Do We have commitment level?

Every body has some commitment level. Many times in life we are judged by this only. Toady world is highly competitive. In work our successes are inter linked. On some one else commitment, we give commitment further and on the behalf of our commitment, some one else gives commitment. In this way chain of commitment is formed. Every part of the chain are inter depended. If one part of the chain doesn’t fulfill its commitment then whole chain fails. Therefore it is necessary that everybody should fulfill its commitment. Like the parts of chain, we are doing some work for our company. On the behalf of our commitment, our boss gives further commitment and his boss further. This way the sequence continues. In the whole organization’s commitment towards the desired goal, we all have ours commitments in it. An organization can not progress until the commitment level of every individual is not high. Therefore if we commit some thing, then we should try our best to fulfill it. Your commitment is going to affect the other’s commitment also. The companies which have number of people with high commitment level are highly successful. This is not only true for company, but it is also true for us also. If we have high commitment level, then everybody will respect our worlds. This is a kind of talent, which is not often taken seriously by many. This is unique talent in many ways, as it can cover up over lot of shortcomings. We may not be able to speak well and may not be smart. However if we have high commitment level, then people will forget our weakness.This is very really seen that a person with high commitment level fails. Most of the people who succeed in exams, jobs and in life are those who have high commitment level towards these things respectively. It is good to see dreams. However more important is their achievement. This can be possible, if we have strong commitment towards it. Commitment level is not only measured by our commitments to others, but also by our commitment to our self. We can never have high commitment level towards others, unless we dosnot have high commitment level for our self.If we fulfill our commitments towards self then amazingly our commitment level towards other well increases. Some of us may complain that in this competitive world it is difficult to fulfill all commitment. They are right, in single go it is not possible to raise ones commitment level. We are requiring going step by step. Start with few easy ones and then building on them. But the most important is our commitment towards us. If we can only take care of this, then the rest will be automatically taken care of.
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