Significance of fall out of LTTE

Presently, it looks that fall out of The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is just a few days away. This fall out of one of the biggest and most advanced terrorist organisation of world will have major significance for world and other terrorist organisations. In recent times, a worldwide approach against various terrorism organisations is emerging; therefore, we are seeing pressure on these terrorist organisations to abandon their practices. In the present world, it is very hard for any organisation involved in terrorism to find support from world body.

LTTE is one such terrorist organisation which has advanced itself in numbers of fields like aircrafts, submarines, advanced tanks etc, therefore fall out of LTTE to Sri Lankan army is a major blow to all other terrorist organisations which also follow same path. LTTE is fighting in Northern parts of Sri Lanka for creating a separate Tamil nation for all Tamil speaking people living in that area. In last thirty years, LTTE carried out various direct and indirect attacks on Sri Lankan army and Sri Lankan leaders including air attacks.

LTTE was also successful in capturing large area of Northern region of Sri Lanka and starting their own government, however, last year Sri Lankan army started massive attacks on LTTE which narrowed down LTTE’s occupation to small area. According to Sri Lankan army, they are very close to totally acclaiming Sri Lankan land from LTTE and capturing alive or dead LTTE chief Prabhakaran. Prabhakaran is also wanted by India for his role in the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Though, India is facing political struggle on this matter because of numbers of political parties in Tamil Nadu are trying to politicise this matter. India has asked Sri Lankan government to stop this fight, however, Sri Lanka has refused this demand by saying that they are just one or two day away from victory.

If Sri Lankan government succeeded in gaining total control over Sri Lanka then Sri Lankan people can hope for peaceful life because in recent time attacks and bomb blasts by LTTE have become common things. It is very important for all terrorist organisations to understand that terrorism as mean of expressing one’s demands is not acceptable to world; therefore, it is good for them to leave their terrorism related works and join common dialogues.
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