Big National political parties verses Small Regional Political parties

We can easily find hundreds of registered political parties and thousands of registered unrecognised political parties in India. All these political parties claim that they have great concern for people’s expectations from them. However, on the other hand large numbers of people believe that political parties only remain interested in getting power and they do give any importance to people’s expectations from them.

Therefore, people search for new political parties which can give importance to their needs. Due to this reason, we are seeing power being slowly shifting from the hands of National political parties to small regional political parties and due to this increased power, small regional political parties are playing main role in Indian politics. In this 2009 Loksabha Election, we can again see the repeat of strong performance by regional parties.

Moreover, we are also seeing increase in the importance of regional issues in politics, thus making regional small parties more strong. Today, people are only concerned about political parties which give importance to their issues irrespective of their sizes. Big National political parties many times fail in satisfying needs of large population of different states and areas; therefore, we are seeing erosion in the base of these political parties in these parts. People believe that a small regional party can easily raise their issues in parliament thus providing more help to them.

Small political parties are present in almost every part of India and in some states these regional parties have complete control like Tamil Nadu. Big political parties can fight this erosion by making their local leadership strong and showing concern towards their issues.

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