Advantage of Health Insurance

Every person in this world always wants to remain healthy, however, health problems affect people when they least expect them. Moreover, we also know that it cost huge money to treat these health problems. Many times, it becomes impossible for people to manage essential money for these treatments, therefore to avoid such situations, it is very important for people to go for good health insurance policies. We can easily find large number of such health insurance plans in market like bcbsnc plans available on this website. It is very easy to get these business plans and people are not required to go through any kind of health checkups. In India, we are slowly seeing increase in acceptance of health insurance with more and more numbers of people opting for such plans. Future clearly belongs to health insurance being becoming important part of our life.

Big National political parties verses Small Regional Political parties

We can easily find hundreds of registered political parties and thousands of registered unrecognised political parties in India. All these political parties claim that they have great concern for people’s expectations from them. However, on the other hand large numbers of people believe that political parties only remain interested in getting power and they do give any importance to people’s expectations from them.

Therefore, people search for new political parties which can give importance to their needs. Due to this reason, we are seeing power being slowly shifting from the hands of National political parties to small regional political parties and due to this increased power, small regional political parties are playing main role in Indian politics. In this 2009 Loksabha Election, we can again see the repeat of strong performance by regional parties.

Moreover, we are also seeing increase in the importance of regional issues in politics, thus making regional small parties more strong. Today, people are only concerned about political parties which give importance to their issues irrespective of their sizes. Big National political parties many times fail in satisfying needs of large population of different states and areas; therefore, we are seeing erosion in the base of these political parties in these parts. People believe that a small regional party can easily raise their issues in parliament thus providing more help to them.

Small political parties are present in almost every part of India and in some states these regional parties have complete control like Tamil Nadu. Big political parties can fight this erosion by making their local leadership strong and showing concern towards their issues.

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Importance of Success in Life

We all know importance of success in life; because we all have failed many times. Mostly, when we fail in life; then we realize importance of success, and why it is important to remain successful in life. It is nearly impossible for any person to win every time in life; though, we can easily increase our success rate by constantly improving our selves. Success is very important; because it opens many opportunities in front of us, and we start seeing life as new exciting challenge.

Success is important for increasing the confidence of a person; and it makes him feel important in life. However, we can only properly understand importance of success; when we have gone through few failures earlier. When we go through failure in life; then we realize, that how some opportunities are being taken away from us; and given to some other people; who actually win. We also realizes, that world only respect successful people; and there is no space for failed people.

Mostly, people who learn from their failures; and make positive changes in their lives, become successful in near future. It is also important to understand; that no person is born on this earth as perfect person; but we all learn lessons of perfection while living our life. Second, it is important to remember; that life provide multiple opportunities to become successful in life; and these opportunities mostly remain open in front us throughout our life.

We are only required to take few initiatives for making some changes in our life like challenging old customs. After understanding importance of success in life; we all can put hard efforts to become successful, and finally enjoying our life to its highest level.

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Safety of Travel insurance

Today, we all live in a world where insurance is becoming a important part of our life. We can easily find large numbers of insurance solutions available in front of us for various insurance needs. Travel is also one such category where people are now looking for insurance because insurance provides solution of safety during some problem in travel. During travel, we all face lots of threats, therefore insurance is one good solution available in front of us. We can easily find many unique and economical products in this segment like annual travel insurance for whole year travel insurance needs. Numbers of other good segments are also available under different segments from different players. Presently, this segment is in growth state, therefore, we can hope to see more unique in future.

Video of Air force one raising threat in New York Skies

Yesterday, US president Barak Obama’s plain Air force one threatened many people in New York when Air force one plain started flying low near high rising buildings of New York. This plan circulated in sky for numbers of times and it is followed by F 16 fighter plan. This whole situation raised alarms in people who started running here and there after considering it as a terrorist threat. Though, White house has apologised to US public for this whole incidence however, this whole incidence has again remained people about 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Professional use of Orkut

Today, we all are familiar with the popularity of in India. Orkut is number one social networking website in India and it has maximum numbers of Indian origin users. The main reason of popularity of this website in India is ease of use and option to find millions of others Indian users.

It is very easy for any person to find likeminded Indian people on Orkut as compared to other social networking websites, though, other social networking websites like,, etc do have considerable acceptance however, orkut is clear winner when it comes to India. Due to this widespread acceptance of Orkut, it is still growing very fast.

This base of millions of Indian people on single website is making it possible for us to make use of orkut for professional use e.g. we can search for suitable candidates for jobs or we can promote our services or products on it or we can directly contact employers etc. provides a great opportunity in front of us to reach right people in very less time. Though, people are also required to be remained cautious about frauds people using dummy profiles.

However, still with caution and by going through good channels, it is possible for any person to get good help from Orkut. We can easily find numbers of official communities on Orkut which are also run by official people and on these official communities, we can easily find good help. Overall, provides a great opportunity in front of us to reach millions of people very easily, however, we also need some caution while relying on this online medium.

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What is Swine Flu (Influenza)? Why it is dangerous this time?

Swine influenza virus also popularly knows as SIV is a type A influenza virus. This virus comes under the family of RNA virus and Orthomyxoviruses. This virus mainly affects pig population and sometimes, it affects people and birds which come in the contact of infected pigs. The symptoms of this influenza also resemble with other general influenza cases like fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue.

Numbers of subtypes of this influenza A virus are present across the world like H1N1, H3N2, and H1N2. Earlier, this virus was not knows to travel from human to human, however, present genetically modified and advanced version of H1N1 virus is found in Maxico and USA which is capable of transferring from one human to other. So far more than thousands of cases of this virus are reported from USA, Maxico, Canada and other parts of world, where main cause of spread of this influenza is transfer of virus from one human to other human.

Presently, doctors and scientists are not confirmed about the evolution theory of this new strain of HINI virus, though, some theories are suggesting role of migratory birds. This virus can be treated with antiviral drugs like oseltamivir and zanamivir, however, it is not showing any response to other antiviral drugs like amantadine and rimantadine. Already 149 people in Maxico have died from this virus and countries like Maxico and US have announced health emergency.

The main concern of all scientists and doctors is that this virus can easily take deadly look if no precautions are taken by the various governments immediately.

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Time for storing more and more data

Thanks to advancement in present technology that we can easily store lots of data on various devices like couture, pan drive, Mac memory, online storage etc. 100s of Giga bites of free space is easily available in front of us for storing our important data. Moreover, this is not end and in future we can hope to get even more storage solutions available in front of us. Today, we are seeing huge requirement for various storage devices because we are generating large amount of data everyday and we want to store it safely somewhere. Today, it is very easy to find mobile phones with 2 to 16 GB storage capacity which was earlier even not available in computers. Due to availability of new and advanced storage devices prices of most of these products are also decreasing thus providing very economical solutions at very cheap rates in front of us.

Importance of Social Networking

There are few concepts which we all are required to master for becoming successful in life and one of such concept is creating big social network. There are many studies available in present world which highlights the importance of good social networking. According to these studies, people who become more successful than their pairs mostly have advantage of strong social networking. It is easy for person with good social network to get more desired opportunities or chances to contact influential people as compared to people with less or no social networking.

In this world, we all people are connected with each other in some or other way. However, level of this social network or connection varies from person to person as some people enjoy very big social network while some other enjoy very small social network. There are large numbers of advantages which are associated with good social network like getting good referrals, getting good feedbacks, getting new opportunities etc. It is important for all of us to understand that this world is run by us together; therefore, people who are giving opportunities are also human being like us. Now, if we somehow succeed in making good contacts with them through other various people attached to them then we can hope to get some favour from them.

It is easy for any person to trust a known person for important work than an unknown person. With the help of good social networking, we all can easily win trust of large numbers of people, thus increasing our chances of getting good timely help from them. People can easily provide great life to us because they are in position to help us; however, first of all we are required to make a big social network with the help of strong networking skills.

How to watch IPL 2 (South Africa) matches free and live online?

Lots of IPL fans might be still wondering that how they can watch IPL matches live and free on their computer online. Now all these people are not required to go anywhere because all IPL matches are available free online on official website of IPL i.e. By visiting this website, people can watch “Register for live match” link at the bottom of page. After registering on this page which will only take one minute, people will be redirected to live match page.

This is only one time registration and next time people can easily enjoy live matches by directly visiting live match page i.e. This is really a great option provided by IPL governing body to all IPL fans and we can hope that this free broadcasting will increase popularity of IPL in future. To watch these live matches, it is important to have installed on computer all essential software for video display like silver light.

With option will work well with broadband speed.

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No place for terrorism

It is very important for present governments to give this message that there is no place of terrorism in our world. In past, we all have seen worst face of terrorism. Terrorism is one such snake which can bite its own owner like Al Quada did to Pakistan and USA. However, the problem is that many people still do not understand gravity of this problem and how terrorism is bad for whole society.

Terrorism only takes away most basis rights from people and forces them to live like animals. Today world has become slightly focused on this matter and we are seeing many initiatives from different governments to stop support for terrorism. People across the world are also realising that terrorism cannot offer any solution to their problems. However, still we require lots efforts on the parts of world governments, leaders and media to create awareness about this problem.

It is important for every individual to not support terrorism in any form because otherwise it will become problem for himself later. We can hope that terrorism will get no place future world and people across the world will live a terrorism free life.

When marriage becomes a suicide

Today, we live in a highly complex world where different people have different expectations from each others. People are starving for happiness, praise and acceptance from others or in other worlds we can say that our dependence on others have increased very much. Marriage is also one such complex relation where two different people comes together to share their rest of life together. However, due to increased levels of expectations among both husbands and wives, it has become very difficult for them to manage this relation smoothly.

Mostly when these expectations fail then they lead towards big problems and conflicts in married life. Many times, these problems and conflicts do take the shape of suicides. We can confirm this fact by comparing it with increasing numbers of suicide cases of married people. Today, it has become common matter to find numbers of such suicide news in news paper on daily basis. In most of cases, these people commit suicide because they find it hard to manage their married life successfully. It is important for all of us to understand that successful marriage requires understanding and planning on numbers of parts from both husband and wife.

It is not possible for husband or wife alone to save marriage, only good efforts from both partners can do the trick. Moreover, it is also important to take marriage decision with care after considering all expectations and requirement from partners because initial compromises at the time of marriage can lead to major problems later in married life. Overall, It is sad to see that a good relationship like marriage can take a person towards suicide.

One of such last year famous suicide - Who is real victim in Amit Budhiraja and Rinku Sachdeva case?

Trend for sexy life

Slowly, we are becoming a society where people want to complete all their fantasies and sex is one such fantasy which fantasies every person on this earth. Countries like India are still not open to number of modern trends which are prevalent in western world. Sex is still believed as matter of strict personal affair in India; however, modern youth is completely going away from old trends. Live in relations have become common reality in big cities and these young and educated people do not feel any problem in living a sexy life. Whether it is matter of sexy lingerie or sex before marriage, different people are now raising different voices. In future, we can easily see this trend becoming more common in more parts of India as more and more people finding this type of life acceptable. However, this trend is likely to face sever resistance from number of quarters of life because from many centuries this trends have remained forbidden in India.

Beautiful Himachal Pictures Barot (Mandi)

Here people can watch few beautiful pictures of Himachal. Recently, I got a chance to visit Barot Hydel Project in Mandi district of Himachal. These are few of the Pictures of surroundings and adjoining of this area. These pictures tells that how beautiful Himachal is and simultaneously how difficult is to reach these locations. In future also I will bring more photographs from different parts of Himachal.

Pictures taken by Arvind Katoch (with Nokia 5800)

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Two Beautiful Punjabi Songs Gal Dil Di and Hallaat

Below, I am sharing two of my favourite new Punjabi songs. People can watch and play these videos in youtube player available below. Both these songs are written and sung beautifully. First song is Harjit Harman’s Gal Dil Di from his latest album “Hoor”. Second song is Gippy Grewal’s Hallaat from his latest music album “Hallaat”. Hopefully, all Punjabi song lovers will enjoy these two song videos.
Gal Dil Di. Also visit Top Punjabi Songs


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Significance of fall out of LTTE

Presently, it looks that fall out of The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is just a few days away. This fall out of one of the biggest and most advanced terrorist organisation of world will have major significance for world and other terrorist organisations. In recent times, a worldwide approach against various terrorism organisations is emerging; therefore, we are seeing pressure on these terrorist organisations to abandon their practices. In the present world, it is very hard for any organisation involved in terrorism to find support from world body.

LTTE is one such terrorist organisation which has advanced itself in numbers of fields like aircrafts, submarines, advanced tanks etc, therefore fall out of LTTE to Sri Lankan army is a major blow to all other terrorist organisations which also follow same path. LTTE is fighting in Northern parts of Sri Lanka for creating a separate Tamil nation for all Tamil speaking people living in that area. In last thirty years, LTTE carried out various direct and indirect attacks on Sri Lankan army and Sri Lankan leaders including air attacks.

LTTE was also successful in capturing large area of Northern region of Sri Lanka and starting their own government, however, last year Sri Lankan army started massive attacks on LTTE which narrowed down LTTE’s occupation to small area. According to Sri Lankan army, they are very close to totally acclaiming Sri Lankan land from LTTE and capturing alive or dead LTTE chief Prabhakaran. Prabhakaran is also wanted by India for his role in the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Though, India is facing political struggle on this matter because of numbers of political parties in Tamil Nadu are trying to politicise this matter. India has asked Sri Lankan government to stop this fight, however, Sri Lanka has refused this demand by saying that they are just one or two day away from victory.

If Sri Lankan government succeeded in gaining total control over Sri Lanka then Sri Lankan people can hope for peaceful life because in recent time attacks and bomb blasts by LTTE have become common things. It is very important for all terrorist organisations to understand that terrorism as mean of expressing one’s demands is not acceptable to world; therefore, it is good for them to leave their terrorism related works and join common dialogues.

Some attractive deals

Sometimes, we all get few attractive deals which actually provide lot of value for money. In the present competitive world, we are seeing large numbers of such deals from various players. Hotel industry also comes under this category; we can easily find many such attractive deals from them from time to time. It is possible to find many such deal good deals like free hotel night from various big players. By going for such deal, people can enjoy free stay in hotel. This offer also works on the principle of reward points and this offer is highly suitable for frequent travel. This offer is only valid between February 5th and April 30th, therefore, people who want to enjoy this offer are required to keep time frame in mind. It is always a great idea to look for such deals because they provide a great option in front of us to save lot of money.

Indian Women are more obese than Indian Men

Recently, I found amazing facts from National Family Health Survey (NFHS) that Indian women are more obese than Indian men. Moreover, as per the NFHS data there is not a single state in India where more number of men are obese than women. Only Tripura is one state where this difference is small of .1% (in Tripura number of obese male 5.2% number of obese female 5.3%), while in rest of states this difference is very significant.

Whereas Punjab tops overall obese people chart with 30.3% obese male and 37.5% obese female. Overall, India results are 12.1% obese male and 16% obese female. From this data, we can clearly conclude that women are more obese than men in India. In recent years obesity has increased significantly in India and it looks that this trend has affected Indian women more than Indian men.

It is difficult to define exact reason between this trend and why Indian women are more obese than Indian men, however, it looks that Indian women are enjoying life more comfortably than Indian men because comfortable life is mostly associated with obesity. Overall, this is not a good sign for health conscious women because chances of numbers of health related problems increases significantly with the increase in obesity.

Increasing cases of cancer in India

I do not know that how many people in India have knowledge about this increasing trend of cancer in India. In last decade numbers of cancer cases have increased significantly and in some sub forms of cancer India actually top the chart. Intensity of this problem can be easily understood from few of these headlines published in various papers in India.

Two Out of Five Cancer Cases in India Due to Tobacco
India: Alarming increase in cancer cases in textile hub
Breast Cancer Cases Rise by 100% in Urban India
Breast cancer cases on rise - Express India
Alarming increase in cancer cases in TN textile hub

These are just few of headlines which are published recently and from these headlines we can easily access the magnitude of this problem. Many researchers believe that change in life style of Indians is contributing mainly in the increase of this problem. Present life style of people is full of junk food, lack of exercise and stress. All these factors lead to the increase in free radicals in body which ultimately increase chances of body acquiring cancer.

Though, there are numbers of other reasons also which do contribute in cancer like exposure to some radiation, drug etc; however, present life lifestyle is main culprit as per most of scientists. It is possible for people to reduce chances of cancer up to 30 to 70 % by opting healthy life style. Healthy Life style include eating healthy food full of all nutritional elements like vegetable, cereals, fruits, wheat etc and doing regular exercise and meditation. In various independent studies, it is proved scientifically that chance of cancer decreases significantly with healthy life style.

However, in the present fast life style very less number of people get chance for living a healthy life. It is very important for all of us to understand that cancer is one of deadly diseases present in our world and it mostly gives no initial warning to people. Present trends of cancer in India only suggest that we all Indian are required to opt a cautious approach on this problem and start living a healthy life style.

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Finding Products related to Hobbies

Different people in this world have different hobbies and it is very easy to find numbers of people in our world who sharply remained focused on their hobbies. These kinds of people try to collect all kind of essential items related to their hobbies. In the present world, it has become even easier for people to find all necessary products related to their hobbies. People can easily get the help of internet to get number of such products like Lortone rock tumblers. We can easily find large numbers of websites online which are dedicated to such products. This trend is providing lot of good help to all people who treat their hobbies seriously. It is important for all of us to respect other’s hobbies and encourage them because in this way we provide them some help in feeling good about their hobbies.

No Exit Polls for Loksabha Election 2009

Final Projections Loksabha Election 2009 (Exit Poll)

This time Election commission of India has put ban on publishing or showing any kind of programs or articles related to exit polls during polling phase because Election commission do not want that Exit polls should influence general voters in any manner. Loksabha Election 2009 will be conducted in five phases and it will take almost one month time. Therefore, there remains a good chance that exit polls can influence voters and thus force them to vote for party which is winning as per exit polls.

Moreover, lot of exit polls conducted in past by various media organisation have not given right results. It is duty of Election commission of India to conduct free and fair elections, therefore, this is right move by Election commission of India to put ban on showing exit poll results during polling phase. However, still Election commission has allowed media organisation to conduct their exit poll which they can publish only after the completion of last phase of election. People will able to access all these exit polls on 13 May after 5 PM.

Results of Loksabha Election 2009 will be declared on 16 May, therefore, these exit poll results will hardly put any influence on people. This Loksabha Election has started many new things and ban on exit polls is also one of it. Complete or partial Ban on Exit polls is also applicable in number of countries of world like USA, UK etc.

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Read affidavits of Loksabha 2009 candidates

This time Election commission of India has made it easy for ordinary people to read all affidavits filled by all Loksabha candidates. By reading these affidavits, people can easily learn more about their candidates. As per law, it is mandatory for all Loksabha candidates to provide right information about themselves to Election commission by filing affidavits. By visiting, the link available below, people can easily read all these affidavits filled by their candidates. All these affidavits are available in pdf format and in original. With the help of these affidavits, people can easily get important about their candidates like their total wealth, family wealth, family members etc.

Visit This Page

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Get Statewise and Partywise Details Loksabha Election 2009

By visiting the link available below, people can get statewise and partywise details related to Loksabha Election 2009. On this page, people will get all essential details from all states like number of Loksabha seats, various political parties fighting on total numbers of seats, total number of candidates, independent candidates, essential dates and final results. Though final results will only be updated after the declaration of final Loksabha 2009 Election results. People can also learn about the contestants for particular Loksabha constituency by visiting this page.

Visit this Page

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Live score IPL Season 2 (2009) South Africa

Below, people can get live scores of all matches of IPL (Indian Premium League) season 2 matches. IPL season 2 is starting from April 18 and it will end on May 24. Second season of IPL will be played out of India in South Africa because IPL failed in getting adequate permissions from different states and Indian government to conduct IPL games in those states. Therefore, IPL working committee has decided to take IPL out of India and South Africa emerged as favourite destination for season 2 of IPL. The good news for Indians is that all IPL season 2 matches will also start as per Indian times of 4 PM and 8 PM same like IPL season one matches. Live scores for all IPL season 2 matches will be available below through multiple options.
Option 1-
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List of All political Parties in India their symbols and official addresses

India is biggest democracy of the world and within few days this democracy is going for biggest elections of world. Indian democracy is unique in numbers of ways and one of its unique things is presence of large numbers of political parties. We can divide Indian political parties in three different categories 1) National Parties 2) State Parties and 3) Registered Unrecognised Parties. Mainly, we see first two groups taking parties in Loksabha Election, however, time to registered unrecognised parties do put their candidate in Election as Independent candidates. People who want to learn about Indian political system or Indian political parties then they can download pdf file available below. This document provides a complete detail about political parties in India, their political symbols and their official addresses.

Political Parties of India (this document is available in pdf format)

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Loksabha Election 2009 opinion poll/predictions (State wise) 4

For latest results visit-Loksabha Election 2009 Results (Live Update)
Live update Orissa/Andhra Pradesh Assembly election 2009 results 
Live Loksabha/Assembly Election 2009 result Blog

These are fourth and last predictions cum opinion polls for Loksabha Election 2009 before the start of elections. People can read about earlier predictions by visiting Loksabha Election 2009 opinion poll/predictions (State wise) 3. 2009 Loksabha Elections are starting from 16 April. In last few weeks, we have seen some ups and downs in political alliances and political waves. BJP first time looks to be gaining slightly and there are good chances that BJP will emerge as biggest political party after Loksabha Election. On the other hand, Congress looks to be slightly losing its ground and Congress may fail in getting more than 150 seats this time. First time, it also looks that NDA will get more seats than present UPA (minus parties like SP, LSP, RJD). However, there is advantage in the hands of Congress that it is likely to get support of SP, LSP, RJD and Left parties which are likely to get 70 Plus seats. Therefore, overall Congress looks in strong position to make next government, however, one thing is clear that UPA will become weak as compared to 2004 Loksabha Elections. BJP can only think about next government at centre if it succeeds in winning more than 170 seats on its own which it can win if everything goes in its favour. After election, NDA can look for the support of other regional parties like TDP, AIDMK and BSP. This time small waves can make or break the hopes of a particular alliance because competition is very fierce between these parties and Indian politics have become very complex due to presence of large numbers of regional political parties. Also visit- Who will win 2009 Loksabha (Parliament) election in India? (Opinion poll) 2, Read all posts related to Loksabha Election 2009

State Totalseats Congress BJP Others

AP 42 22 1 14 (TDP) 4 (TRS) 1 Oths
Assam 14 3 5 4 (AJP) 2 Oths
Bihar 37 1 9 16 JD(U) 3 LJP 8 RJD
Chhattisgarh 11 3 8 0
Delhi 7 4 3 0
Gujarat 26 7 19
Goa 2 1 1
Haryana 10 3 2 4 (INL) 1 Oth
HP 4 1 3
J&K 6 1 1 3 (NC) 1 (PDP)
Jharkhand 14 3 8 3 Oths
Karnataka 28 8 18 2 JD(S)
Kerala 20 12 0 8 (Left)
Rajasthan 25 15 10
MP 29 6 23
Maharashtra 48 15 10 13 (SS) 10 (NCP)
North-East 11 4 0 2 (NCP) 5 (Oths)
Orissa 21 8 5 8 (BJD)
Punjab 13 3 3 7 (Akali Dal)
Tamilnadu 39 4 0 15 (AIDMK) 5 (PMK) 12 (DMK) 3 (MDMK)
UP 80 7 24 23 (SP) 22 (BSP) 4 OTHs
Uttarakhand 5 2 3
UTs 6 3 0 3 Oths
West Bengal 42 8 0 24 (left) 10(TC)

Disclaimer: These predictions are clearly based on data and information gathered by author from his resources. Author is not currently member of any political party in India. Author also tries to provide information in unbiased manner not favouring or disapproving any political party. People are advised to vote freely without getting influenced by these predictions.

Get 2009 Loksabha Election Contesting Candidate Details

People who want to get details of 2009 Loksabha Election all contesting candidates from all over India can visit the link provided below to get this information. This information is provided freely by Election commission of India and details are updated on site as soon they become available. It is very easy to use this service; first people are required to select their state then particular phase of election in which their constituency come. At last people are required to select constituency about which they want to get details. At present only details for first phase of election are available on this website. Future details will also become available as soon as candidates are finalised by district administration and updated to EC.

Contesting Candidate Details

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Do you want to marry Rakhi Sawant?

Today, I am going to share good news with all Rakhi Swant fans and people who want to marry her. I am not joking because Rakhi Sawant is coming on NDTV Imagine’s reality show “Rakhi Ka Swayamber”. With the help of this reality show, Rakhi will select a life partner for her. During media introduction of this show and Rakhi Swant, Rakhi told people media that this is a not publicity stunt and she is very serious about finding her husband with the help of this show.

Rakhi also defined qualities of her life partner which she would like to see in him. Rakhi said that her life partner should a truthful person like her, he should a bold person, he may not a rich person but he should have a beautiful heart, he may not have six pack abs but he should not be fat man, he should be a good looking etc. This show is also another first on Indian TV channel from Rakhi Swant.

This show will be made on the pattern of realty show and participants will be required to clear different levels and top successful participant will get chance to marry Rakhi Swant. Some people are referring this Swayamber as Kalyug ka Swayamber, however, with this show Rakhi Sawant is again able to attract lot of attention towards her. Soon more details about this show will be available on NDTV Imagine, therefore, people who want to take part in this show are required to watch NDTV regularly.

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Beautiful and relaxing Vacation

It is very important for people to select their vacations with lot of care because wrong selection of vacations can easily decrease enjoyment of a vacation. It is very important to choose a vacation which is beautiful and relaxing. Today, it is very easy for people to find number of such vacations. People can even easily search for such options online. Thousands of quality websites are available online from where people can book good vacations. On these websites, people can easily find many attractive vacation packages like Carribean all inclusive family vacation.

Moreover, it is also important for people to look for all necessary things in their vacation package which they want maximum on their vacation because some time vacation packages do not include number of essential things. Therefore, it is important to read all information various going for a particular vacation package. After getting a good vacation package, only things remains is to enjoy beautiful and relaxing vacations.

Need of Stable and Strong next government in India

It is very important for all Indians to give their votes for a party and leader who can make our country more strong and stable. India is already facing lots of internal and external threats and our next government is required to have some solid stand on these issues. In recent times, India has become prime target of terrorist threats and disability in neighbouring countries is making this situation even worst. So far past Indian governments have failed in doing anything concrete on these issues.

It is right of every Indian to live freely and fearlessly inside India; however, various bomb explosions and terrorists attacks are taking these rights away from people. After security, growth is next big issue because large numbers of Indian cities and states still need lots of development. In past few years, India has seen a significant growth; however, most of this growth is unparallel. Large part of this growth is only restricted to few big cities and towns, therefore, leaving other people as such.

It is very sad to learn that lots of villages in India still do not have electricity. We need to follow the growth story of telecom sector which has tremendously increased Tele-density in India by making telephone an essential and ordinary thing. If our next government succeeds in spreading growth to other undeveloped parts of India then numbers of problems and issues like migration of people, unemployment etc will die automatically. It is important for people to think about their country before voting and not voting on the grounds of caste and religion.

In next few days, people of India will get a golden opportunity to choose their next government. After these elections, next option to replace government will only be available in front of people after next five years; therefore, it is very important to make a wise voting decision in favour of our nation.

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Use of Media and Loksabha Election 2009

In the present world; it is very difficult to visualize any big campaign without the participation of media. In recent times, Indian media has become very strong, thanks to the availability of various TV channels, news papers and electronic media. With the help of media, it has become much easier for leaders and political parties to reach ordinary people and convey their thoughts to them. Therefore, all political parties in India are using media in a big way to easily reach large numbers of voters.

As the election time is coming near, we are seeing more and more use of media by political leaders and parties. Media is also helping people by covering maximum events related to Loksabha Election 2009. Media is helping people in learning more about their leaders, about their past and about any criminal charges against them. Therefore, today’s voter has become more informed about their leaders and their motives. Overall, this increased use of media is very good for people because they can now easily make informed decisions.

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Will Congress suffer in North India due to anti Sikh riot issue?

Today, Congress faced major seatback and embracement publically when a Sikh Journalist throw shoe on senior Congress leader and Indian home minister P Chidambaram during a press conference. This journalist Jarnail Singh, who is a senior journalist of Hindi News Paper Dainik Jagran, lost his control when P Chidambaram refused to give satisfactory answer to his question related to 1984 anti Sikh riots and CBI clean chit to Jagdish Tytler and finally throw his shoe on him. People can read more about this story and watch videos by visiting other post- Shoe thrown on Indian Home Minister P Chidambaram.

This whole issue is likely to significantly affect hopes of Congress in states like Delhi and Punjab. Congress has also given tickets to two leaders Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar from Delhi who are believed to have taken part in anti Sikh 1984 riots. Both of these issues have clearly increased anger of Sikh community people against Congress. Earlier, Congress was likely to give good show in Delhi and get some come back in Punjab; however, this issue is likely to affect these dreams of Congress in these states. There are total 20 Loksabha seats in Punjab and Delhi and Congress was earlier hopeful of winning more than 10 seats out of them.

Now if present situation prevailed in these two states then number of Congress seats from these two states can decrease to less than 5 seats. Congress is facing lots of such problems in numbers of states; therefore any loss of seats can easily decrease hopes of Congress to make next government at centre. At present, it looks that time is not good for Congress and Congress can taste big setback in these elections.

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Get all latest news/videos related to Loksabha Election 2009

Below, people can find multiple options to get latest and all news related to Loksabha Election 2009. These gadgets will update people with latest news related to Loksabha Election 2009 as soon they are updated online. People can get latest news related to Election Commission of India, main political parties of India, quotes and news related to main leaders of India etc. These gadgets will get latest updates automatically.
Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

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Find polling booth details for Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Calcutta, Nagpur and Pune

With the help of gadget available below, people can easily find their polling booth details for Loksabha Election 2009. This Gadget makes it very easy for people to find their polling booths and other information related to voters by just adding the name of person. This gadget also provides a help in finding present voting status of person. People can also get the help of advance search available in this search tool to make more defined searches. This service presently only works for six major cities of India i.e. Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Calcutta, Nagpur and Pune. This service is only available for reference only provided by Google and people are required to contact their respective polling officers to get complete information.

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Shoe thrown on Indian Home Minister P Chidambaram by journalist (Videos)

Today, Indian government and Congress faced major embarrassment when a journalist throws his shoe on home minister P Chidambaram. This journalist become emotional during the press conference of Congress headed by P Chidambaram when he did not get satisfactory reply from Chidambaram for his answers related to Sikh riots and clean chit to Jagdish Tytler by CBI. This journalist was then taken in to custody and interrogated for one hour by police and IB officials.

Later he was let free by police without registering any case against him. Congress and P Chidambaram also took very soft stand on this whole issue and decided to not pursue this matter forward. The name of this journalist is Jarnail Singh and he is senior reporter of Hindi News Paper Dainik Jagran. He told journalists that he himself condemn use of such means by a journalist, however, he is very upset over no justice being done to 1984 Sikh riots victims so far.

This issue has caused great embracement to Congress government and shows increasing anger of Sikh community against Congress. Congress is already facing huge protests by Sikhs across India over this issue and issue of giving Congress tickets to Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler from Delhi both accused in Sikh riots. Congress did not want to make this issue a big issue; therefore, they decided to not register any case against Jainail Singh. Opposition parties of India and Indian Press have also condemned this approach by a journalist in India. As Loksabha Elections are very near, therefore, we can see impact of this issue on election results.

Video 1-

Video 2-

Vieo 3-

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Will L K Advani become next Prime Minister of India?

BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) is first political party in India to project their Prime Ministerial candidate much ahead of other political parties. BJP not only projected L K Advani as its Prime Ministerial candidate but they also started promoting him as ideal Prime Minster for India by launching a website dedicated to him and his achievements. BJP is also using all kinds of high tech methods available in India to popularise L K Advani and other Local candidates for Loksabha Elections.

BJP is getting help of hundreds of bloggers knows as bloggers for Advani to promote Advani and BJP. In numbers of states BJP is also getting help of sms campaigns. Hopefully, BJP and its Prime Ministerial candidate will get benefit of these campaigns in present elections. Other political parties of India are not as aggressive as BJP in promoting their Prime Ministerial candidates online, therefore providing some edge for BJP. L K Advani is one of the most influential and popular leader in Indian politics, however, he also lack same support of society once enjoyed by earlier Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP and Ex-Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

The main problem which L K Advani is presently facing is that many people believe him as pro Hindu leader and not a leader representing all societies of India. L K Advani is very famous for his Rath Yatra and his commitment to construct Ram Temple. Therefore, BJP is likely to get good support from Hindi speaking states then states where other communities have hold. L K Advani’s dream of becoming prime minister of India also largely dependents of results of two big states of India Utter Pradesh and Bihar which represent 120 seats in Loksabha Election. At present, BJP is likely to do well in Bihar, however, it is still struggling to get major ground in UP.

Moreover, BJP has also failed in making any good show in states like West Bangal, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala which have 144 seats in Loksabha. Therefore, BJP has only become dependent on few states where it has either its own governments or part of some alliance. Recently, BJD has also given big jolt to BJP when it decided to break 11 year old alliance with BJP in Orissa. This Break up of BJP and BJD in Orissa is likely to weaken both these parties in state and helping Congress in making a comeback.

However, BJP is likely to get benefit of anger against UPA government, as large numbers of people who are not satisfied with UPA government are likely to vote for BJP and NDA. At the end, it looks that L K Advani has good chances of becoming next Prime Minister of India; however, his path is not going to smooth one.

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Time to say Goodbye to Maruti 800 and Maruti Omni

About a year back, I wrote about the exit of Indian first luxury car Maruti Esteem from Indian Market. Maruti decided to completely phase out this car and present new car Maruti desire in this segment. Now, Maruti is again going to repeat this history by slowly phasing out most popular small car of India Maruti 800 and its Van version Omni. Maruti will remove 800 and Omni from 11 big cities of India in early 2010 where new emission rules (Euro 4) will become applicable.

Maruti will also start decreasing production of these cars and finally completely phasing out them by early 2016 because by then new emission rules will become applicable in whole India. According to Maruti, it is not profitable to upgrade Maruti 800 and Omni to new emission standards, therefore, company has decided to slowly phase out them. Maruti 800 is also referred as people’s car because this car provided hope in the eyes of large Indian middle class to afford a car.

Maruti 800 was launched in year 1984 in India and so far Maruti has sold more than 2.5 million Maruti 800 cars. These numbers themselves tells us the story of huge success of Maruti 800 in India. Maruti 800 played major role in making Maruti Suzuki number one car manufacture of India. Earlier, lots of people and auto experts believed that Maruti will try to position Maruti 800 against Tata Nano by reducing its price; however, Maruti does not see any profit in doing so.

Tata’s Nano is likely to give competition to Maruti 800 because of its economical price; therefore, it is certain to see decrease in sales of Maruti 800 after the availability of Tata Nano in Market. With this news, it also looks that Maruti has decided to not give any competition to Tata Nano by completely exiting from this segment. On the other hand, this is good news for Tata Nano and Maruti Alto, which can see the shift of Maruti 800 customers towards them.

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Loksabha Election 2009 and use of internet

Today, we all know this fact that it is not possible to undermine the importance of internet in our lives. In last few years, internet has emerged as a great option in front of us to exchange information and interact with people easily. In India also, internet has become a very popular medium with more and more numbers of people getting attracted towards this new age tool. Our political parties are also trying to use this medium for their advantage and they are doing number of campaigns online.

Leading India political party BJP has always remained ahead in taking part in latest techniques, in last Loksabha Elections also BJP used some new innovative techniques like recorded voice messages, sms messages etc under the guidance of high tech BJP leader Late Pramod Mahajan. Though, this campaign failed in doing any wonder for BJP and it lost last Loksabha Election. This time also BJP is ahead in doing similar campaigns on internet.

BJP launched its website to attract people towards party and projecting its leader L K Advani as forthcoming Prime Minster of India much ahead for other political parties. According to BJP, this website has become very popular and around 25000 people are visiting this website every day. All political parties of India have their own official websites to promote their parties, however, very less numbers of political parties are using different online campaigns like BJP to attract and engage online users.

Recently, Communist party of India also tried this method by launching their website and this website become big success within first week of launch. However, still large numbers of political parties in India are not using internet to its real potential because they still do not believe internet as right medium to promote their campaigns. To some extent, these political parties are right because actual internet users are still very less in India and moreover large numbers of these internet users do not have voting rights as either they are less than 18 year age or they work out of their states.

Therefore, large numbers of political parties choose other mediums more aggressively than online medium. However, one thing is clear about internet that future only belongs to this medium because this is only medium in India which has fastest growth and popular among youths. 2009 Loksabha Election will also test popularity and usability of internet for political campaigns. We are required to wait till 16 May to see that will internet be able to do any help for parties like BJP, CPI which used it over other political parties?

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Where women are equivalent to animals, it is Talibani justice

Today, Swat area of Pakistan is becoming a worst part of world to live for women. Though, this area comes under Pakistan, however, Taliban is governing it because in a recent agreement with Taliban for peace government of Pakistan has allowed Taliban to govern this area and impose their rules. Swat region has clearly become symbol of present Taliban rule not in Afghanistan but in Swat Area of Pakistan.

Swat area is situated on the boarder of Afghanistan and large numbers of Taliban fighter rushed into this area when NATO forces liberated Afghanistan from the hands of Taliban. Now Taliban has made Swat as their new home and they are implementing their own rules in this area irrespective of rules of Pakistan as seen in Afghanistan few years back. One of such controversial rule of Taliban is to beat/stone/kill people in open for committing crimes as per their rule.

Below, people can also watch one such horrifying video which highlights cruelty of Taliban against women. In this video a 17 year old young girl is beaten by Taliban in open because she went out with a stranger. As per Taliban laws, it is crime for any women to move out of their homes with strangers and they can only move out of their home with their relatives. The video available is very horrifying and we can clearly listen to screaming of girl.

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Indians are number one in love making online

Today, I read interesting news in newspaper that Indians are number one in love making online. This story presented a study in front of us that Indians are number one in online love making as compared to other lovers of world. After reading this story, it looks to me that Indian lovers have adopted themselves well for finding their love online. Moreover, the main reason of success of online love making in India is wide spread of internet and how easy it has made for lovers to remain in contact with each other.

In India, we can still find lots of restrictions on lovers. We Indian people still love to live as closed society where interaction among boys or girls of different societies and religions is not felt well. However, internet is breaking all these barriers and boundaries by making it easier for lovers to search their love online. Thanks to flood of numbers of free dating and social networking websites, it has become very easy for lovers to find their partners.

Indian lovers must be truly thanking internet for making their love life simple. However, it is very important for all lovers to go with precaution on all these love matters because numbers of frauds are also present on the name of love.

Do you support Varun Gandhi or not? Tell here

Today, Varun Gandhi has become a world renowned figure after last week political activities. Presently, Varun Gandhi is in Jail because UP government has arrested him under National security Act (NSA) and several other acts. Varun Gandhi is able to get bail in two cases; however, he is likely to remain inside jail because of NSA implemented on him. Any state government can use NSA on any person if it feels that person as threat for nation or society.

Mayawati government in UP thought on similar line and booked Varun under NSA, however, many political analysts believe that Mayawti has tried to stop Varun from increasing base of BJP in UP by booking him under NSA. Varun Gandhi first came to limelight when media highlighted few of his communally sensitive videos. In these videos, Varun can be easily seen saying few communally sensitive words. However, Varun Gandhi has categorically denied any such comments being made by him.

He asked for the investigations of these tapes because he believes that these tapes are doctored with to malign his name. However, this issue has already gathered great momentum with lots of people coming in his support and others going against him. My opinion in this case is to wait for forensic reports of tapes before branding Varun anything because in free country every person has right to get equal justice. Varun Gandhi issue has also got major limelight because of Gandhi Surname attached with him. He is grandson of Indira Gandhi and great grandson of first Indian prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Video of Varun Gandhi and his statements-

People can tell their views on this issue by giving their comments.

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Statewise and Partywise detail 2004 Loksabha Election Results

Check Live Results Loksabha Election 2014 Live Election Results (Live Results Loksabha (General) Election, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Sikkim Assembly Ellection 2014 (State Wise, Constituency Wise and Party Wise Loksabha Election Result)

Below, people can get statewise and partywise detail of last 2004 Loksabha election results. People will learn about various states, total number of Loksabha seats in these states, results of last Loksabha elections partywise.

TS - Total Seats

Andhra Pradesh

Total Seats 42
Congress 29
Oth 3

Arunachal Pradesh

Total seats 2


Total seats 14
Congress 9
Ind/oth 1


T S 37

RJD 19
JD(U) 5
Oth 4


T S 11

BJP 10
Congress 1


T S 7

Congress 6


TS 2

Congress 2


T S 10

Congress 9

Himachal Pradesh

T S 4

Congress 3


T S 2

Congress 2
NC 2


TS 14

Cong 6
Oth 2


TS 28

BJP 18
Congress 8
JD(S) 2


TS 20

CPM 12
JD(S) 1
Oth 3

Madhya Pradesh

T S 29

BJP 25
Congress 4


T S 42

Cong 13
BJP 13
Shiv Sena 12


TS 2

Cong 1
Oth 1


Total seats 2

Congress 1


T S 1



TS 1


TS 21

BJD 11
Cong 2


T S 13

Congress 2
Akali Dal 8


T S 25

BJP 21
Congress 4


TS 1



T S 5

Congress 1
SP 1

Utter PradeshP

TS 80

SP 35
BJP 10
BSP 19
Congress 9
Oth 7

Tamil Nadu

TS 39

Congress 10
DMK 16


TS 1

West Bengal

TS 42

CPM 26
Cong 6


TS 6

Adam Nicobar Cong
Chandigarh Cong
Daman and Diu Cong
Lakshadweep JD(U)
Pondicherry PMK
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