How to watch IPL 2 (South Africa) matches free and live online?

Lots of IPL fans might be still wondering that how they can watch IPL matches live and free on their computer online. Now all these people are not required to go anywhere because all IPL matches are available free online on official website of IPL i.e. By visiting this website, people can watch “Register for live match” link at the bottom of page. After registering on this page which will only take one minute, people will be redirected to live match page.

This is only one time registration and next time people can easily enjoy live matches by directly visiting live match page i.e. This is really a great option provided by IPL governing body to all IPL fans and we can hope that this free broadcasting will increase popularity of IPL in future. To watch these live matches, it is important to have installed on computer all essential software for video display like silver light.

With option will work well with broadband speed.

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