Alone side of Life

It may be the life of a rich, poor, successful or unsuccessful, there is always an alone side in every person's life. This is the part of the life of a man where he was alone and cannot share this fear with anybody, the fear of unknown. We may reach any success or earn a lot of money still we are not completely fulfilled. Inside a fear, an alone side is making us restless. With the time we are losing our grace, our body, our maturity, and our dear ones and finally, the fear of losing oneself forever follows us. In the alone side part of our life, we are totally alone, we can not share this fear with anybody or nor anybody can give us the answer to this question.

People usually fill the alone side of their life at different times and for different time limits. It depends upon the maturity level of one and circumstance of one's life. Some people remain so busy in their life that they do not have much time to think about this. In happiness it is very difficult to think about this fact, however, sorrows are more helpful in analyzing this fact. Moreover, the people who are only concentrated on themselves are less likely to think about it. The people who also consider the difficulties of others consider this fact more seriously.

The alone side is a part of life which is totally mysterious. It is present in every body’s life still very less known this fact. Everybody feels it at a certain time in his life still very few realize it. On this side for some time we are so helpless like a small child. We don’t know the directions in which we want to go. We want someone to help us in searching the way for coming out of it. More the people think about it more suspicious they become about it. This alone side is the main reason in many people's lives for leaving their homes, jobs, families or society. Many people leave everything and become wanderers. Some say them saints and for some they are mad.

These people have thought about this alone side for very long and deeply. After some time when they did not have any answer about this, they felt better to leave the world and search for the answer. There fore alone side of one's life is still a mysterious issue. Many mystics have come into this world; they all tried to give solutions to this problem. However, the issue is still debatable. We will see the alone side haunting us for as long as no concrete solution is suggested for it.

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