My Cat goes to see her man

Ten years back I had cat. It was a brown and white cat. I got her by accident. One day I was cleaning my store. There a found some small brown thing. This was my first in hand experience with a cat. I have seen many cat early, but never touched or have my own. However cats always fascinate me. So I put her on my hand. She was weak and looked hungry. I took her and feed her milk with my finger. It was a difficult task; however I was able to it well. With in two days the situation of cat improved and now she was able to walk on her feet. Slowly-2 she became the member of our family and favorite of our mother. She became so important that she had equal part in all the eatable items.

We enjoy playing with her. She remained inside the home for most of time. In this one and half year passes. She was now a grown up cat. After few days we realized that lusy did not returned to home. For three days remained outside the home. One day she came, but she was not alone a big fat cat was also with her. Cat was behaving as he was the owner of lusy. He starts showing anger when ever try to touch or carry lusy. They both eaten the food and again disappeared. Again for few days there was no sign of lusy. But after few days lusy came back, this time she was alone. The big fat cat was not with her this time. Now she again started remaining inside the home most of time.

After few days we realized that lusy stomach had started expanding. She was pregnant. With in few days she gave birth to three small cats. Two of them were brown and one was black. One was female and other was males. Out of them the condition of one male was not well. His stomach was some extra large. With in two days his condition starts worsening and he dies. The remaining two are in healthy state. The male cat that was black, we started calling him kalu and the brown female we started calling her lezerd. Kalu was a very active and fast cat; therefore he became favorite cat of my father. Now the small single cat expanded to three cats. They all started living with us.

However kalu remain out of home for most of time. Kalu remain for eight months with us and then after disappeared for ever. The lezerd lived for three years and also give birth to two small cats. However her end was very bad, her stomach was torn apart by the dogs. In the mean time lusy remain with us, but she now became a wondering cat and starts disappearing for days. Few years after we changed our home and shifted to new home. Lusy remained in the old home. For one year we got information about her, but after that she also got disappeared. This is small part of story of one of only and remember able cat.
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