You are unique

How much time do you waste in comparing yourself with others? Answer to this question is most of time. This is the story of many like you, because you are taught to do this. From the childhood conditioning starts. Parent would like the child to just like them, their carbon copies. They want their child to follow their philosophy, their religion, their ideology; their race and everything belong to them. They want to make the child their vehicle in fulfilling this purpose.

They try to enforce their ambitions on the child and therefore they does not allow child to be him. It is like that a lily flower is told to become like a rose. But they do not know that a rose can not become a lily. From the out side he may pretend to be rose, however inside he is lily. Due to this he will neither be able to become lily nor rose. This creates a real problem for him. The person for the whole remains searching for his true self.

In his state if he tries to fulfill the ambitions of family or society and if he falls short of it then he feels guilty of it. This makes him tense, anxiety ridden and full of anguish. The same energy which he might have used in some creative work is wasted in this anger and anguish. Meditation can help her because meditation simply means undoing what society has done to you. With the help of meditation we can restart our new life.

The mean problem with person is that he does not know himself and tries to be like some thing else. Dropping all goals, dropping all desires, dropping all ambitions can do this. We are requiring being natural. But we are living in bondage, because everybody who brought you up wanted to have mastery over you. And as children we are most helpless and exploited beings. When the child is so helpless he has to accept whatsoever conditions some one puts on him. Just to survive. Putting off all these conditioning can work as second birth to us.
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