No place for terrorism

It is very important for present governments to give this message that there is no place of terrorism in our world. In past, we all have seen worst face of terrorism. Terrorism is one such snake which can bite its own owner like Al Quada did to Pakistan and USA. However, the problem is that many people still do not understand gravity of this problem and how terrorism is bad for whole society.

Terrorism only takes away most basis rights from people and forces them to live like animals. Today world has become slightly focused on this matter and we are seeing many initiatives from different governments to stop support for terrorism. People across the world are also realising that terrorism cannot offer any solution to their problems. However, still we require lots efforts on the parts of world governments, leaders and media to create awareness about this problem.

It is important for every individual to not support terrorism in any form because otherwise it will become problem for himself later. We can hope that terrorism will get no place future world and people across the world will live a terrorism free life.
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