How to become a successful writer

If you want to become a successful writer then you require following certain techniques and skills. You may ask me question that you are just writing for fun. The question is not that for which purpose you are writing. The purposes may be many. Some want to write for fun, some for expressing them self and some for money. The purpose of our writing may be any. However the main thing is whether we are able to express our self well or not. This is very important for a writer that he is able to express his views to the readers. Therefore for becoming well expressed writer, we are requiring to sharpen our skills regularly.

Here in this article I am sharing exercises which are highly helpful to new writers. First before writing we should have clear in our mind that editor has no interest who we are (unless we become a successful writer). His only concern is with the standard of work he is reading. For achieving this standard you are require to work on writing with the same seriousness and commitment that you are putting in other job. The first in developing your writing technique is cultivating a board outlook about the world. This can be done by reading widely, by observing the world and by analyzing the attitudes and opinions of the people we meet in daily life.

The next step is to realize the importance of an expert. It is difficult to reach the true potential without the help of an expert. For some it may be hard to get the experts help. For them I suggest submitting their writing to the article sites. They will let you know lot of your mistakes. These sites are easy to search and easily available, however I highly recommend The next thing is choosing the subject for writing. Initially it is not advisable to write in one field alone. Until we try our hand in variety of different type writings, we can never learn our true potential. Therefore you should not restrict our self.

The other very important thing is enjoyment. You should enjoy your writing. It should be a fun to you. You should look up on your writing as a new field to conquer. I am writing some guidelines which would definitely help you.
1) Try sharpen your skill of observation
2) Look at the experiences and events in your life and think how you can express them.
3) Try to put your thoughts in to small writings.
4) Expand your reading. When you see a passage which you think is not well expressed, think how you can improve it.
5) Have a professional attitude to your writing.
6) The only way to learn to write is by writing.
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