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Women are here from the time of evolution of mankind. God has created both man and women at the same time for the betterment of the world. Both man and women depend upon each other for further development of life. The circle of life will stop if one of them disappears from the earth. However, the state of women is not more than inferior sex in the present world. Most of the present world is in the control of man. This is true to the whole world, even for the developed countries like America and UK women are treated badly or miss behaved. If this is the state of women in developed countries then, what we can expect from countries like India, Pakistan?

Though women across the world have seen overall improved in their standard of living, still many things are required to be done. In education, women have achieved good success, and their numbers in schools and colleges are either equal to men or more than them. This is an encouraging sign for all women. However, the major concern is the number of women occupying various top positions in jobs. The numbers of women in the top position are very less. There are only 17 women executive directors in 100 largest FTSE companies. Less than one-seventh of members of EU parliament are women. Researchers believe that the women representation in a corporate leader has remained stagnant for years together.

The main reason for women not continuing with the job or taking the higher positions may be that with the increase in the status of women they become less desirable. A man can love his secretary, but the chances of loving to his boss are very less. Therefore many women opt to sacrifice their carrier for their family or love life. This reason has made Norway’s parliament to pass a rule that 40% of the directors on corporate boards should be women. In India, it is even more difficult to find a qualified man to a highly qualified girl. There is a tendency in the mind of men that their wife should be less superior to them. The chance of a man marrying a woman more qualified to him is very less.

The other major problem faced by the women is their inferior sex image. They are treated as a creature; which need someone to save her, and give her shelter. Women may climb mountains but leadership qualities will always be attributed to men. This image sometimes plays a major role in decreasing self-confidence of women. Women may be a most wonderful creature on earth, everybody may want to marry them and have sex with them, but nobody wants them as daughter especially in India. This becomes clear from recent data made available by the government of India which shows that in the age group of 0 to one year for every 1000 male children there are only 830 girls Childs in India. In some states, it is even less than 800. Therefore we require a major change in the thinking process of society regarding women.

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