Frustrations- A social malice

Seven out of ten people are affected by it and three out of these seven are severely affected. Frustration is increasing like a disease in today society. Even a small school going child is frustrated these days and as the life passes people become more and more frustrated. Frustration is a bad word because it affects our life in big way. It decreases the quality of our life. It can stop the thinking process of a person and increasing the chances of taking wrong decisions by him. In today world where we are living is highly competitive and a person is supposed to achieve many things in life. If he is not able to achieve some of these goals then it causes frustration in him.

Moreover the self comparison and comparison by the others increases the frustration. Some people are average in every aspect, but they are highly ambitious or the expectations from them are very high. They try their hard to achieve these goals, but fail. Actually it is not fair to expect from them to out perform, because they are average. Their power to grasp the things is average and they require extra help to achieve these goals. However no concern is shown to these issues. When the result comes and they fail and then they are treated to misbehavior. This increases their frustrations level, because they can not revolt at this stage.

Second this world is not an equal playing field. Some people are born with silver spoon in their mouth and other’s has to fight for basic things in life. Therefore a person without quality can become a CEO of the company and a person with quality has to satisfy with the small job. Moreover in some countries exists a huge infrastructure difference in infrastructure and education. In big cities there is every facility and where as in remote even basic things are missing. Third the corruption plays a big role in increasing the frustration. Many people are promoted to big posts or given admission to big colleges due influence or after taking money.

These all things lead to our frustration some way. These are big social problems which are required to treat before we can do anything to frustration. If we don’t try to do anything to remove all these social injustices then we will see lot of revolts by people against the society. These things are very common in today world like killing of students by a teenager and a police officer becoming women and marrying to god. Problem is not the life of some people affected by it, but how others also get affected due to coming in influence of these frustrated people. Frustration can also cause some basic mental problems. It can make peoples human bombs which could explode any time.
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