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Today, Varun Gandhi has become a world renowned figure after last week political activities. Presently, Varun Gandhi is in Jail because UP government has arrested him under National security Act (NSA) and several other acts. Varun Gandhi is able to get bail in two cases; however, he is likely to remain inside jail because of NSA implemented on him. Any state government can use NSA on any person if it feels that person as threat for nation or society.

Mayawati government in UP thought on similar line and booked Varun under NSA, however, many political analysts believe that Mayawti has tried to stop Varun from increasing base of BJP in UP by booking him under NSA. Varun Gandhi first came to limelight when media highlighted few of his communally sensitive videos. In these videos, Varun can be easily seen saying few communally sensitive words. However, Varun Gandhi has categorically denied any such comments being made by him.

He asked for the investigations of these tapes because he believes that these tapes are doctored with to malign his name. However, this issue has already gathered great momentum with lots of people coming in his support and others going against him. My opinion in this case is to wait for forensic reports of tapes before branding Varun anything because in free country every person has right to get equal justice. Varun Gandhi issue has also got major limelight because of Gandhi Surname attached with him. He is grandson of Indira Gandhi and great grandson of first Indian prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Video of Varun Gandhi and his statements-

People can tell their views on this issue by giving their comments.

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