initially. Which make them more stronger emotional then others. This type of people some times use their knowledge to make fool of others. In this situation a twenty year old boy may be stronger and intelligent emotionally than a sixty year old man.

Third is the difference of generation and technology advancement. The technology advancement has made many things accessible to lot of people. We can learn and get lot of experiences by using this technology. We can learn experience even we may not have experienced them selves. Like watching a good roman ting movie may make us stronger in love affairs. Also the experience of friends and relative guides us to behave in some particular manner. We behave in way which is acceptable to other, however inside our attentions are different. We behave in this way up to time we feel forced to do so and we change our behavior when the conditions change.
These are some of the reason why we are not able to understand the behaviors of others.

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