Loksabha Election 2009 and use of internet

Today, we all know this fact that it is not possible to undermine the importance of internet in our lives. In last few years, internet has emerged as a great option in front of us to exchange information and interact with people easily. In India also, internet has become a very popular medium with more and more numbers of people getting attracted towards this new age tool. Our political parties are also trying to use this medium for their advantage and they are doing number of campaigns online.

Leading India political party BJP has always remained ahead in taking part in latest techniques, in last Loksabha Elections also BJP used some new innovative techniques like recorded voice messages, sms messages etc under the guidance of high tech BJP leader Late Pramod Mahajan. Though, this campaign failed in doing any wonder for BJP and it lost last Loksabha Election. This time also BJP is ahead in doing similar campaigns on internet.

BJP launched its website lkadvani.in to attract people towards party and projecting its leader L K Advani as forthcoming Prime Minster of India much ahead for other political parties. According to BJP, this website has become very popular and around 25000 people are visiting this website every day. All political parties of India have their own official websites to promote their parties, however, very less numbers of political parties are using different online campaigns like BJP to attract and engage online users.

Recently, Communist party of India also tried this method by launching their website vote.cpim.org and this website become big success within first week of launch. However, still large numbers of political parties in India are not using internet to its real potential because they still do not believe internet as right medium to promote their campaigns. To some extent, these political parties are right because actual internet users are still very less in India and moreover large numbers of these internet users do not have voting rights as either they are less than 18 year age or they work out of their states.

Therefore, large numbers of political parties choose other mediums more aggressively than online medium. However, one thing is clear about internet that future only belongs to this medium because this is only medium in India which has fastest growth and popular among youths. 2009 Loksabha Election will also test popularity and usability of internet for political campaigns. We are required to wait till 16 May to see that will internet be able to do any help for parties like BJP, CPI which used it over other political parties?

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