The mistakes I did in my life

I want to share with you the mistakes I have done in my life. Life provides opportunities to everybody and it is up to him or her how they use them. Some opportunities are very rare and they come only once in our life. If we fail to cash these opportunities at this stage, then we are losing a big deal. These opportunities can play vital role in the success of individuals. Like two student got the opportunity to appear for an entrance exam. One of them takes the advantage of it and prepare hardly for it. Where as the other student does not realize and does not prepare for it. The student who has prepared got success and become successful person. Where as the second friend remain unsuccessful. Now he cannot blame anybody for it. He has also got the opportunity like his friend. The only difference is the effort done by both.

Like this many same situations come in our life. If we use them properly we can change our fate and become successful. The difficulty in this is that we don’t know the right option or we are not in mental state to take these decisions. One option is that we take one decision and wait to see it is right or wrong. This is a risky thing and some loses are like which we can not afford. Therefore it is better to learn from the mistakes of others and rather doing them self. I am here sharing some of mistakes which I have done and they have cost me dearly. First the mistake which I have done repeatedly was that I was not constant with one thing. I start more then one jobs at a time and I want to achieve multiple jobs at a single shot. This caused me losing lot of energy in wastage. Due to over burden I am not able to do a single job efficiently.

And it reflects in the results. Most of the chase I have to face the unsuccessful. Where as, if I have concentrated on a single job. Then I must be successful in it. Some time in life we over estimate our self and wants to achieve my jobs in single go. This is not a good strategy and some times we may have to lose the whole game. Therefore it is highly advisable to work with concentration and after judging our potentials. Second mistake which I have done is not working or doing the job consistently. Doing our jobs consistently can play a major role in our success. It is better to do small-2 jobs daily rather doing the whole job on last day. Doing the job daily relieves lot of pressure from us and chances of error are less in it. Where as doing the job on last day increases the pressure on us and increases the chances of error. These two things may look simple, but can play huge difference in our success if implemented properly.
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