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Leadership is one of basic qualities required for management. It is clear from the list of successful people in various fields that they are all strong in leadership skills. Not only in Management; however, leaders are sought in every walk of life. Leaders are the dynamic people, who are the first to take risks and show others the right path to follow. Mahatma Ghandi and Jawahar Lal Nehru are clear examples of true leaders. Even today People remain mad to follow their teachings. The real success of a leader is that his actions are never questioned by anybody. During any difficulty, people run to him for help. Leader not only shows the path, but also gives example by doing it themselves.

Therefore, lot of emphasis is given on leadership, while training a manager. It is one of the major qualities, which is desired from all job seekers. Now here the question arises that is it easy to get real idea of candidate’s leadership qualities? To get a clear idea of person’s leadership qualities, we can conduct group discussion, case study exercise and interview.

Some qualities of a Leader-

1) Leadership is a kind of quality which emerges strongly with difficulties.
2) A leader is person who is more control of himself in difficulties, unlike the common man.
3) We will find no sign of worry on his face in difficulties.
4) His mind has the power to take the right decision in complex situations.

The other main problem is that how we can understand Leadership. This quality is highly misunderstood or we can say highly exploited. We find many wordy leaders these days who spoke much while do very less. When we listen to them then they can give us hundred of examples about leadership; however in practical life, they have no solution even for small problems. They usually avoid any direct contact with difficult situations and assign their juniors to solve problems. Many people got promoted for their individual performance; however, when it comes to getting work done from others then they fail because these managers lack in basic leadership qualities. Here they either take the shelter of threat or give false examples.

Toady industry is going from a very hard face. Things have become very competitive. Here we require strong leaders to deliver the result. This job cannot be done by an ordinary person. This is clear from the example of successful companies recently. There success can be attributed to the leaders working behinds them. Most of the time these leaders have made it a one man show. They are single handedly able to create huge differences in the industry. They are so dynamic in their leadership that people like to follow them. They are even remembered after their retirement. Leaders have not only achieved their own dreams, but they have helped millions of others in fulfilling their dreams.

Leaders are remembered not only for their achievements alone, but by their positive contributions to other’s lives. Leadership is never been a way to fulfill one’s dreams. A real leader is never bothered about his fate and achievement. His life is dedicated to the cause of others. Therefore by becoming a real leader we can not only achieve heights in life, but also can help others. 

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