Getting Advice

Getting help from others is not a bad world. However many people in life try to avoid help from other. They can do the job wrong, but never ask someone for help. For them help is a bad world and against their values. They do not realize that by just asking or help, how much they can save the problem from becoming worst. The advices taken are may be of many types. Some are directly given to use or some are indirectly shown to us. Advice is a kind of thing which we can even get from a small child.

There is nothing bad in taking advice. Advices can save us from going on the wrong direction and wasting our time. Therefore we should always remain open to them. In life it is not possible to face all the problems and then get the solutions. Going without preparation to face a problem can cost us dearly because we do not get second chance to face lot of problems. Therefore it is advisable to take advice from other and become prepared to face them.

Advices can be taken from anybody a friend, an elder or consular. It does not matter from whom we are getting the advice, but depends is it any help to us. Sometime in life even small child can tell us a valuable advice. We should not fell shame in getting help from others and should be open for all the sources which are useful. Others have passed their whole life in doing the same mistakes. Their mistakes can work as guide for us. More over it is not important that we are getting the solution or not. However only by sharing the problem can sometimes tiger the right response and provide us time to think with different angle.

This is also the experience of my life. Due to help of many of my friends I am able to solve lot of my problems and take the right decisions. We should not treat the others life as wastage, but try to use it as a book of experiences. This can really help us and can improve the quality of our life. Most of the times, others will also fell happy to tell their experiences to us.

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